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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: 12 gifts for $120 and less

By (view all posts by Susan.Yoo-Lee)
at 6:00AM Thursday December 5, 2013
under Holidays

From clothing to electronics, there are tons of holiday gift options. The downside of having lots of choices is that people get lost and ultimately buy something that's just "okay".

In order to cut the research time for you, I found 12 excellent gift choices that you'll be confident in giving and on top of that, they all come in at under $120.

(All items were hand selected. Some were sent by stores for final review and others I purchased).

1. Blush Mystery Beauty Box. I recently wrote about The untraditional holiday gift? A guide to your top snack, beauty and kid's subscription boxes and one thing that was missing from the guide was this subscription box.


The box is a mix of full and travel-size products worth at least $100. It is filled with a variety of high quality products for your skin and nail. The selections change from month to month, so if you order this month, you'll get the December box. From the choices, I completely fell in love the Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Price: $34.95 for one-time purchase or as low as $24.95 with subscription. With this coupon from, you can save $5 off the December Blush Mystery Beauty Box and get free shipping. Read More »

10 gift ideas for men that are better than socks

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 9:00AM Wednesday December 4, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

There's nothing more exciting than anticipating your gift for months, only to open it and find socks or underwear. Am I right?

With all the possible gifts out there, Mom is most likely to purchase you some socks and underwear. That's cool. But for the rest of us getting a gift for the men in our lives, let's stay clear of the sock drawer, shall we?

Here are 10 gift ideas that are significantly better than socks... Read More »

Top ten gifts for kids: Holiday 2013

By DealPro(view all posts by LeaAnn.Stundins)
at 6:00AM Tuesday December 3, 2013
under Holidays

Technology takes over this season, with many of the hottest gifts for kids requiring batteries and/or a USB port. But, in the case of Big Hugs Elmo, some things never change...soft and cuddly always has a place under the tree.

1. Rainbow Loom Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker The Shimmer & Sparkle Set comes with literally thousands of pieces for creating hours of fun. This is the craft trend that is sweeping the nation, says Senior Vice President of ToysRUs Lisa Harnish. $14.99+, for ages 6 and up. Read More »

Savings Secrets: 5 gift ideas for the couponer in your life

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 10:23AM Monday December 2, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

So you have a deal hunter on your list this year, right? This is the person that's going to buy you the most amazing gift and have only spent a few dollars on it. It sucks, right? I mean... how can you possibly compete with a savvy couponer and get him or her a rockin' gift that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg?  

And you know they pretty much have everything they need. Bargain hunters are always grabbin' items at the rock bottom prices and it seems like there's nothing you could possibly buy that your discount shopper could want.

Well you can of course become savvy with your shopping as well, and get a great deal on a rockin' gift, or you can check out this list of items to get a deal hunter for the holidays this year: Read More »

Cyber Monday steal: Get a no-contract iPhone 5 for $359.99 (or less)

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 9:33AM Monday December 2, 2013
under Spotlight Deals

Conventional wisdom holds that if you want an iPhone, you have no choice but to get it from a big carrier, lock into a two-year contract, and pay a minimum of $70 per month for service--usually closer to $80 by the time you get hit with all those taxes and fees.

Not today. In honor of Cyber Monday, Virgin Mobile has the iPhone 5 (16GB) for $359.99 shipped, with no activation charge and, more important, no contract. Read More »

Best Cyber Monday deals 2013

By (view all posts by Susan.Yoo-Lee)
at 9:03AM Monday December 2, 2013
under Spotlight Deals

If you're looking to score some amazing Cyber Monday deals today, we've got plenty that you'll be excited about:

1. 20% off all orders today only

2. Amazon: $50 Savings + Free Shipping on Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablet: $179

3. American Apparel: 20% off Everything + Extra 30% off Sale
Read More »

Freebie Corner: Free call, video message or picture with Santa

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Jackie.Simione)
at 6:00AM Saturday November 30, 2013
under Freebies

Thanksgiving is over, so now we can focus on Christmas. How about some freebies that include Santa? From a phone call or video message from Santa to a photo including Santa that usually costs $9.99 for free, you are set to make this Christmas the best one yet!
Freebie #1: PinchMe - Offer goes live each Tuesday and stays live until all the samples are gone. You can claim up to 3 samples each week. The page gets hit hard with traffic when the offer goes live on Tuesdays.
Read More »

Make some extra cash this holiday season

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Cheryl.Lock)
at 6:00AM Thursday November 28, 2013
under Stuff We Like

If there's one time of year when most people could probably use a bit of extra cash in their wallets, this would be the one. Gifts. Holiday parties. Secret Santa Swaps. A fabulous new outfit to go with the fabulous little holiday soirée.

It all adds up.

One way to help lighten the proverbial holiday load is to make some extra cash. We're not talking a second job or taking out a mortgage on your house. There are tons of easy ways for you to make money these days, some of which require very little actual "work" from you.

Here are five of our favorite, easy ways to make some extra moolah this holiday season. Just try not to spend it all in one place. Read More »

The ultimate list of last-minute Thanksgiving recipes to try

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 9:10AM Wednesday November 27, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

Still putting together the recipe list and heading out to the store for ingredients? First things first: Get organized and quickly! You're in the procrastinator's club and that's cool, but let's get organized stat!

So while you're weeding through all of the recipes that you could possibly make, check out these wickedly awesome recipes from our Dealpros: 

1.TURKEY! First comes first...we gotta have a good turkey, right? Check out Phoebe's turkey recipe for success: How to Cook the Perfect Turkey (Stress-Free!). Or you can also try Amanda's Crock Pot Turkey Breast

2. SWEET POTATOES! Sarah's Sweet Potato Crunch recipe. In the words of George Takei: Oh myyy! 

I don't know about you, but I always have a crazy sweet tooth during the holidays. Hey, it's Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for sweet treats! ;) Check out Dian's Spiced Pumpkin Pound Cake with Caramel Glaze

Cranberry sauce in a can? Meh. Forget that! We want the good stuff! Lynette's got an amazing Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce recipeRead More »

Ultimate Holiday Twitter Party 12/3: $550 in prizes!

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 7:34PM Tuesday November 26, 2013
under GiveawaysStaff

That's right...we're having the ULTIMATE party on Twitter. This isn't just any old party. We had to qualify it as the "Ultimate" party, because we're talking all things holidays: the gifts, the shopping, the traditions, the fun, the lights, the food....yeah it's going to be epic! 

We love the holidays season and to celebrate the festivities, we're partyin' it up and giving away $550 in prizes! Plus we're gonna have a blast with all the fun on Twitter!

Come join us on Tuesday, December 3rd at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET in the #holidaysavings hashtag on Twitter.

Hosts: @maritramos @cleverlysimple @frugalissafinds @daytonsavings @savings @savingsclasses

: Put the link to your Twitter handle below in order to RSVP.   Read More »

Holiday shopping destroying the holiday spirit

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Kelli.Bhattacharjee)
at 9:30AM Tuesday November 26, 2013
under Holidays

Well, the shopping season is upon us. Do you find yourself overwhelmed and beyond stressed out during this time of the year? Are you desperately fretting about finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Are you consumed with worries about money and the cost of all these gifts? If so, you aren't alone. For many individuals, the quest for the best deal or perfect gift overshadows the reason for the season.

Black Friday sales are leaking out and sprouting up everywhere and the Thanksgiving turkey hasn't even been carved - or cooked for that matter! Every year the holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier. In fact, many families are now finding their Thanksgiving dinners rudely interrupted as deal seeking members head out to the stores to save a few dollars on the PlayStation 4 or new iPad. Believe me, as a deal dishing blogger and avid money saver myself, I can appreciate saving a buck. However, I do not allow scoring the latest and greatest deals and freebies to come at the expense of my family.

Over the years, I've noticed that this season has become less and less about giving thanks for our blessings and spending quality time with loved ones and more about competition and materialistic items. Thanksgiving is no longer a holiday - it's simply Black Friday eve. Read More »

5 items at its lowest prices during Black Friday

By DealPro(view all posts by Aimee.Brittain)
at 6:00AM Tuesday November 26, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

With the holiday season comes making budgets for holiday shopping -- namely Black Friday. But the question becomes, what are some of the best things to buy during Black Friday. Here are my top 5:

1. Kitchenware: This includes pots and pan set, blenders, microwaves and more. Year after year, when I need to replace a small appliance, I shop during Black Friday and pay no more than $8.00 which saves me a ton of money. Read More »