4 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party on the Cheap


Throwing a holiday party this year? Sure, you can go all out and try to impress, but if you think about it, what counts is who shows up. If you’re tight on funds, you can still pull it off with money left over for gifts. Here’s how to throw a bash without bashing your budget. […]

Money Management Tips That Really Work!


Whether you’re planning for holiday spending or not, you need to budget for expenses. Money management is crucial. In order to live within your means, you must understand your necessary financial income and output. However, monitoring expenses is sometimes easier said than done. Here are some fundamentals to plan your financial future – not to mention […]

Grab These Cyber Monday Travel Deals

cyber monday travel - SCRATCH

Looking for a deal on a winter escape this Cyber Monday?

Protips for Black Friday Shopping

BF-CM protips

So you’re shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday huh? Why not use the down time between now and then to prep! Check out these helpful hints to ensure you get the best deal! Shop Brands Directly. Sure Macy’s and Target are going to have huge blowout sales, but sometimes you can get a better deal […]

The Best DIY Kit Gifts for Handy People

DIY kit gifts SCRATCH

We’ve rounded up hands-on kits and accessories that will inspire and excite the thoughtful, crafty people on your holiday list.

Mission: Black Friday

womanin cold featured

Cue the theme from Rocky. The countdown is on.  You can do this. You’ve been hitting the gym (or doing baby-lifts) to ready those biceps for the annual sports of Shopping Bag Curling and TV Lifting.     You’ve gone easy on the turkey to avoid the tryptophan rush that would otherwise make you sleepy. […]

Turn A Crew Neck Into A V-Neck Video Tutorial

Turn a crew neck t-shirt into a v neck tshirt

How many times has it happened that you are given a t-shirt for a work event, or even have one in your closet that you never wear because they are crew neck t-shirts and not v-neck. Well, fear not – there is a simple solution for turning that crew neck into a v-neck! Wendy over at With […]

7 Awesome Gifts for Travelers


Know a travel bug? If they can sit still long enough to open a gift, there are plenty of ways to show off a favorite place or get there more comfortably. Viva, wanderlust!   Understated Celebrate a hometown or much-loved retreat with this simple-chic ZIP code tote. We saw this one in a café, but you can get […]

How to Prep Your Home for Your Holiday Vacation


When thinking of prepping for holiday travel, usually thoughts of organizing travel documents and packing clothing and toiletries come to mind. But, having a plan to safeguard your home is just as important. Here are five essential tips to know before heading out the door. Originally posted on US News & World Report: Winter travel […]

Break Out of a Rut and Start Achieving Your Goals

setting goals SCRATCH

As one year winds down and another begins, and all the years start to blur together, people start assessing their goals. Since only 8 percent of people stick with a New Year’s resolution, it’s important to decide what’s important and what is not, and to start achieving your goals.  Surveys show most people stay stuck […]

12 Experiential Gifts for the Holidays

experiential gifts-SCRATCH

Most people like to give traditional gifts for the holidays – something that can be opened and held up for everyone to admire. But some of the best gifts are experiences. A recent survey by Travelzoo shows that 80 percent of us would rather receive an experiential gift. It’s almost as easy as buying a […]

16 Cool Hacks for Coffee Filters

coffee filters-SCRATCH

You’ve bought a single-cup coffee maker and are now left with packages and packages of conventional coffee-machine filters. Don’t throw them away! They are light and surprisingly strong, making them perfect for dozens of DIY uses around your home and garden. Here are 16 cool hacks for coffee filters: Decorate your home for the holidays. […]

How to Make Skinny Vegan Alfredo Sauce


They call fettuccine Alfredo “heart attack on a plate.” Whoever they are, they are right. One of the most delicious and satisfying ways to serve pasta can top 1,000 calories and 37% of your daily fat intake. But here’s good news! Several years ago, I stumbled upon a recipe hack to make the sauce “skinnier” […]

How To Paint Like a Pro


Looking to spruce up your space? Giving your walls a fresh new hue can do the trick. You can easily save with coupon codes on all the tools and equipment you’ll need at home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Learn 12 tips and tricks to help you get great-looking walls.   Originally posted […]

9 Alternative Christmas Trees


People have begun to stray away from traditional holiday décor. Most of the focus is on the Christmas Tree, & creativity shines. Check out these Trees perfect for each INDIVIDUAL!

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