Say Hello to HP’s $100 Android Tablet


It’s about time!

Earlier this week, HP quietly unveiled a new addition to its tablet lineup: the HP 7 Plus. Price: $99.99. Cheapskates of the world, rejoice!

Indeed, that’s the cheapest name-brand tablet to date. The closest competitor is Amazon’s $139 Kindle Fire HD. I’ve seen other models priced at $100 or less, but they were all from companies with names like Azpen and Hisense. What’s in a name? Hey, Shakespeare didn’t know from tablets.

The big question is whether a sub-$100 tablet could possibly be any good, even with the HP logo stamped on. Ultimately, that depends on what you want from a tablet. On paper, the HP 7 Plus looks pretty good, albeit with some mixed specs.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3: The Final Insult


Earlier today, Microsoft took the wraps off the Surface Pro 3, the company’s third attempt at crafting the ultimate laptop replacement. And that’s exactly how they’re positioning it: a solution for the “conflict” that exists between laptops and tablets. (Somewhere in Hollywood, some hack is outlining a Freaky Friday remake.)

This is an intriguing product for a number of reasons, starting with price: the Pro 3 starts at $799, which is actually less than the Pro 2. But the top-end model costs a jaw-dropping $1,949 (not including a couple must-have accessories), a price point normally reserved for flagship MacBooks. And rich people.

Another big deal: the big screen. The Pro 3 measures 12 inches diagonally, which puts it closer to laptop territory. (The previous Pro had a 10.6-inch display.) Just as important, it allows for a larger, less-cramped keyboard. All told, it should make work chores more comfortable. Size does matter, especially where your fingers are involved. (Wait, that came out wrong.)

Read This Before You Book Your Summer Vacation and You’ll Save Money

Traveler with a bag at the speedwalk

I consider myself an avid traveler (or at least, I love to travel, so that must count for something!). As such, it’s important for me to get a bit creative when it comes to cutting back on the travel spending. Especially during the peak travel season of summer, rising prices can sometimes threaten to hold me back from the awesome destinations I hope to visit.

This season, I’m taking a stand. I’ve consulted with some of the most seasoned travel experts in the business and asked them for their failsafe ways to save a bit of cash when it comes to summer travel.

I plan on putting many of these into effect immediately … see ya on the beaches!

Listen Up! Get Two Free Months of Audiobooks from Audible


I know it’s en vogue right now to accept boredom, embrace boredom, even seek out boredom. (If you love boredom so much, pundits, why don’t you marry it!) But you know what? Boredom sucks! And it sucks the most when you’re behind the wheel, with nothing to do except fight the road rage that’s building inside you because you’re so insanely bored.

Audiobooks to the rescue! For long commutes and road trips alike, there’s nothing better than a book–especially when it’s a free book.

For a limited time, LivingSocial is offering a free two-month subscription to Audible, the Amazon-owned audiobook service. And within that subscription you’re entitled to two totally free books–one per month.

Announcing Save Up 2014


It’s that time of year again! It’s time for our annual Save Up conference, and this year we’re thrilled to host our seventh edition of the conference in the lovely and quirky city of Austin, Texas. America’s savviest money-saving bloggers, the DealPros, will be descending upon Austin from July 31st through August 2nd for a couple days of learning, networking and fun!

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