How to Recreate Fancy Name-Brand Juices at Home

Fresh Organic Green Smoothie With Salad, Apple, Cucumber, Pineapple

Let me get this out of the way first: I don’t care, even a little bit, about fancy juice’s supposed health benefits. I’m aware that juice parlors are riding a wellness wave, with their acai berries and antioxidants and preservative-free preparations and employees with names like Cayenne or Cheyenne or Cyan. Cold-pressed juice uses high-pressure […]

This Is the Dirt Cheap Internet Access You’ve Been Waiting For

Sleepy beagle dog in funny glasses near laptop is an organization dedicated to providing Internet access to all, or, as they put it, they aim to “leverage the democratizing power of the Internet to provide opportunity to all Americans — regardless of age, race, geography, income, or education level.” This non-profit goes even further by also providing consumers with a way to […]

The World’s 7 Most Expensive Pools

Woman relaxing in infinity swimming pool on vacation

When our cavemen ancestors dug a hole and filled it with water, did they have any idea of the grandiose heights our vision and hubris would eventually attain? Of course not, they were cavemen. They were really, really stupid. I bet they didn’t even have a Roku. But progress marched on regardless, and here are […]

The Best Cheap Attractions in Expensive Cities

Back side of traveler girl searching right direction on map, bright orange sunset light, traveling a

Unless you’re the Sultan of Brunei or Kanye West, you probably try to be as frugal as possible when traveling. Which is especially difficult if you’re visiting New York City, Honolulu, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, or Boston—five of the most expensive U.S. cities for tourists, according to Investopedia. But hey, you’re not a 1980s retiree […]

A Cheap-Ass Guide to Looking Like a Girl

Manicure process... Female hands...

The patriarchy says I gotta look glam or folks’ll give me guff. Well guess what, wise guys? I’ll play your sick game, but if you think I’m spending any more than the bare minimum in the process, you’re out of your mind. Thankfully, looking halfway presentable doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. […]

Was Amazon’s Prime Day a Total Rip-Off? Let’s Look at the Numbers

Shipping and logistics concept

Last Wednesday, July 15th Amazon celebrated its first annual Prime Day, proving that if you’re enough of a commercial juggernaut you can make up your own holiday, just like Valentine’s Day or Trump Morrow Eve. Expectations ran high, with Amazon promising more deals than Black Friday. So how’d it turn out? Depends who you talk […]

How Much Does Your Money Cost?

Many Us Dollar Bills Or Notes With Money Bag

We all know how much our money is worth. For example, $5 gets you the Bacon Club Chalupa Big Box at Taco Bell, as well as two complimentary hours on the toilet. But how much does our money cost? The answer, it turns out, is a lot of chalupas. The US currency budget for 2015 […]

Sneaking Food into the Movies


So, you finally have some free time on your hands after a grueling week of “Yes, sirs” and “No, ma’ams” and you’re trying to figure out the best way to forget about everything you have to do when you go back to work the next day. What better way to ease your troubled mind than […]

Cheap Substitutes for Expensive Ingredients

Large health food selection in white porcelain bowls and dishes over papyrus background.

Just because you’re cooking a fancy dinner with fancy recipes doesn’t mean you’re stuck with fancy ingredients. If you want to cut costs at your next dinner party, here are a few possible substitutions. You can use the money you save to buy better friends to eat with, like maybe someone in a turtleneck or […]

Wet N Wild Makeup Is Cheap and Great, but, More Importantly, It’s Cheap

Makeup brushes and make-up eye shadows

It’s the makeup brand that always seems to have it’s own little stand, away from all the other makeup. Every time I shop at a convenience store like CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid, I run past the big dogs — Revlon, Maybelline, and L’Oreal — and right to it. The Wet N Wild section. How […]

Tips from My Jewish Mother on How to Have a Good Time at the Beach for Once, Okay?


I love my Mother. She’s a fountain of remedial wisdom. When she’s not busy using her endless knowledge and patience to teach Senior Citizens how to navigate the internet, she’s always there to give me advice. My mom grew up a hop, skip, and a jump away from the fabled beaches of Malibu, and has […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Senior Discounts but Were Too Young to Ask

grandpa dj

Have you successfully survived forest fires, wild bears, heart disease, drunk drivers, war, and errant coconuts for long enough to complete at least fifty trips around the sun? If so, you qualify for a whole suite of discounts! And unlike those namby-pamby student discounts I covered last time, these don’t require you to write a […]

How to Exchange Money Abroad

Money Of The Different Countries.

Are you vacationing with your parents? Have you been kidnapped by rebels? Are you Bono? If you answered no to all three questions, then traveling costs money. And those persnickity foreigners rarely have the decency to accept our totally different currency, even though we won WWI, WWII, and every single World Series. The nerve. So […]

How Groupon Helped Me Afford a Staycation I Didn’t Earn

Taking A Stay-cation

Listen, I don’t make vacation money — I make “go to the beach and pretend like I didn’t drive only twenty minutes to get there” money. The closest I’ve come in recent memory to an honest-to-goodness holiday entailed taking a $129 cruise for this here website, with harrowing results. I’m not a particularly hard worker; […]

7 Cheap Alternatives to the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch has finally arrived, bursting at the seams with customized apps and clever features, and it can be yours for the low, low price of $349. Sorry, I meant to say for the not-at-all-low price of $349. For those of us looking to spend less on our watch than we spend on our […]

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