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Who Wants a Thrustmaster?

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 12:04PM Friday February 12, 2010
under GiveawaysStaff

This week's blog giveaway is a video game accessory from Electronics Expo. Before you gamers get yourselves all hot and bothered over what this is, we need to announce the winner of last week's blog giveaway.

The winner of the Hanky Panky Heart Shaped Box filled with lacy thong undies from Bare Necessities is... Read More »

Is Renting Games Online Worth The Cost?

By (view all posts by Yasarh)
at 2:26PM Thursday February 11, 2010
under Product Review

Thus far in my life, I've been pretty lucky that my two great passions have aligned so perfectly. I'm referring, of course, to:

A) playing video games a lot and

B) laying on my sofa.

However, there is one area wherein these clash dramatically: actually going to get new video games. The experience is generally horrible. You have to contend with crowds, little kids, parking and disinterested employees. If you order online, returning crappy games is a hassle at best and impossible at worst. Read More »

First Annual L.A. Street Food Fest

By (view all posts by CherieTsang)
at 11:43AM Thursday February 11, 2010
under Special Events

CALLING ALL FOODIES OUT THERE!!!  Valentine's Day AND Lunar New Year are just around the corner...what better way to start off the weekend than to EAT YOUR HEART OUT at the LA Street Food Fest? Bring your special someone, your friends and/or your families out to this event!! 

On Saturday, February 13, 2010 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM at L.A. Read More »

Tech Gifts For Valentine's Day

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 10:03AM Thursday February 11, 2010
under Stuff We Like

Yasar is taking bets that this is going to be dirty. Or he's urging me on. I can't be sure. As much as I usually like to go for the shock and awe, this will not be a blog about adult tech toys for Valentine's Day. Sorry, no personal touch massager moments here. Instead, I'll focus on cool, possibly cheesy, tech gifts for Valentine's Day that may be perfect for the one you love or the one you just sorta like a whole lot this year. Read More »

The Penultimate Fashion Valentine's Gift Guide

By (view all posts by coupiedoll)
at 4:34PM Wednesday February 10, 2010
under Shop Smarter

Yes, Valentine's Day is almost here!  So just in case you are a man with a sweetie and still giftless and clueless, here's one more blog post that might help you out. And no, the snuggie on sale at your local drugstore is not an acceptable Valentine's Day fashion gift. We surveyed some very fashionable ladies from and around the country to see what they wish for this Valentine's Day.

Listen to the ladies and you can't go wrong. Read More »

Best Store You've Never Heard Of: Limoges Jewelry

By (view all posts by dstearns)
at 2:10PM Wednesday February 10, 2010
under Featured StoreStaff

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? Are you scared?...

Whether you believe Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to show that special someone how you really feel or whether you feel it's a day foisted upon us by a commercial conspiracy, one thing will always be dangerously true: you gotta give to get. I'm just sayin'! Don't shoot the messenger...

Luckily, this week's Featured Store can buy you some time with a little personalization in the way of shiny objects for boys and girls of all ages. Limoges Jewelry to the rescue! Read More »

Get Glowing This Winter

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by MBones)
at 12:38PM Wednesday February 10, 2010
under Stuff We Like

Radiant skin is a sign of good health and wellness. But in the winter, with all the heaters, wind, and time indoors, it can be hard to come by.  Cold weather blahs can dull even the sunniest smile.  Wanna get that glow?  Here are a few tips for radiant skin.  There are ideas for healthy living, naturally, but also also a few cosmetics to fudge that look on the fly.
Read More »

Save Big on Printer Ink

By DealPro(view all posts by AndreaDeckard)
at 5:49PM Tuesday February 9, 2010
under Money Saving Tips

As an avid couponer, I print a lot of coupons online.  It's a great way to save, but also requires a LOT of printer ink.  I knew that the value of a small $.50 printable coupon could not equate to the cost of the volumes of ink I would go through to print my potential savings.  Until I researched a fabulous way to save by purchasing re-manufactured printer cartridges. 

Many sites, including, offers FREE Shipping with a minimum purchase.  So I typically order all of our ink online in bulk.  By using available coupon codes, along with shopping through a cash back site, I can get an awesome deal!  The last time I did this I shared how I purchased $120 in ink for just $35 after the online sales and cash back! 

I have been shopping online purchasing our printer ink this way for years now. Read More »

Blissdom 2010

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 12:16PM Tuesday February 9, 2010
under CompanyStaff

Last week, a group of us headed to Nashville to attend Blissdom, a blogging conference for "women who find and express their bliss by publishing online." Although the weather was cold (REALLY cold for us weather wimpy Angelenos!) and damp, we remained safe and dry in the cavernous "biodome" setting of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

Check out some of the highlights of the conference: Read More »

Happy Frugal Valentine's Day

By (view all posts by Dealman)
at 10:15AM Monday February 8, 2010
under Money Saving Tips

You know the slogan, "Every kiss begins with Kay"?  We're all for jewelry here at Savings, but if getting or giving a kiss in your relationship depends on expensive jewelry, well, there's something wrong.  When you boil it down, nothing should be more romantic than just hanging out together, so while showering someone in gifts can be great, it shouldn't really have to be necessary. Read More »

Another sweet automotive deal...15 years later

By (view all posts by akakinggio)
at 9:03AM Monday February 8, 2010
under Money Saving Tips

So besides my usual "miser" like tendencies, I have been lucky to score a good deal on my last auto purchase (over 15 years ago).

And no, this new car isn't even for me (I'm still driving around in my 1994 Honda Civic EX Coupe), it's for my wife, LOL.  Anyway, chalk this up to a little research and knowing the right people.

We went shopping for cars for a few months and ended up with a great new Mini Cooper (it's actually on order now, but you can see how sweet it's gonna look).

The bottom line here is definitely consult some online shopping tips on buying new cars.  I used the information I learned online to get about $800 off MSRP (on a Mini, that's great).  I also found out I had a friend who's dad ran a local Mini dealership, so that saved us another $500. Read More »

Wacky Product of the Week - 1983 Revisited

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 8:02AM Saturday February 6, 2010
under Product Review

If you don't remember the 80's then either your brain ids fried or you're that young and I am really THAT old. I'm talking shell-top Adidas, Members Only jackets, Rubik's Cube, and the debate over whether to buy a Commodore or Atari game console. The biggest games of the decade were--hands down--Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga and Asteroids.

It was only a matter of time before some retro enthusiast (read: old geek like me) decided to marry the love of past games with functioning practicality. I give you, the Heat Changing Arcade Mugs. Read More »