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Valentine's Dinner For Two Part Deux

By (view all posts by HSimas)
at 10:13AM Tuesday February 2, 2010
under Holidays

I hope you all enjoyed last week's guest blog and video by DealPro Todd Singleton, aka FoodieDaddy. I know I loved watching it. Everyone I know who cooks even a little bit assured me that the recipe he shared for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two is very do-able. They all can't wait to try it.

But what about the rest of us? What about the complete non-cooks? The people whose idea of a nice home cooked meal involves boiling water and a nice jar of Prego? The people who don't know what blanching or braising means, but know that it sounds very unpleasant?

What do we do?

Fear not, my fellow cooking simpletons. Have I got a video for you! Read More »

Psst! Wanna Win an iPad?

By (view all posts by SavingsIQ)
at 6:24PM Monday February 1, 2010
under GiveawaysStaff

Look, there are two ways to be romantic: 
  1. You can make some sort of arts and crafts project (preferably paper maché) with or for your girl. 
  2. You can buy her something.
I'm terrible at arts and crafts, so I have no choice but to spend money.  Fortunately, I've become pretty adept at romancing on a budget.  If you want some regular tips on getting that hot date without looking like a cheapskate, then fan The Budget Romeo on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @BudgetRomeo.  You'll be able to stay abreast of great deals, and I may let you in on some of my wooing strategies.  I'll also fill you in on great contests like this one... Read More »

Avoiding Financial Infidelity

By (view all posts by Dealman)
at 12:35PM Monday February 1, 2010
under Money Saving Tips

Last week, I wrote a post about how couples can best deal with money in the relationship. It began by citing the fact that money difficulties are a more-common source of friction in couples than something like adultery--because every last person has to deal with money, but not everyone will have an affair.  Well, how about if you combine the two?  Frugal Dad recently had a great post about how "financial infidelity" can be as damaging to a relationship as a full-blown affair. Read More »

Wacky Product of the Week: A History of Bizarre Gadgets

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 9:22AM Saturday January 30, 2010
under Stuff We Like

For the past few weeks, I have entertained (or annoyed) you all with my snarky commentary on the weird and bizarre world of ridiculous gadgetry. But not all is snide remarks and "what-the?" moments. Since I was a kid I have had a real love for kooky sci-fi and speculative designs. Finding these crazy tech items to show you every week is no happy accident. I look for this stuff every day. This week I want to step back a bit and show what spawned a lot of the crazy electronics you see before you now.

Here now we look into the origin of the kooky and strange. Read More »

Herding Cats: Our Favorite Savings Stories for the Week of January 24th

By (view all posts by derek70x7)
at 3:39PM Friday January 29, 2010
under Stuff We Like

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, so it was tempting to do some kind of "Savings Stories Clip-Show" to open up time for me to pack. But that would have been super boring--and besides, I already did it for my New Year's post.

So here's a brand new roundup for you! Read More »

LOST and Found: What's Your Money Management Style?

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 1:42PM Friday January 29, 2010
under Polls/Quizzes

In our never-ending attempt to get to know our Community better, we've offered up a variety of interesting polls and quizzes.  A couple of weeks ago readers had the chance to test their money etiquette skills.  We've explored saving strategies, saving styles and saving sins.

If you haven't had the chance to take these quizzes, take 'em now!  It's not just a way for us to get to know you better--but an opportunity for YOU to get to know you better as well.  And it's fun!

This week's quiz was inspired by the imminent return of one of my favorite shows, LOST.  A show where the fan base is so rabidly dedicated to watching, re-watching, dissecting and discussing its every moment that the President of the United States preempted his State of the Union address just so it wouldn't interfere with the LOST season premiere. Read More »

Free Jelly Bellys...Om Nom Nom

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 12:38PM Friday January 29, 2010
under GiveawaysStaff

Another week has passed and that means we have another blog giveaway winner to announce. Last week, Chris (a.k.a. arreguin) announced that we were giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky blog commenter. One week and 153 comments later, we have our winner.

Drum roll, por favor!

And the winner is... Read More »

Video Games For Couples

By (view all posts by Yasarh)
at 3:07PM Thursday January 28, 2010
under Holidays

With Valentine's Day approaching, I know a lot of you video game nerds are worried about having a night where you aren't allowed to play Modern Warfare 2.  Even if your significant other is into video games, bragging over your headset about how you just sniped joeSchmoe2453 isn't exactly romantic. 

Don't worry, all hope is not lost.  There are a few games you can enjoy together: Read More »

Do Your Denim

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by MBones)
at 10:49AM Thursday January 28, 2010
under Shop Smarter

A great pair of jeans can make your day.  Once you slip into that perfect pair, the rest of your outfit is a piece of cake to put on.  Gone are the days when one pair acted as your catch-all.  I recommend at least two styles so you can vary your look to suit your mood. 

Here are my favorite pairs of the moment, all for under $100, most much less. You'll find one to fit whatever your fancy is at the moment. I've also hunted a few deals down for you; I am a DealPro, after all.
Read More »

Best Store You've Never Heard Of: SeeHere

By (view all posts by dstearns)
at 5:21PM Wednesday January 27, 2010
under Featured StoreStaff

Holy cow, Batman! February starts next Monday. Which means Valentine's Day will only be 14 days away. What's a love-sick guy or girl to do to get that perfect heart-melting gift before the big day? Why, head to this week's Featured Store, that's what!

Here at, we are pleased as pie to sing the praises of SeeHere. Read More »

The Apple iPad is Here

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 12:35PM Wednesday January 27, 2010
under Newsworthy

Everyone is talking about it. Even Doonesbury cartoons can't avoid the 500 pound gorilla in the room. Apple has just released views, news, and a full-on media info blast detailing their new tablet computer, the iPad.

In a word...WOW! Read More »

Go Pro and Save

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by MBones)
at 10:15AM Wednesday January 27, 2010
under Shop Smarter

Bigger is better!  Buying in bulk saves you money (I call it "The Costco Effect"), but professional beauty and hair care products usually come in teeny, tiny packages.  Now more and more hot brands and products offering pro sizes to the general public, you can save on all your favorite beauty go-tos. 

Check out a few of my favorites. Read More »