Author Alison Stevenson

Alison Stevenson

Alison Stevenson is a comedian and writer. She frequently contributes to VICE, and Filmdrunk as well as perform stand up comedy.


Author Allen Williams

Allen Williams

Allen Williams is a writer residing in Los Angeles, CA, where he spends most of his time rolling around in very small piles of money.


Author Barbara Gray

Barbara Gray

Barbara Gray is a comedian and writer in Los Angeles. She loves you. Listen to her podcast Lady to Lady or check out her pizza tweets.


Author Josh Androsky

Josh Androsky

Josh Androsky quit high school early to pursue his love of television. By 20, he was a full time writer. He wrote/produced FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live, Reality Remix, Current’s SuperNews, and other awful shows he hopes you never google. At 23, Josh felt trapped, until he did his first open mic. Free of network notes from Business Majors, Josh thrived in the LA comedy scene. He started a show on the steps of City Hall, went viral eating shrooms/getting weird as The Skateboard Rabbi on The Price is Right, performed at SF Sketchfest, appeared on This American Life, and contributes to VICE.


Author Matt Blitz

Matt Blitz

Matt Blitz is the person you want to take on a road trip with you. He knows every obscure, odd, and downright awesome stop to make while traveling America. Based out of Los Angeles, he's written for CNN, Atlas Obscura, Nickelodeon, The Smart Set, and Today I Found Out. He will also insist on stopping at every diner and waffle house on said road trip.


Author Mike Pearl

Mike Pearl

Mike Pearl is a news contributor for VICE, Grist, Deathandtaxesmag and others. He takes public transportation and the vegetarian option when possible.


Author Rick Broida

Rick Broida

Rick Broida has spent the last 25 years writing about technology in all its forms. A self-proclaimed cheapskate, he authors an eponymous blog for CNET. He is also a contributor to CNET's iPhone Atlas and Ehow Tech. Broida's book credits include the best-selling "How to Do Everything with Your Palm Handheld" and the more recent "The Cheapskate Rules: 21 Easy Money-Saving Tech Secrets."


Author Rye Silverman

Rye Silverman

Rye Silverman is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles who has been seen on the Fusion channel and in the Women in Comedy Festival. Rye has also been a contributor to the Huffington Post and runs a blog about style, pop culture, and gender called Chick Like Me.


Author Tamra Brown

Tamra Brown

Author Website

Tamra is a writer/comedian and the only person in L.A. who uses public transportation. She likes dive bars, mid-century Americana, and classic cars. She talks about them on her kitschy travel podcast called Down & Dirty Travel.


Author Whitney Teubner

Whitney Teubner

Author Website

Whitney Teubner is a writer based out of Los Angeles. She has written for the Adult Swim network and enjoys outdoor activities preferable with dogs and or babies involved. Follow her on Twitter @Whitneyteubs


Author Zach Ames

Zach Ames

Author Website

Zach Ames is a writer and comic living in Los Angeles. I er.. He was originally from Chattanooga, TN where he was a member of the Chattanooga Boys' Choir. My uh Zach's eyes are bluer than the ocean and he has the voice of an angel.

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