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Recapping Save Up 2010

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 7:57AM Thursday November 18, 2010
under CompanyStaff

What happens when you bring together over two dozen of the savviest savers in America along with half a dozen team members from the premier online coupon destination? 

Approximately thirty DealPros converged in Chicago last week for our recent Save Up conference resulting in a frugal free-for-all that combined the passionate exchange of information, laid-back networking and socializing and a heckuva good time in two jam-packed days.  Read More » Unveils Exclusive Black Friday 2010 Deals

By (view all posts by LorenB)
at 7:55AM Monday November 15, 2010
under CompanyStaff

You may have noticed the countdown to Black Friday on the home page.  As one of the biggest shopping days of the year approaches, users can look forward to thousands of coupons and deals, many of them exclusive to our site, via our Black Friday portal--as well as register to receive daily deal emails so you won't miss out on any of the amazing Black Friday deals. Read More »

Infographic: America's Top Money Savers

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 1:58PM Thursday November 11, 2010
under InfographicsStaff

Recently, we announced the 2010 DealPros who would be attending this year's Save Up conference in Chicago.  But some of you may be asking, "What's a DealPro?"

A DealPro is someone who is not only knowledgeable about saving money, but is passionate about sharing their know-how to help others be smarter with their money and live a better life on a budget.  Located all across America, DealPros share frugal living tips in a variety of categories:  personal finance, groceries and cooking, home and family, beauty and fashion, health and fitness, tech and travel. Read More »

Infographic: How Consumers are Shopping Online

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 10:56AM Saturday November 6, 2010
under InfographicsStaff

As one of the premier destination for online coupons, it's important for us at to understand consumer shopping habits.  And so we commissioned Zoomerang to to survey people on how they use deals and coupons to help them save money when shopping online. Read More »

Barking 9 to 5: Pet-Friendly Goes to the Dogs

By (view all posts by SugarSaves)
at 11:55AM Friday October 29, 2010
under CompanyStaff

Here at we work day in and day out pounding away on the computer sending e-mails, setting up conference calls, posting those epic deals, and much more. We're here to work, grow, and, personally speaking, chew. Yes, that's right, CHEW.

My name is Sugar! I'm one of the office dogs and am happy to be a part of the pack. According to a recent article at, pet-friendly offices are on the rise bringing benefits such as reduced absenteeism, increased interaction among co-workers and lowered stress levels.

gizmo and thomas

With my arrival, has literally "gone to the dogs," as I've been joined by my canine compadres Rhino, Paka, Gizmo, Thomas and others.
Read More »

Infographic: National Coupon Month Spurs Rise in Availability of Online Coupons

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 10:53AM Sunday October 24, 2010
under InfographicsStaff

Last month was tagged as "National Coupon Month"  by the Promotional Marketing Association and while usually I'm not one for made-up holidays (March is earmarked as "Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig" month and June is "National Ice Tea" month...), since I work for celebrating coupons is an idea I can totally get behind. 

According to statistics gathered by media researcher The Nielsen Company, online coupon usage increased by 263% in 2009.  More coupons being used by consumers means more deals will need to be offered by retailers in order to meet demand and stay competitive. Read More » Partners with Yahoo! for Deal Syndication

By (view all posts by LorenB)
at 7:54AM Monday October 18, 2010
under CompanyStaff

We're excited to announce a syndication partnership with Yahoo! Deals. Through the partnership, will now offer millions of Yahoo! visitors instant access to coupons based on browsing history, ensuring consumers get the most relevant and quality discount offers.

The deal syndication through Yahoo! Deals and various Yahoo! sites will include the full range of content from 800 well-known brands and more than 5,000 individual retailers and websites--many of which are exclusively offered by Popular brands and retailers featured include Dell, Gap, Travelocity, Best Buy and Macy's, to name a few.
Read More » Blog on Money Crashers Top Personal Finance Blogs List

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 1:56PM Friday October 15, 2010
under CompanyStaff

Less than two years ago, we launched the blog so that, in additional to great deals, discounts and coupons, we could provide our users with money saving tips, shopping advice and ideas for living well for less.

Oh, and also the occasional giveaway...

So far on this lifestyle blog for savvy consumers, we've published over 1,400 posts:  Some written by DealPros, some by guest blogger experts and some by members of our smart saving community.  Read More »

Announcing the 2010 Save Up Deal Pros!

By (view all posts by WiscoVixen)
at 8:59AM Friday October 8, 2010
under CompanyStaff

After an intense competition and rigorous selection process, we've chosen the top savvy savers who will join our community of DealPros as well as attend the 2nd annual Save Up conference held on November 12-13th in Chicago.

We were amazed and overwhelmed by the quality of all the participants, and it was tough to narrow the entries down to the chosen few, but we proudly present to you the most knowledgeable money saving experts and bloggers and the newest DealPros: Read More »

Infographic: When are People Saving Money?

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 7:57AM Friday October 1, 2010
under InfographicsStaff

Last week we blogged about the best times to buy anything from airline tickets to wrapping paper and just about everything in between.  This week we offer a visual breakdown of the best times to save on various categories, be it apparel and accessories or travel and gear.  Check out the cool infographic to see when people are saving the most money: Read More »

The New Office

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 1:55PM Monday August 23, 2010
under CompanyStaff

A couple of weeks ago, we moved into some new digs.  It might not like much from the outside, but inside the new office is another story... Read More »

And the Winner Is...

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 1:37PM Thursday June 24, 2010
under CompanyStaff!  Whoohoo!

We're all beaming with pride here at due to being recognized for excellence twice in the same week... Read More »