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Diets don't work but lifestyle changes do

By DealPro(view all posts by Dian.Farmer)
at 6:00AM Tuesday January 7, 2014
under DealPro Tips

Weight Loss

You often hear the phrase "Lifestyle Change" when people talk about dieting. I used to hear that and think I didn't want to change my lifestyle, I just wanted to lose weight and then go back to "being me". Well, there are many flaws in that theory, of course.

A few years ago I opened the front door and my dog took off out the door running after another dog. I immediately ran after her. It was probably the first time I had run in a long time. As a Blogger I am very sedentary, and on top of that I HATE to exercise. I began having some pain in my foot after that, and a few weeks later I found out it was caused by my Achilles tendon being torn almost in half. The injury is called a "Weekend Warrior" injury, which come from people who work all week and then without stretching go full force into an outdoor sport. So, my running after the dog, without stretching, causes the injury. Read More »

Five free must-have apps for new smartphone owners

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 10:39AM Monday January 6, 2014
under Freebies

Did you find a new smartphone under the tree? Time to stock it with apps--the little programs that enable your phone to do way more than just making calls and sending text messages.

Indeed, right out of the box, your phone can handle basic communications chores. It can also snap photos, play music, check the weather, and so on. But those features are just the tip of the app-powered iceberg. When you're ready to take your handset to the next level, check out these five must-have apps. They're available for Android phones and iPhones alike. Read More »

Savings Secrets: 7 frugal lessons learned from Downton Abbey

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 9:08AM Monday January 6, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

Image: PBS

Did you see the premier of Season 4 of Downtown Abbey? It wasn't but 10 minutes in and I was already boohooing like a big baby. I had visions of the Dos XX man saying, "I don't always cry while watching TV shows, but when I do it's because Downton Abbey is on."

I love this show. There's no other show on TV right now that makes me laugh and cry multiple times all in the same episode. 

And as a bonus, I love the life lessons I can take away from it. In particular, I want to share some frugal lessons we can all take away from the Crawley family. Let's discuss...

1. Be careful and wise with your investments. This can bode true for both financial investments and personal investments. In season 3, we learned that the estate was in jeopardy due to poor business investments on behalf of Robert Crawley. That was a huge lesson that humbled the entire family that was used to having everything handed to them.

2. In times of financial struggle, look around and see what you can sell in order to raise some money. During the tough times, items from the house started to be sold off in order to pay bills.  Read More »

Freebie Corner: Free 15 lb. Nutro Dog Food, free tire rotation and more

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Jackie.Simione)
at 6:00AM Saturday January 4, 2014
under Freebies

This week, you can get a free 4 pack of GoGo SqueeZ. Just scroll down the list and grab that one first because it won't be live for long. They'll mail you a free product coupon that will be valid on January 11th only.

Another freebie you should definitely take advantage of is the free 15 lb. bag of NUTRO Dog Food. Just purchase it in stores and send in the rebate form to get up to $39.99 back.

Freebie #1 - Dolce & Gabbana "The One" Fragrance Sample. Choose the fragrance for either women or men and fill in the form.

Freebie #2 - Hado Labo Skin Plumping Gel. Read More »

How to use technology to get the most out of gift cards

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Mike.Pearl)
at 2:57PM Friday January 3, 2014
under Shop Smarter

(Photo via 401(K) 2012)

Unwanted gift cards pile up in many Americans' sock drawers this time of year. Still, you may be surprised to learn that gift cards are the single most requested gift during the holidays, with six in ten Americans saying they'd like to receive them more than anything else. So it's safe to assume that our collective decision to buy four percent more of them this holiday season than the last, was driven by pragmatism, and not —as gift card haters may insist— pure thoughtlessness.

If, like me, you have a stockpile of gift cards redeemable at stores that just aren't common retail destinations for you, you might have started contemplating low-tech uses for them, like re-tiling your shower, or turning them into guitar picks. Never fear! You can extract the maximum amount of value from your gift card arsenal if you let technology be your guide. Read More »

Get the top-rated Anker Astro E5 mobile charger for $49.99

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 11:29AM Friday January 3, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Did Santa bring you a new smartphone? Tablet? E-reader? Bluetooth speaker? Gadgets like these need power, and it seems like there's never enough--especially when you're traveling.

What's more, if you have an older mobile device, chances are good its battery is starting to show signs of wear, meaning it doesn't last nearly as long between charges.

All the more reason to pack a mobile charger. Ah, but which one? There are literally hundreds of different makes and models out there, all in different shapes and sizes, all promising to keep your devices humming indefinitely.

My pick: just about anything from Anker's Astro series. And for a limited time, you can get the top-end model for a song: the Anker Astro E5 mobile charger for $49.99 shipped. Read More »

6 New Year's Resolutions that take under a minute to keep

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 10:53AM Wednesday January 1, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

It's been 365 days since we last promised ourselves that we'd drop 30 pounds. Promises made while we were tipsy and toasting with a glass of champagne never seem to go well. 

At this point it's hard to not roll our eyes at the cliched resolutions that start filling up our Facebook feeds. Promises made to get up earlier, lose weight, run every day, and read more didn't really go so well last year, did they? 

But this shouldn't discourage us from making any positive changes in our lives, right? Here are 6 New Year's Resolutions that you can keep, cause they take you less than a minute!

1. Learn something new every day. Instead of taking a minute to comment on someone's cat photo, take that minute to click through and peruse an interesting article or post that came up in your news feed. 

2. Be encouraging to other people. Say something nice or do something nice, but either way encouragement is great! Pass it on.  Read More »

This week in deals: Up to 70% off at Urban Outfitters and more

By (view all posts by Susan.Yoo-Lee)
at 6:00AM Wednesday January 1, 2014
under This Week In DealsStaff

We meet again in this New Year! We wish everyone a joyful, healthy and prosperous New Year.

The best part of the New Year is that if we made some poor decisions in different areas of our lives last year, we can keep those in the past and start off with a clean slate this year.

If you weren't able to save as much as you wanted or wanted to make better shopping decisions, we are always here to help you become a smart shopper.

With the New Year, comes new shopping deals. So here are this week's top 5 deals:

Deal #1: Want to be a little hip, vintage, eccentric, edgy with your wardrobe? Save up to 75% off your purchase sitewide with this coupon from Urban Outfitters. Expires 01/06/2014. Read More »

How much money should you save in 2014?

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Cheryl.Lock)
at 6:00AM Tuesday December 31, 2013
under Personal Finance

How much money should you sock away in savings in 2014?

It's the ultimate question, right? If only the answer were that simple. Of course how much you save throughout the year will depend on a lot of variables like where you live, what debt you're paying down, your salary, etc.

Different experts will probably suggest different things when it comes to saving. I myself have always liked to follow something called the 50/20/30 rule (a term coined by the personal finance site, Learnvest). It's simple to follow, and you can make it work on any salary. Read More »

Savings Secrets: 4 financial resolutions to make right now

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 9:22AM Monday December 30, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

With 2014 right around the corner, you're probably already thinking about those resolutions. Do you hit the gym, start eating healthy, keep a better organized home, finally go on that trip, stop eating out, or start growing a garden?

There are so many options and choices to make, but it's important to not get overwhelmed and stay focused.

One of the best things you can do for your future is to make good financial decisions. Here are a four resolutions you can make right now to create a better financial outlook in 2014.

1. File your taxes early.The government shutdown of 2013 has delayed the tax season, which means it could take longer for your refund check to come in. The sooner you file those taxes, the sooner you'll get that check.

2. Open a Roth IRA and start putting in $1 per day, or $365 a year.If you have an interest rate of 7% and put in $365 a year, in 30 years you'll end up with $36,892 after having only put in a total of $10,950 (calculate your savings at Who says it's too hard to save towards retirement?

Note: It's important to discuss the best type of savings account for your situation with a financial advisor. Read More »

Book excerpt: Use your PC to record broadcast TV for free

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 7:29AM Monday December 30, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

The following is an excerpt from a book I think readers would greatly enjoy: "The Cheapskate Rules: 21 Easy Money-Saving Tech Secrets." It's chock full of great tips like this one, and it's insanely cheap at just $4.99. You can read it on your Kindle, your smartphone, your tablet, or even your Mac or PC.

Nepotism alert: I wrote it. But as you'll see from the glowing user reviews, it more than pays for itself. Read More »

Freebie Corner: Birthday freebies round-up

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Jackie.Simione)
at 6:00AM Saturday December 28, 2013
under Freebies

The year is coming to a close and that means you need to sign up for your birthday freebies for next year!

It's a great way to make your day even better. You can literally eat all day (and week) for free. Read More »