Introducing the 12 Days of Free Shipping


We’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes for too long. Granted, it’s wool from a cozy Christmas sweater, but it’s time for the truth to come out: you don’t need to abandon your family on Thanksgiving, or, worse, head into the muzak- and mace-soaked hellscape of Black Friday, to save money on your holiday […]

Top 5 Thanksgiving Meals For When You’ve Given Up

We all know Thanksgiving has only a few more ‘good’ years left in it before it gets completely swallowed by the ever-expanding borders of the Christmas Season.  As such, it certainly seems harder and harder to put in any effort at all to keep the traditions going year in and year out.  If you’re finding your […]

Why I Broke Down and Finally Subscribed to a Music Service

Beats Music

I hate subscriptions. Paying a monthly fee for anything feels like a rip-off to me, a money pit from which there is no escape. Granted, I’ve been a cable subscriber for, well, roughly as long as cable has existed. Same goes for my cell phone, though you won’t catch me getting locked into another two-year […]

Five Insanely Good Gadget Deals That Feel Like Black Friday

Black Friday collage

Is it Black Friday already? Let’s see, no, the calendar says Tuesday. So why the heck am I discovering so many amazing deals on gadgets and gear? Don’t know, don’t care. The reality is you’re about to save big on everything from laptops to tablets to smartwatches, and maybe get a serious chunk of your holiday […]

This Holiday Season’s Best Times to Buy

Holiday Shopping Infographic

Every year the deal-hunting pros at create a calendar with predictions about the best times to buy holiday gifts. This is an art and a science. We analyze 1.5 million data points from the last 5 years, and layer on top of that our expert insight into retailers’ promotional calendars. The result is a […]

Which Stick Streams Best? The War for Your TV Heats Up

Chromecast-Fire TV Stick-Roku

So many streaming sticks, so few HDMI ports. I’m referring, of course, to the new breed of media-streaming “boxes” that deliver Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix, and other TV-junkie goodness to your big screen. Gone is the set-top appliance; now you plug something akin to an oversize flash drive directly into an HDMI port — […]

The Tech Gear I’d Buy if Money Was No Object

Phantom 2 Vision Plus

We’ve all had dreams of winning the lottery, inheriting a fortune from some uncle we never knew existed, or finding a giant duffel bag of cash in a deserted plane-wreck in the woods. (No, wait, that’s the plot of “A Simple Plan.” And it didn’t turn out so great. For the characters, I mean. But […]

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is the Streaming Deal of the Year

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV? Meh. A $99 Roku competitor that hasn’t exactly set the world on… well, you know. Amazon’s just-announced Fire TV Stick? Zowie! Ah-OOH-ga! Holy insane deals, Batman! Pre-order between now and 6 a.m. (PT), Oct. 29, and you can get it for just $19. Okay, big fat asterisk: That price is available only […]

Pet Insurance Explained

Rottweiler Puppy Injured Paw

People love their pets. A lot. Here in Los Angeles, for example, the spectrum runs from “My pet has its own Instagram account” to “My pet models for its own line of silk-screen couture.” And with the money people are willing to shell out for doggie sunglasses and kitty fire engines, it didn’t take insurance […]

Haunt Your House For $50 or Less!

josh halloween video

Halloween is around the corner, and the scariest thing of all is how stores are jacking up prices. It seems everywhere you go, from convenience stores to big boxes, companies are trying to take advantage of your Halloween spirit. Chill, bud. Just take a stroll down to the ol’ dollar store. They have everything you’d […]

Set Up a ‘Video-Selfie’ Studio on the Cheap

Video studio

Recently I was hired to record some how-to videos about computer security, which made me feel good because I’ve been giving away that advice to friends and family for years. (No more free lunch for you, people I love!) Just one problem: The videos needed to look good. I couldn’t just hold my smartphone at arm’s length […]

Your Cheap & Awesome Guide to Route 66 – Arizona

OATMAN, AZ - MAY 15, 2013: Historic Hotel on Route 66 in Oatman, Arizona

Over the last few weeks, Matt Blitz has been traveling Route 66 to discover, explore, visit, and enjoy all the awesome, unique, odd, and cheap attractions that dot the road. His first article covered Route 66 in California and this next entry is on Arizona. Stay tuned to upcoming articles about New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, […]

Kindle Fire HD 6 Review: Shocking Secrets of the $99 Tablet

Kindle Fire HD 6 Citron

Holding Amazon’s baby tablet, the Kindle Fire HD 6, in my hand, I’m instantly struck by this thought: The screen is just half an inch larger than that of my iPhone 6 Plus. Half an inch! In other words, it’s not far off from being able to slip into my pocket. In fact, I just […]

How Does Your Store Bought Chicken Compare to The Competition?

Raw chicken

Chicken is one of the healthiest and cheapest meats to eat. With a slew of recipes and cooking options available all across the internet and in most cook-books, it’s no wonder that eight billion chickens are consumed each year in the United States alone. If you’re a gal or guy-on-the-go like me, putting a bag […]

How to Make Your Favorite Halloween Candies at Home

Colourful Studio Shot of Funny Woman.

It’s happened to all of us: 3 AM, you’re bored, you’re poor, you’re lazy, you’re hungry, and you say, “Why go out and buy a candy bar like some common lowlife when I can make one?” No? Just me? Oh well. But leave it to my old friend the Internet to remind me that however […]

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