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10 Financial Resolutions to Make for 2010

By (view all posts by Dealman)
at 1:24PM Monday December 28, 2009
under Money Saving Tips

It's that time of year again--time to take stock of all the little things that you need to change and hopefully stick with a plan that lasts past January 2nd. Better to look at this as a time of renewal, rather than obsessing about all the things you do wrong.  You're much less likely to make these changes if you focus on the negative, rather than the positive.  So focus on: I will be better, rather than, I've been terrible. 

Just keep in mind that you're not alone.  Financial resolutions top the list for most everybody, along with improving physical health.  Check out the top ten resolutions from  Managing debt and saving money top the list.  If you've got a lot of money, you've got more to manage.  If you're struggling, you need to find ways to save.  Whatever your situation, right now is a great time to figure out how you can make 2010 be the year of some personal economic recovery.
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I Resolve to Tone Up

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 10:11AM Monday December 28, 2009
under GiveawaysStaff

As promised, we have more stuff to give away!  This week, in honor of the upcoming new year, we have resolution-themed prizes to help you start off 2010 on the right foot.

And speaking of feet, our first prize is a pair of EasyTone shoes thanks to our friends at Reebok. Read More »

Worst Video Games of 2009

By (view all posts by Yasarh)
at 1:30PM Thursday December 24, 2009
under Shop Smarter

Opening up a new video game is like opening up Christmas presents.  Once you put that shiny new disc in, you never know what you're going to get.  Most of the time you're going to get something that you can waste hours on and not care because you're going to be entertained.  If you're paying $60 for a game, that better be the case.  Sometimes, however, you get garbage.  Pure garbage.  Guy and I have decided to let the rest of the world in on which games of 2009 were worth the cash--and which were trash.

 Here are the worst games of 2009: Read More »

Video Game Awards 2009

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 11:08AM Thursday December 24, 2009
under Shop Smarter

In the spirit of Monty Python, this week it's time for something completely different. I have professed my love for all things gaming in the past. My dual devotion to both the PS3 and XBox 360 has been duly and, likely, unnecessarily noted on several an occasion.

This week before Christmas, fellow blogger and video game geek Yasar teams up with me to bring you our unrequested, fully-biased picks for the best and worst games of 2009.  That's right, the tag-team you never knew you were waiting for is here to blow your minds with opinionated commentary on the latest, greatest and not-so-hot titles of the past year.

So, sit back, reach for that Halo-skinned controller, and enjoy the ride. Read More »

And Our Twelve Winners Are...

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 8:43AM Thursday December 24, 2009
under GiveawaysStaff

After twelve days of great prizes and hundreds and hundreds (and HUNDREDS!) of entries, we have selected the lucky twelve! Read More »

Easy Green Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

By (view all posts by coupiedoll)
at 1:41PM Wednesday December 23, 2009
under Loose Change

With the disappointing end to the recent Climate Summit, and the New Year right around the corner, now is a more motivating time than ever to make some simple green resolutions to help both your wallet, and Mother Earth.

While many resolutions were made to be broken, these are easy to keep. Read More »

Top 10 Beauty Discoveries of 2009

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by MBones)
at 11:37AM Wednesday December 23, 2009
under Shop Smarter

It's that time of year when magazines, TV shows, blogs, and cocktail conversations all turn to "Top Tens."  I wanted to share my top ten beauty discoveries of 2009.  Not all of these products are new, but they were all new to me and quickly became my favorites.

Here they are!  My "Top Ten" for '09! Read More »

On the Twelfth Day...

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 8:07AM Wednesday December 23, 2009
under GiveawaysStaff

On the twelfth day of the contest, is giving away...a brand new copy of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. We gave the PC version of this awesome video editing software package in August. Now we've got the Mac version to cap off our fabulous 12 Days Giveaways.

Sweet! Read More »

Beating Back The Holiday Bulge

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 3:14PM Tuesday December 22, 2009
under Holidays

The holidays are now upon us and visions of sugar plums and pies galore are no doubt dancing in your head. Along with thoughts of devouring everything from Christmas cookies to sweet baked ham, I'm sure many of you are also wondering how to fight back the impending bulge so many trips to the dinner table might bring on.

Here are some alternative food options to help keep down that holiday weight gain. Read More »

Escaping the Holiday Dead Zone

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 2:13PM Tuesday December 22, 2009
under Holidays

In a couple days, living rooms across America will look like they've been hit by a tsunami as oceans of torn wrapping paper, ribbon and assorted gifts are strewn haphazardly across the floor while families in sugar cookie induced comatose states stare blankly at an unceasing stream of college football games.

Ah, Christmas!

For many of us, the week between Christmas and New Year's Day is the perfect opportunity to take time off.  Kids are out of school on winter break, relatives visiting from out of town and offices operating on skeleton crews means when it comes being "productive" not much can be expected until 2010.

Since there are only so many football games one can watch, or after-Christmas sales one can shop, the question becomes, "What now?"  The fact is you've got seven days of free time to take advantage of--why not make the most of your holiday vacation?

Here are eight ideas for escaping the dead zone: Read More »

On the Eleventh Day...

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 7:59AM Tuesday December 22, 2009
under GiveawaysStaff

On the eleventh day of the contest, is giving away...a
Disney Princess Collection Vanity Table Mirror & Stool
courtesy of 

Just about every little girl likes to pretend she's a princess and with this sweet vanity set, you can make your favorite little princess' dreams come true. Read More »

The Economic Forecast for 2010

By (view all posts by Dealman)
at 2:38PM Monday December 21, 2009
under Newsworthy

You've likely gotten most of your Christmas shopping done by now --and if you haven't, get to it.  It's been estimated that the average family spending on Christmas gifts is around $600 (I can hear laughter and sighs from people who have spent far above that).  Whatever the case, it's a big number, and difficult during great economic times, let alone a time of uncertainty. 

Even if you're personal economic situation is going swimmingly, you might know someone who's faced some problems during the economic downturn. Even if you haven't, it's nice to know that strangers aren't having a hard time of it and who doesn't want a brighter economy, no matter what you're situation.  If you've shelled out a grand over the holidays, you want to be certain that this big pile of cash isn't going to be an increasing drain as we head into the new year and new decade.

So how are the prognostications looking for 2010?   Read More »