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My smartphone is out of contract. Now what?

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 9:28AM Thursday April 10, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

Huzzah! You've finally reached the end of that oppressive two-year contract with your evil, over-charging mobile phone carrier. At long last, you're free to... free to...


Now that your phone's out of contract, what are your options? A year ago at this time, you didn't have many. Today, however, the mobile landscape has changed dramatically. In a good way. You've got loads of post-contract choices, and in most cases you'll end up spending less than you are now--possibly a lot less.

One phone, two phone, old phone, new phone
At this point you've got two basic options: You can keep your existing phone or replace it with a new one. Let's start with the former. Read More »

On the Cheap with Megan Koester: Vegas, Baby!

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Megan.Koester)
at 8:00AM Tuesday April 8, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

Most folks hemorrhage money whenever they visit the degenerate's paradise that is Las Vegas. Those folks, however, are suckers. It's totally possible to enjoy yourself in Sin City without losing your shirt–all you've gotta do is bet on the right bargains. Gettin' a room, gettin' drunk, gettin' full, gettin' entertained and comin' back with a little something to remember your trip by is what Vegas is all about. In this video, we'll show you how to do just that and more, for little to no cashola! You feelin' lucky?

Read More »

10 sexy ways to eat your eggs all day long

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Gabi.Moskowitz)
at 9:00AM Monday March 31, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

A common conundrum for the foodie on a tight budget is the issue of health vs. cost. Sure, free-range, organic chicken breasts are better for you (and tastier) than hot dogs, but money is tight and that ish is expensive.

I don't like to play that game though. For my money, I'll take real, high-quality, inexpensive protein that is versatile, easy to find, and delicious. Enter the incredible, edible (yeah, I went there) egg. 

Perhaps best known for their presence in all things breakfast, eggs are actually ideal for meals spanning the day. And for between $2.50 and $4.50 for 12 of them, they're a heck of a deal. By making eggs the star of plate, you'll find that you can indeed afford nutritious, protein-packed meals that satisfy your palate and keep you full for hours. Read on for 10 affordable and sexy egg-based meal ideas: Read More »

10 best money saving steps at the farmers market

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Gabi.Moskowitz)
at 8:00AM Monday March 24, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

I've been asked on several occasions for insider tips on money-saving gourmet food shopping. There are many answers. I always recommend Trader Joe's for pantry basics. An herb garden is a wonderful and inexpensive way to always have fresh herbs on hand. A CSA box split between friends can be an affordable way to access fresh, locally-grown produce. But for my money (and time), nothing beats a friendly-vendor-live-music-filled, visit to my local farmers market.


There is a belief shared by many that shopping at a farmers market is more expensive than shopping at a regular grocery store, but I have found that with just a little bit of thought and planning, you can find great deals on fresh, often organic goods, all while supporting your local community and having a heck of a lot of fun. Read on for ten ways to makes farmers market shopping fun, enjoyable and affordable.

farmer's market Read More »

Why I gave up beauty products and started slathering my face with food

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Megan.Koester)
at 9:45AM Monday March 17, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

I have adult acne. While I appreciate the fact that it keeps me young at heart, I resent that it keeps me shackled to my keyboard, endlessly researching new and innovative developments in skincare technology. I am by no means a rich woman; regardless, I treat each alleged breakthrough (usually presented in the form of an advertisement featuring a model in a lab coat) as an opportunity to open my wallet and scream "fix me!" at whatever corporation claims to have my best interest at heart. In spite of the thousands of dollars I've hemorrhaged on the cause thus far, I have not yet been fixed. Which is why, for a week at least, I've decided to give up on chasing this financially and emotionally draining dream.

Emboldened by tales extolling coconut oil as a miracle in a jar, I'll be using it as a cleanser. But why stop there? After all, facial products aren't the only things I waste my money on. My entire beauty routine, from head to toe, will therefore be 100% au naturel. My only rule? If it's edible, it's fair game. My reasoning behind this is simple–if I can buy it at the grocery store, I can use EBT to pay for it. Now, before you judge, dig this neat little theory I just came up with: If I look better, it'll give me the self-confidence necessary to pull myself up by the bootstraps, earn a decent-paying job and stop suckling at the government's teat. Really, I'm helping you, John Q. Taxpayer, help myself. Reagan would be so proud! (Style icon Nancy Reagan, I mean). Read More »

10 amazing wines that cost 10 bucks (or less)

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Gabi.Moskowitz)
at 6:00AM Monday March 17, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

Americans are drinking more wine than ever before. Between the multitudes of studies linking a daily glass of wine with good heart health and the sheer enjoyment of sipping a nice glass of vino with a delicious meal, this is a good time to get into the grape scene. Even better, the influx of young adults who are getting into wine is leading winemakers to make consumption and enjoyment accessible to people with all budgets.

To find fantastic wines within your budget, head to your local Trader Joe'sBevMo or your favorite wine warehouse and start chatting up a sales rep. Chance are, the person in charge of the wine department knows a thing or two about their products. Let them know what you're looking to serve it for or with (ie: "I'm making pork chops and I'm looking for something to pair it with" or "I need a great, inexpensive sparking white to serve at an outdoor party"), as well as how much you're willing to spend (and be honest!). Really, if you don't want to plunk down more than $8 per bottle, say so. There really are fantastic options for every budget. Read More »

Ditch your drugstore beauty supplies and rub food all over your face

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Cheryl.Lock)
at 9:00AM Tuesday February 18, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

Just this past weekend I spent $70 on beauty supplies. Just six basic supplies. At a drugstore.

It's not easy (or cheap) staying beautiful.

This surprisingly expensive outing got me thinking – are there things I could be using around my own home to curb the costs of spending so much on beauty supplies? I did a little digging and, as it turns out … there are. Read More »

Five dumb things you should stop paying for

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 5:43PM Thursday February 13, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

Some things in life we're stuck paying for, like shelter, clothing, and donuts. (If you've worked out a way to get free donuts, let me know immediately.) However, you might be surprised to learn that a few life essentials (well, "essentials") can be had for less than you're paying now--and perhaps even for free. And, no, I'm not talking about trading in your car for a bike so you don't have buy gasoline; these are practical real-world savings on stuff you use all the time. But I'm still trying to crack the donut problem. Read More »

This week in deals: 5 Valentine's Day deals for you and your lover

By (view all posts by Susan.Yoo-Lee)
at 6:00AM Wednesday February 5, 2014
under This Week In DealsStaff

 Now that Super Bowl 2014 has come and gone, let's direct our focus on another special event that's happening next week, Valentine's Day 2014. If you're a hopeless romantic, a lover, this day was made especially for you.

Traditionally, you would give a nice assortment of chocolates in a heart shaped box, a dozen of red roses and a white teddy bear with a red heart on it, but there is so much more you can get for that special person in your life and we're here to help.

Here are this week's sexiest five deals:

Deal #1: Your one stop shop, Macy's is offering an additional 10-15% off most departments. You can choose from jewelry to their favorite undies. Expires 02/10/2014. Read More »

This week in deals: Save 40% off your entire orders at Carter's, plus more

By (view all posts by Susan.Yoo-Lee)
at 6:00AM Wednesday January 29, 2014
under This Week In DealsStaff

If you haven't already heard, we've been working really hard at curating deals for More, Ladies Home Journal, Parents Goodyblog and Woman's Day. Make sure you head on over to their respective sites to see all the spectacular deals that we've handpicked for their readers.

And this week, we have the best of the best clothing offers around the web for you. Retailers are trying to push their inventory out to make room for new arrivals and to make things more interesting, they're slashing prices on new inventory. A big win for us all around!

With additional savings up to 50% on top of already low sale prices, this is your week to go on a shopping splurge:

Deal #1: Time to stock up on my daughter's basics at Carter's because they are offering 40% off the entire purchase. Expires 01/30/2014. Read More »

5 marketing tactics that prevent you from being healthy

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 8:50AM Monday January 27, 2014
under Money Saving Tips

These days we are becoming more and more conscious about the food that we put in our mouths. We want the best for our families and our bodies, so we do the best we can to eat healthy wherever we can.

But what if you were being duped by a marketer into thinking you were eating healthy? Would you feel like you wasted money? I would. Let's talk about some marketing tactics that are preventing you from being healthy.

1. "Sugar Free." 

Most sugar free products contain artificial sweeteners that can actually be worse for you. These artificial sweeteners are known to cause some or all of the following side effects: headaches, fibromyalgia, anxiety, memory loss, arthritis, brain tumors, weight gain, seizures, IBS, nausea, heart palpitations, abdominal pain, vision problems, kidney damage, possible cancer, inflammation, skin irritation, bladder issues, and even neurological disorders. Read More »

This week in deals: Save $20 on any LEGO purchase of $75 at Toys "R" Us

By (view all posts by Susan.Yoo-Lee)
at 6:00AM Wednesday January 22, 2014
under This Week In DealsStaff

How are your new year's resolutions coming along? If having a shopping budget is one of your new resolutions, it's not too late to start now. Even though most of you probably don't want to see another sales ad or go shopping because of the holiday madness you just endured, if you start planning now, you can exceed your 2013 savings.

To get you started with your 2014 shopping savings, here are this week's top 5 deals:

Deal #1:
If your kids are fans of Legos, head on over to Toys "R" Us and save $20 off your purchase over $75, plus get free shipping. Expires 01/25/2014. Read More »