The Prudent Pantry: Whole Grain Alternatives to Rice and Bread


Image by mental.masala via Flickr

In something of a 180 from last week when I discussed the financial merits of the Paleo diet, this week I wanted to talk about grains. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of pasta-rice-bread as the only carbs/starches in your meals (ignoring, of course, the fact that many other foods contain carbohydrates). But there is a whole world out there of alternative grain options.

Let’s explore it a bit.

Wacky Product of the Week: Star Wars Operation


Because a childhood classic where you pretend to operate on humans is soooo 2010, this week’s wacky product is Star Wars Operation, the R2-D2 edition, where you can try your hand at droid surgery. You actually can’t even purchase this item yet–or, you can, but it’s available for pre-order only until September-but it’s just too much fun to pass up.

Herding Cats: More on Debt Ceiling Negotiations, NFL Lockout News and Food Labels


Image courtesy of ICanHasCheezburger

This week we cover the debt ceiling debate (because it won’t go away), the NFL lockout, relieving stress, financial challenges faced by women, better food labels, dubious product labels, and a dog that doesn’t do a very good dog paddle.

Savings Pledge Stories: A Round Up from Our DealPros


We’ve reached almost $4.4 million dollars in pledges so far–but we’re not done yet!  We’re on a mission to help American save one BILLION.  Yup, that’s a billion with a capital “B.”  We’re doing our part by finding and posting the best deals we can find on our site and offering up lots of money saving tips here on the blog.  Now it’s your turn:  What do you want to save for?  The holidays are coming up:  Do you want to put money aside so that you can afford to fulfill your kids’ wishlists?  Or maybe you have a more long term goal to finance your child’s education.

Whatever you want to save for, we’re here to help with some more Savings Pledge stories from our DealPros to motivate and inspire you to save on the things you need so you can afford the things you want.

Free Hot Samples: Free Music Downloads Online


It’s the time of year where everyone goes to the beach. That means it’s time to download new tunes for sitting on the blanket or people watching on the boardwalk. There are just a few places left to get free music, free “legal” music is getting harder to find. You still have some great choices.

You can download a Joss Stone song, Spin Magazine has thirteen songs by various artist for free. Subway has a workout download that has songs from Ceelo Green (one of my personal favorites) and Lady Gaga. There is, of course, Amazon that offers pages of free downloads. The downloads aren’t by any current popular artist, but I bet you can find something you would like to listen to there.

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