Reliving Pac-man and Asteroids Glory Days Courtesy of The Free Video Games Project


This week we take the blog back. Way back to the classic era–the Golden Age of gaming if you will. The cost to spend hours in a classic arcade playing the likes of Galaga, Frogger, or Pac-Man was one quarter or fifty cents if you were really the ultimate gamer. And a few quarters more if you were on novice level.

The Free Video Games Project takes the spending out of the experience and brings the classic games that helped start it all back for free online.

Saving Pledge Stories: Frugal Living on Putting Money Towards Buying a New Car


Image by skpy via Flickr

My car doesn’t have satellite radio or a CD player. It doesn’t have cruise control or power locks and windows either. It used to have a sun roof that you could open, but the motor died in that at least 10 years back. And the odometer…it doesn’t work either. It froze at the 90,000 mark while on vacation six years ago.

What Spices Would Hannibal Lecter Buy from Penzeys?


Hannibal Lecter is noted as one of the most brilliant psychiatrists on the planet. One small problem, though. He tends to eat his patients. Only the bad ones, mind you. Consider that Dr. Lecter is a refined man; he would first tenderize the, uh…meat. Then he would season the meat before he cooked it.

What spices would Hannibal Lecter buy from Penzeys?

Concerns Regarding Possible Groupon Insolvency Inspires Tips for Buying Daily Deals


Photo courtesy of Groupon, via Flickr

Last month the popular daily deal site Groupon submitted its paperwork to the SEC so it could become a publicly traded company. Since then the controversy hasn’t let up for a second.

Fish Pedicures and Other Bizarre Beauty Treatments


Some people unwind in the weirdest ways. I recently came across an article about a woman’s experience with a milkweed facial. Milkweed is what caterpillars rest on before they turn into butterflies, and is supposed to have the same transformational effect on your skin. Apparently, it smells awful, however it’s not uncommon for someone to endure such things for beauty.

There are lots of bizarre beauty treatments out there that people pay big bucks for. Read on about some of the other unusual ways people pamper themselves:

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