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Smashbox Glambox Giveaway

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 5:46PM Friday January 8, 2010
under GiveawaysStaff

You didn't think the blog giveaways were going to stop just because the holidays are over, did you? Well, if you did, you're in for a very pleasant surprise! We've fixed it so that we'll announce a new giveaway each and every Friday starting today.

Pretty sweet, right? Read More »

Create Your Own Sin Tax

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 2:42PM Friday January 8, 2010
under Loose Change

A while ago Sare (aka WiscoVixen) wrote about the proposed tax the state of California was considering levying on medical marijuana.  This type of levy--known as a "sin tax" because it's added to products or services seen as "vices"--such as cigarettes, alcohol and gambling--is gaining more popularity as lawmakers seek necessary revenue in economically-challenged times.

In addition to marijuana, there have been proposals for sin taxes on soft drinks and junk food cosmetic procedures (known as the "bo-tax") and even tanning salons

It's doubtful that sin taxes will change behavior--but if taxing human foibles helps the economy, then let's consider what other sins might make for great revenue generators.  I asked my co-workers at for their input.

Here's what they came up with:

(Note:  The opinions (or attempts at humor) expressed below are that of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of Read More »

And the Fifth I Resolve Winner Is...

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 12:22PM Friday January 8, 2010
under GiveawaysStaff

We've made it through the first week of the new year and we've kept our resolution to continue to bring you awesome deals, make our site more useful and user-friendly, and--most importantly--give more stuff away. 

How about you?  How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions?

For our fifth I Resolve giveaway, we're helping one lucky person start 2010 off on the right foot with some new shoes from Famous Footwear.  And the winner of the $50 Famous Footwear gift card is... Read More »

Ridiculous Gadget of the Week

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 5:42PM Thursday January 7, 2010
under Loose Change

It's a new year and with that comes the latest in new and exciting technical innovations. But not all is good and right in the land of new tech toys my friends. There are some real head scratching stinkers out there. So in the spirit of the lame, insane, and just plain ridiculous, let this serve as the first of a new weekly blog about crazy tech gadgets. Inspired by my previous post, continued here for your reading pleasure. Read More »

Finding Clothes on the Cheap

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 1:37PM Thursday January 7, 2010
under Shop Smarter

Picture this...

It's New Year's Eve Eve, and you're asked to go to a NYE party in downtown LA the following night. The catch? It's a neon NYE party. Yep, neon. If you're anything like me, you haven't had an article of neon clothing in your closet since the fluorescent pink and green windbreaker and matching pink pants your mom bought you in the third grade.

So where do you go to find neon clothing in this day and age? Hipster Mecca!  American Apparel, duh. Where else? Read More »

I Resolve Winner Number Four

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 9:57AM Thursday January 7, 2010
under GiveawaysStaff

I'm very envious of our fourth I Resolve giveaway winner.  Getting more sleep is definitely a priority for me these days.  I'm gonna have to wait until I move away from my inconsiderate neighbors and their dog who goes into a barking frenzy every other night around 2 am.


But our most current I Resolve winner is well on their way to more restful sleep... Read More »

Top 5 'Good News for Green' Stories of '09

By (view all posts by coupiedoll)
at 3:14PM Wednesday January 6, 2010
under Newsworthy

With a new year and a new decade, comes a myriad of retrospectives on the year just passed. Sometimes these retrospectives can be overwhelmingly depressing as we remember those who have passed on, difficult to swallow news stories, or worse still, repetitive bad news about the environment. But what about all those great stories out there? The stories of invention and innovation?

We decided to honor this year's Top 5 most positive green stories to remind ourselves that there's some great stuff happening out there, and hopefully with 2010, there will be even better things to come. Read More »

Blowouts, Poufs, and Sick Tans: Jersey Shore, Baby!

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by MBones)
at 1:31PM Wednesday January 6, 2010
under Stuff We Like

Summer on the Jersey Shore may be long over, but you wouldn't know it to look at the ratings of MTV's "Jersey Shore."  In just a few short weeks, the show has become a pop culture phenomenon.  After seeing this recent In Touch article, I thought I would put together a few tips for good looking guys and girls on looking tan, gelled, and otherwise Jersey-licious. Read More »

Know Your Rights

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 3:49PM Tuesday January 5, 2010
under Newsworthy

Let's face it folks, air travel just isn't what it used to be. The pleasure trip to exotic locales or the always exciting family trek from Boston to the Jersey Shore has become more hassle than getaway over the last few years. Unless you pay through the nose for first class seats, most airlines, in an effort to cut costs, treat regular passengers like we're riding steerage on the Titanic. Some of the joys of air travel as we know it now:  the lack of meals (unless you are willing to cough up some extra cash to choose from a list of twice frozen entrees), scarcity of blankets and pillows, extra payments for checking even one bag, waiting on the tarmac for hours while the plane finds a gate to dock into, and long lines seemingly every step of the way the moment you enter the airport.

But fear not intrepid dreamer of cloud surfing from days gone by. All is not lost. We do still have certain inalienable rights when flying the friendly skies. Read More »

Ten Easy Health Resolutions for 2010

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 2:04PM Tuesday January 5, 2010
under Loose Change

It's January 5th and most of you have probably already flaked on your resolution to diet and exercise  Why do resolutions have to be so HARD?

Well, they don't actually.  I typically resolve to not smoke in the New Year--which is easy because I'm not a smoker.  Okay, that's probably cheating--but it is possible to make positive health resolutions which are easy to keep. 

Check out my list of ten health-improving goals for 2010: Read More »

And the Second Winner Is...

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 10:41AM Tuesday January 5, 2010
under GiveawaysStaff

As the saying goes, you can't win if you don't play--so hopefully you've entered at least one (or ALL!) of our I Resolve giveaways.  We've still got five more prizes to award!

Today's winner for the Aliph Jawbone Prime 3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset courtesy of Wireless Emporium is... Read More »

What's the Stock Market Mean for the Economy?

By (view all posts by Dealman)
at 1:15PM Monday January 4, 2010
under Newsworthy

Today, there comes news that the stock market has had a healthy opening on the first full day of trading in the new year.  Does this mean things are looking up for 2010 or is this just another blip that could just as easily go down again.  Well, a little of both.  Obviously, it's always good news when the stock market is healthy and traders aren't panicking, but the health of daily stock trading isn't necessarily a bellwether of overall economic health. 

First, what happened today in the stock market:

The stock market jumped on the first trading day of the year following reports of stronger manufacturing activity around the world as well as a rise in oil prices.

Major stock indexes rose more than 1.5 percent, including the Dow Jones industrial average, which rose 165 points.

A key point is this paragraph:

A U.S. trade group said manufacturing activity expanded faster than expected in December. The Institute for Supply Management's index of manufacturing activity rose to 55.9 from 53.6 in November, more than analysts had expected.

Read More »