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Why the Amazon/HBO deal changes everything

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 8:47AM Thursday April 24, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Oh, TV, you so awesome.

I don't mean the TV itself, though I'll admit "awesome" is the only word that adequately describes a 65-inch flat panel with passive 3D.

No, I'm talking about what's on TV. So many great shows, so little time.

This problem just got even worse, though in an entirely fantastic way: Amazon announced yesterday an exclusive deal with HBO, meaning Amazon Prime subscribers will have unlimited access to HBO's back library of TV shows, miniseries, comedy specials, documentaries, and original movies.

Yep, that's right: Now you can watch every episode of "Deadwood," "Flight of the Conchords," "The Wire," and, if you're into overrated shows with nothing but unlikable characters, "The Sopranos." (That's right, I said it. Though I have a hard time finding anyone who agrees with me.) Read More »

An inside look into a 7 hour day at the buffet

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Megan.Koester)
at 1:30PM Tuesday April 22, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Pound for pound, if you play 'em right, buffets give you the most dining bang for your buck. But what if you could keep bangin' on that particular drum all day? I went to Souplantation, an all-you-can-eat soup and salad chain, and decided to see how long I could continuously nosh before being forcibly removed. My gripping, inspiring, chronological tale of triumph is documented below.

NOTE: This piece is dedicated to recently deceased comedian John "I'm Starvin'" Pinette, may he rest in peace. You're overindulging with the angels now, John!

Under normal circumstances, I am not awake at this hour. Frankly, I don't even know if I'm hungry. It doesn't matter, though. This isn't about what my body wants or needs. This is about value. The $7.99 lunch coupon I fished out of my apartment building's recycling bin ensures it. Using said coupon to obtain breakfast, lunch and dinner amplifies it. Read More »

Why Netflix's price increase is no big deal

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 9:30AM Tuesday April 22, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Never say never.

I used to hate walnuts, for example. Now I'm putting 'em in oatmeal, salads, you name it. Turns out they're good, and good for you!

Likewise, back in 2011, when Netflix split its DVD-rental and movie-streaming businesses in two, lots of people swore off the service. "Pay $7.99 just for streaming?!


Yeah, and not long after, you came crawling back, didn't you? Because, let's face it, Netflix is the best deal on anything ever. Seriously. You're practically ripping them off. A mere eight bucks per month buys you unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows. Read More »

A Rare Look at One Medical Marijuana Clinic's Discounts

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Josh.Androsky)
at 6:00AM Tuesday April 22, 2014
under Stuff We Like

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this video do not represent those of, its staff, or its partners.

Marijuana is being decriminalized across the country. Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, weed is going to be available to a majority of Americans within our lifetimes. That means one thing: commerce. What is it like to purchase what was previously only a street drug, from a classy retail outfit? I went to Exhale Medical Center in Los Angeles to find out.

(Director: Cassandra Lee Hamilton) Read More »

How to save at Coachella and other pricey music festivals

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Erin.Lampart)
at 7:00PM Thursday April 17, 2014
under Stuff We Like

In 2013 there were 80,000 people in attendance just for Coachella: Weekend One. That's right, tickets for Coachella (Indio, CA) were in such high demand that beginning in 2012 Goldenvoice made it a 2-weekend event. But who can afford it? Aren't these things just filled with dumb girls wearing flower crowns and butt-to-nuts-crowds of drunk, sweaty hippies? Whooooa! Calm down, NARC, don't harsh my mellow with your negativity! Just surrender to the flow!

Whether you're heading to Coachella Weekend 2, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Sasquatch, Telluride or just want to plan ahead for next year, I'm fresh off the Magic Bus (my silver Saturn) from Weekend 1 of Coachella and ready to share some sweet inside-tips to help you do two of my favorite things- save money, and GET TO THAT FEST! Read More »

The coolest drones you can purchase today

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Grant.Pardee)
at 9:30AM Wednesday April 16, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Okay so I just filed my tax return and I have my heart set on what I'm going to spend it on: baby, I'm getting a drone.

Here are a few things I know about drones:
  1. Drones are the colloquial term for any unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV.  
  2. Besides killing suspected terrorists and unarmed innocent people who happen to live in bad neighborhoods, drones are also a popular device for spying on people  
  3. Amazon said they could deliver packages with drones, and I'm very onboard with that  
  4. One time, in 2002, an Iraqi drone fought an American drone in the skies above Iraq. It was the first ever drone-on-drone combat. The Iraqi drone won. 
  5. "Drone" is a fun word to say. Drone, drone, drone, drone. If you wanted to drone on about drones to me, I'd say drone on, brother, drone on.
  6. Although you can't buy a military-grade predator drone that could murder people or your neighbor's dog, you can buy a very affordable drone and there are some solid options.
Read More »

Kickstarter is like an for stuff that will never exist

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Zach.Ames)
at 1:00PM Monday April 14, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Kickstarter is an amazing website. It lets people who have an idea take it directly to the people who want to see that idea happen. For established creators like the development team behind Megaman, it's a great way to new video game outside of the traditional development process. For amateur creators like myself, it's a great way to beg for money from your friends and family without the shame of asking them directly. 

The main problem with Kickstarter is that too many people treat Kickstarter like it's an on-line store. It's not. There's no guarantee that any money that you donate will result in any project being made or rewards being sent out. What you buy when you donate money to a Kickstarter is an idea that may or may not actually happen. It's also nearly impossible to get your money back once someone has run off with it. Read More »

Not your mama's bean curd: Making tofu that even the biggest meat lover will crave

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Gabi.Moskowitz)
at 8:00AM Monday April 14, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Tofu has a lousy reputation. We associate it with 70's health food (read: boring) and jiggly white blocks of flavorlessness.

But what that discounts is the fact that tofu is a super-healthy, lean form of protein that happens to be incredibly inexpensive. We're talking around $2-$4 for enough tofu to feed 4 people.

It's also versatile enough to be worked into just about any dish, freezes well, and is super shelf-stable if kept in airtight container in the refrigerator.

I know, I know. You think it's gross. But bear with me, because with a few little tricks, it can be freaking delicious. In fact, it might just become your new favorite food. Or even—get this—your kids' new favorite food.

Read on for 5 family-friendly tofu recipes that will make you the winner of dinner. Read More »

Majorly expensive wedding favors Kim & Kanye could offer at their wedding

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Grant.Pardee)
at 9:51AM Wednesday April 9, 2014
under Stuff We Like

Kimye. Kamberly. Whatever you refer to them as, the fact is that they exist.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's love story is a tale as old as 2012. Now we're lucky to be alive to be witness to their wedding, or at least witness to the blogs that will be covering the wedding, an event that is shaping up to be one of the most extravagant celebrations of love and excess and love of excess.

We already know a few details of their special day. Let's review: Read More »

Three important things you should know about your Windows XP PC

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 10:33AM Tuesday April 8, 2014
under Stuff We Like

As you may have heard, today marks "the end" for Windows XP, arguably the single most popular version of Microsoft's long-running operating system. (And by "popular" I mean "least hated." This is Windows we're talking about, after all.)

But what does that really mean? Just because Microsoft is pulling the plug, now you have to go buy a whole new computer? And is Windows 8 so incredibly bad that you're better off buying a Mac?

First things first: Don't panic. (It worked for Arthur Dent, it'll work for you.) Instead, read on to learn three essential facts about Windows XP's demise. Read More »

I let a hippie convince me to buy Farm Fresh to You

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Erin.Lampart)
at 9:00AM Friday April 4, 2014
under Stuff We Like

I'm a pretty skeptical gal, especially when it comes to door-to-door salespeople. You could say that door-to-door sales are a dying art, and sometimes I kind of wish it would do just that- die. With all of the online shopping options out there, why would people still go door-to-door and try to convince you to buy something you could buy from literally anywhere, without ever having to talk to a customer service rep? Seems desperate. Also, it's 2014, why would I, a girl basically living alone in the big city with no one to protect me but my dog, Jan, opt to answer the door for a total stranger? Seems dangerous. He could be the next Zodiac Killer! But for some reason, on a fateful sunny Thursday afternoon, I decided to let Daniel in- not quite into my home, but into my heart. Read More »

The Roku Streaming Stick vs. the Amazon Fire TV

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Rick.Broida)
at 12:35PM Thursday April 3, 2014
under Stuff We Like

One thing I know is that everybody needs Netflix. And Amazon Instant Video. And HBO Go. Maybe Hulu Plus and Crackle.

What I don't know is which media-streaming box I should invite into my home to deliver all these awesome services. I guess you could say I'm feeling...boxed in.

Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week.

Yesterday, Amazon hopped on the set-top box bandwagon with the Fire TV, an Apple TV/Roku competitor with a few neat tricks up its sleeve--and an eyebrow-raising price. More on that in a minute. Read More »