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Top Ten Netflix Horror Movie Picks by the Gruesome Foursome

By (view all posts by ChuckG)
at 8:56AM Thursday October 27, 2011
under Holidays

Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy and Werewolf are retired. No, seriously, quit their kill-innocent-people night jobs. They are tired of villagers with pitchforks chasing them out of town. Dracula dreads that next "stake-in-heart" near fatal incident. The Mummy and Frankenstein's feet ache from stomping about and Werewolf wants to chill…arrooo!

This Halloween the gruesome foursome will relax on a sofa, sit next to a warm fire (the Mummy, not so much) and drink blood or snack on flesh and watch the top ten most popular horror movies of all time courtesy of Netflix. Read More »

Halloween Costume Ideas 2011 and Other Ways to Celebrate and Save

By (view all posts by stella.louise)
at 9:57AM Friday October 21, 2011
under Holidays

Halloween is just a little over a week away and soon enough the trick or treaters will be rapping upon your door.  Haven't stocked up on Snickers bars and candy corn or figured out what to wear yet?  Never fear, the Blog & Save is here to help! Read More »

Free Hot Samples: Veterans Day 2011 Freebies

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Jackie.Simione)
at 7:55AM Friday October 21, 2011
under Holidays

Veterans Day is November 11th and as a thank you to Veterans several businesses are offering freebies or great deals. This year you can get a free night at a Bed & Breakfast and a few free meals. If you're looking for a fun weekend, you can get free entry to Colonial Williamsburg for you and your dependents. Free tickets are available for concert, sporting events and more, all you have to sign up!

If anyone reading this has tickets you aren't going to use, you can donate them! National Parks have a free weekend if anyone wants to do some camping. I recommend making sure you have your military ID on you when getting the freebies and deals below. None say they require it, but you may be asked to produce the ID.

If you're a veteran, a big hug to you from me in Seattle! Read More »

Cook Fast, Live Young: Halloween Party Planning for Under $30

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by JulianaWeissRoessler)
at 9:56AM Sunday October 16, 2011
under Holidays

Throwing a Halloween bash doesn't have to be expensive. Instead of offering a full meal, serve some tasty and scary snacks! I've put together a menu to get you started, but you don't have to stop there. If you'd like to offer more sweets, head to the candy aisle and see what you can find on sale. Often you can get candy corn for as low as $1 a bag.

Looking for more salty snacks? Opt for a generic brand of potato chips. Once they are out of the bag, no one will know the difference. Add some dip and maybe a bag of pretzels, and you have another option for your guests. Read More »

Recreate Jason of Friday the 13th's Look for a Halloween Costume (and more!)

By (view all posts by ChuckG)
at 8:57AM Thursday October 13, 2011
under Holidays

Halloween is right around the corner. Men, unlike women, do not like to shell out money for one outfit they will probably never wear again. You can save money, buy something you would wear and still have a costume. Go as Jason Voorhees! Remember the movie "Friday the 13th"? The iconic hockey mask is that extra accessory you may not find useful unless you play rollerblade or street hockey.

The rest of the terror ensemble you can buy at Macy's. Read More »

Cook Fast, Live Young: Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Halloween Pumpkin

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by JulianaWeissRoessler)
at 7:56AM Wednesday October 12, 2011
under Shop Smarter

It's at the top of your Halloween shopping list: getting a pumpkin! But what size is best? What type? Finding the perfect pumpkin doesn't have to be hard, but the first step is deciding what you will use the pumpkin for. Once you've decided that, it's easy to narrow it down. Read More »

Cook Fast, Live Young: Making Healthy Halloween Choices at the Grocery Store

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by JulianaWeissRoessler)
at 7:59AM Wednesday October 5, 2011
under Holidays

When it comes time to shop for Halloween goodies, it can be tempting to throw all thoughts of healthy eating out the window. After all, this is a holiday about eating sugary treats, right? But you can still make better choices about what snacks you choose to "cheat" with. Read More »

Cook Fast, Live Young: Don't Just Talk Like a Pirate, Cook Like a Pirate, Too!

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by JulianaWeissRoessler)
at 10:59AM Wednesday September 14, 2011
under Special Events

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Arrr, mateys! Did ye know that the 19th of September is Talk Like a Pirate Day? Why not bring the celebration into your kitchen and cook like a pirate as well! Read More »

Free Hot Samples: Labor Day 2011 Freebies

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Jackie.Simione)
at 7:58AM Friday September 2, 2011
under Holidays

This is it, your last chance to enjoy summer. Kids are going back to school and the holidays will be here before you know it. Who really wants to start thing about that?

In honor of our last three-day weekend of summer, here are a few freebies. If you aren't heading out for a weekend get-a-way, you can go to Bass Pro Shops for some free family activities that look like a good time. You can search for free over the weekend and see where your family tree takes you. If you're doing a little shopping and hitting all the Labor Day sales, stop at IKEA--kids get a free meal all weekend!
Read More »

Cook Fast, Live Young: 4th of July Desserts to Save Money and Calories

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by JulianaWeissRoessler)
at 7:56AM Wednesday June 29, 2011
under Holidays

Image by WhosThisValGirl via Flickr

For most of us, 4th of July eating is all about decadence: juicy burgers and hot dogs from the grill, potato and macaroni salad, chips and drinks in a dozen varieties. But because money and calories can add up quick, I wanted to offer some dessert choices that will still let you show your patriotism with your stomach without making you regret it the next day, because all those pre-made treats at your local grocery can really add up! Read More »

Cook Fast, Live Young: Edible Father's Day 2011 Gift Ideas

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by JulianaWeissRoessler)
at 7:56AM Wednesday June 15, 2011
under Holidays

We're approaching Father's Day, and once again you have no idea what to get your dad. He's all set on the traditional ties and socks, and he's still working his way through the treasure trove of books you got him from Christmas. Moreover, your parents are trying to downsize and get rid of stuff they don't need, so the last thing they want is some new gadget taking up space.

So how can you abide by their wishes and still get Dad something that you know he's going to love? How about appealing to his sweet (or salty) tooth? Read More »

Ways to Celebrate Father's Day 2011 on the Cheap

By (view all posts by Allegra.Ringo)
at 7:54AM Thursday June 2, 2011
under Holidays

Image courtesy of kafka4prez via Flickr

Father's Day, on June 19th this year, is fast approaching. You've (maybe) already got your Father's Day gifts covered, and now it's just a question of how to spend the day.

According to seasonal advertising, your options are limited to only the most traditionally masculine of activities. You can barbecue, attend a sporting event, have dinner at the Playboy Mansion, etc. But if you're tired of doing the same activities year after year, here are a few suggestions for frugal Father's Day activities outside of the hyper-masculine box. Read More »