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Here's Who's Going to Save Up 2011 in NYC

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 6:56AM Tuesday August 2, 2011
under CompanyStaff

Image by laverrue via Flickr

Today we're proud to announce the lucky attendees for the third annual Save Up conference taking place October 12 - 14 in New York City. This elite group of the nation's top money saving experts will come together at this one of a kind event which offers educational workshops, dynamic speakers and opportunities for networking and collaboration. Read More » CEO Loren Bendele Featured Speaker at Deals 3D

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 11:56AM Wednesday July 20, 2011
under CompanyStaff

On July 18-19 in San Francisco, top industry executives came together at Deals 3D to share insights on the daily deals and group buying marketplace.  According to Conference Co-Chair Peter Krasilovsky:

"The deals space is so hot right now, yet there are many unanswered questions about it. We know it will be big, but what will it look like 18 months from now? Which companies are best positioned to succeed when the crowded marketplace begins sorting out the winners from the wannabes? What role does local search play in the changing nature of finding deals? These are the topics we'll be focused on at Deals 3D." CEO Loren Bendele participated in one of the panel discussions offering his insights on the growing daily deal space. Read More »

Meet the 2011 DealPros and Take the Savings Pledge!

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 6:57AM Monday July 11, 2011
under CompanyStaff

Here at, we're proud to announce a new initiative to help consumers save $1 billion: the Savings Pledge. To achieve this goal, we've enlisted the assistance of 53 of the savviest savers in America who have been selected to join our elite community of experts as the official 2011 DealPros. The DealPros will join forces with to help our users save $1 billion by providing expert shopping advice, access to the very best deals available and a new Savings Pledge launching tomorrow on Facebook. Read More » Adds New Communications and Consumer Experience Talent to Executive Team

By (view all posts by LorenB)
at 6:59AM Monday May 30, 2011
under CompanyStaff

We're pleased announce the addition of two new executives to our growing company of more than 80 employees. Brian Lee joins as Head of Consumer Experience, while Meghan Stuyvenberg leads Public Relations and Community Management.

The deal space is extremely active and competitive right now, which is why needs a top notch team of experts to help bring fresh, creative thinking to everything we do. We're excited to have Brian and Meghan on board as we work to create a unique online shopping experience for consumers and broaden the community.
Read More »

Deal Personalization Makes Saving Money Easy

By (view all posts by HSimas)
at 6:57AM Monday April 25, 2011
under CompanyStaff

Earlier this week, our CEO Loren Bendele told you all about the brand new deal personalization feature here at I'm sure most people would prefer to look at deals tailored just for them rather than wading through countless superfluous offers. But maybe some folks are worried about how long the whole personalization process will take.

Worry no longer! Check out the following video in which I demo just how quick and easy personalizing your own shopping experience can be. Read More » Debuts a Personalized Shopping Experience

By (view all posts by LorenB)
at 6:58AM Monday April 18, 2011
under CompanyStaff

In our continuing efforts to bring users the very best deals, we are proud to announce the launch of a personalized online shopping experience. This new feature gives busy shoppers such as yourself a one-stop destination for the best deals on exactly what they want. With a few simple clicks, you can create a profile and receive only the most useful and relevant deals from all major sources including online retailers, local businesses, daily deal sites and the social web. Read More »

Announcing the Newest Member of the Management Team

By (view all posts by LorenB)
at 6:56AM Tuesday March 22, 2011
under CompanyStaff proudly announces the addition of new Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Swalla, to our team. Swalla joins our rapidly growing company, which has now surpassed 35 million visitors and almost one million registered users. Read More »

More Money Saving Tips with DealPro Syndicated Blog Posts

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 6:57AM Tuesday February 22, 2011
under CompanyStaff

If you're a regular Blog & Save reader, you've no doubt noticed the reoccurring image that's been popping up in the blog feed that says " DealPro Syndicated Post." We've recently created new functionality that allows our DealPros to opt into sharing their blog posts with's members and visitors, and this image denotes the posts that are shared via the DealPros. Read More »

Save Up 2010: The Highlights

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 9:55AM Wednesday January 19, 2011
under CompanyStaff

You've no doubt heard the term "DealPro" being bandied about a lot here.  And of course you've seen the series of videos showcasing their savvy saving secrets.  But maybe you're still a bit unsure as to what exactly a DealPro is?  Well, simply put, they are America's Top Money Savers who share their experience and wisdom on how to live well for less with others.  Whether it be travel or technology, food or fashion, they know how to snag the best deals and bargains and are committed to passing along their tricks and tips to you.

In November, hosted the second annual Save Up conference in Chicago.  This gathering of like-minded savers brought together dozens of DealPros to network and exchange ideas for better living on a budget with us and each other.

Check out the video for the 2010 Save Up highlights: Read More »

Happy Holidays from!

By (view all posts by LorenB)
at 7:56AM Saturday December 25, 2010
under Holidays

I'd like to wish the community happy holidays and a wonderful New Year! This has been such an amazing year for everyone at and we are so excited and proud to be part of such a wonderful community of money saving experts. We doubled in size in 2011 and we've grown even more over these last couple of months.

It looks like the word is out… Read More »

Infographic: Travel Deals Help Holiday Travelers

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 12:58PM Wednesday November 24, 2010
under InfographicsStaff

Despite recent uproar over the new TSA security measures, today remains the biggest travel day of the year.  Cramped airplanes, baggage fees and delays and cancellations are modern aggravations we tolerate in exchange for the convenience of air travel which allows us to spend more time with friends and family during the holidays. 

What we don't have to tolerate, however, is paying a lot for airfare, hotel reservations or rental cars.  Thanks to an abundance of travel deals, family reunions or visits to faraway places are more affordable than ever.

During this time of year when travel is at a definite peak, we take a look at how users avoid the high costs of holiday travel. Read More »

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Prepares For Black Friday 2010

By (view all posts by HSimas)
at 10:56AM Monday November 22, 2010
under CompanyStaff

You can probably guess that it is a busy time of year for us here at Black Friday and Cyber Monday loom, promising awesome deals for our users. And an equally awesome amount of work for our employees securing and posting those great deals in time. It's enough to make a penny pinching professional panic! But not if you are prepared.

How does your top money saving site prepare for the challenge...the trial...the triumph that is the holiday shopping season? What does it take to make a lean, coupon code posting machine? It takes weeks, nay, months, of grueling training. The discipline of a champion. The concentration of a yogi. The improbable resilience of Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars.

It takes....oh, just watch the video already! Read More »