Get a 12-month Xbox Music subscription for $49.90

Xbox Music

Last month I explained why I broke down and finally subscribed to a music service. In a nutshell: All the music of the world for a reasonable monthly fee, minus the increasing hassles of having to manage my own music library. Of course, most of the mainstream services — your Spotifys, your Rhapsodys, your Beats […]

To Steal or Not to Steal: The Ethics of Piracy


For a change of pace, I decided to write about something that actually matters to me, so I apologize in advance for the lack of jokes.  To make up for it, here’s one: What did the Zen Buddhist say to the hotdog vendor? Make me one with everything.  Now on to the post! With the […]

Why Texas Is the Perfect Winter Vacation Spot

Christmas, Texas style!

The east coast is now enveloped by cold and snow. California is being soaked by torrential downpours. Florida is, well, Flordia. Seemingly, there is no place we can go to escape winter’s cold, hard, wet grip. Yet, I am here to tell there is one place, a magical locale where the dream of warm weather […]

How to Sleep on an Airplane

Sky babies need sleep, too.

Sleeping on an airplane in coach sucks. There is absolutely no way to mince those words. Unfortunately, there are times when you just have to get a little shut-eye. It could be because you are taking a coast to coast red eye flight (which also tend to be cheaper), where night is cut in half. […]

The Microsoft Giveaway You Cannot Miss


“Microsoft” and “free” in the same sentence? As a general rule, not so much. So it was with a mix of surprise, skepticism, disbelief, and, ultimately, joy that I discovered this: Microsoft is giving away 100 MP3 albums. Let me clarify that a bit. Microsoft is giving away complete albums, new and older pop music […]

A Guide to the Cheapest Glasses on the Internet (About $20 or Less)

This guy knows what I'm talking about.

I haven’t worn glasses in years, even though I definitely should, for the simple fact that I couldn’t afford a new prescription. Once my Medi-Cal kicked in, however, you best believe I got myself a script. Since the eye exam was free, I decided it was high time to take the first step toward being […]

The Five Best Tech Products of 2014… and the One Worst

BlueSync SPB side

Is it December already? That can mean only one thing: a non-stop stream of “Best of 2014″ lists. Oh, come on, you know you love ‘em. I certainly do. This is my favorite time of year, and not just because I get a few days off. As a full-time tech junkie, it’s always fun to look […]

First Class Sucks

So very crowded

I don’t think many people consider me a man of class. I use a sniff test to determine my shirts’ cleanliness. I’ve been known to buy $10 supermarket cakes and lick off the icing. Once I even went to Tampa. So it came as quite a surprise when, on a recent cross-country flight, I was […]

Your Cheap and Awesome Guide to Route 66 – New Mexico


Over the last few weeks, Matt Blitz has been traveling Route 66 to discover, explore, visit, and enjoy all the awesome, unique, odd, and cheap attractions that dot the road. His first two articles covered Route 66 in California and Arizona. This entry covers New Mexico, with its nuclear history, delightful folk art, Hollywood heritage, […]

10 Rules for Shoppers from a Black Friday Veteran


Every year local news teams report on Black Friday madness, with images of long lines, deal-hungry sidewalk campers, and mobs of people literally brawling over the last Apple thing in stock. You may have asked yourself, “Who are these lunatics?” Well, they’re not lunatics. Not all of them, anyway. For some, heading out into Black […]

Introducing the 12 Days of Free Shipping


We’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes for too long. Granted, it’s wool from a cozy Christmas sweater, but it’s time for the truth to come out: you don’t need to abandon your family on Thanksgiving, or, worse, head into the muzak- and mace-soaked hellscape of Black Friday, to save money on your holiday […]

Top 5 Thanksgiving Meals For When You’ve Given Up

We all know Thanksgiving has only a few more ‘good’ years left in it before it gets completely swallowed by the ever-expanding borders of the Christmas Season.  As such, it certainly seems harder and harder to put in any effort at all to keep the traditions going year in and year out.  If you’re finding your […]

Why I Broke Down and Finally Subscribed to a Music Service

Beats Music

I hate subscriptions. Paying a monthly fee for anything feels like a rip-off to me, a money pit from which there is no escape. Granted, I’ve been a cable subscriber for, well, roughly as long as cable has existed. Same goes for my cell phone, though you won’t catch me getting locked into another two-year […]

Five Insanely Good Gadget Deals That Feel Like Black Friday

Black Friday collage

Is it Black Friday already? Let’s see, no, the calendar says Tuesday. So why the heck am I discovering so many amazing deals on gadgets and gear? Don’t know, don’t care. The reality is you’re about to save big on everything from laptops to tablets to smartwatches, and maybe get a serious chunk of your holiday […]

This Holiday Season’s Best Times to Buy

Holiday Shopping Infographic

Every year the deal-hunting pros at create a calendar with predictions about the best times to buy holiday gifts. This is an art and a science. We analyze 1.5 million data points from the last 5 years, and layer on top of that our expert insight into retailers’ promotional calendars. The result is a […]

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