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Beauty & Fashion

How to Get a Dirt-Cheap Cut from a Haircutting School

Call me a “lazy waste of lady body parts,” but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around why women spend so much on haircuts. The frugal dad in me is shaking his stern, football-loving head at the very idea of paying in the double-digits for something that lasts a little over a month. […]

Beauty & Fashion

A Cheap-Ass Guide to Looking Like a Girl

Manicure process... Female hands...

The patriarchy says I gotta look glam or folks’ll give me guff. Well guess what, wise guys? I’ll play your sick game, but if you think I’m spending any more than the bare minimum in the process, you’re out of your mind. Thankfully, looking halfway presentable doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. […]

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Wet N Wild Makeup Is Cheap and Great, but, More Importantly, It’s Cheap

Makeup brushes and make-up eye shadows

It’s the makeup brand that always seems to have it’s own little stand, away from all the other makeup. Every time I shop at a convenience store like CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid, I run past the big dogs — Revlon, Maybelline, and L’Oreal — and right to it. The Wet N Wild section. How […]

Beauty & Fashion

How to Sell Your Stylish-Yet-Unwanted Clothes

A Bunch of Shirts for Sale

If you’re like me you’ve acquired more than your fair share of “trendy” clothes over the years. You get clothes from more fashionable friends, or from your mom’s closet, or, I don’t know, Forever 21 or something. I haven’t bought a brand new pair of jeans since I dropped out of art school five years ago, and I […]

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How Online Style Trading Can Revitalize Your Closet


If you want to save on clothing, your options are limited: You can buy used, you can try to make your own (with a little help from Joann), or you can trade. Swapping clothes is hardly a new activity, whether it’s family hand-me-downs, friendly borrowing, or even more formalized clothes swap parties, clothing has always had […]

Beauty & Fashion

Spend Less on Your New Spring Wardrobe


Spring doesn’t officially begin until March 20th, but it’s close enough. We had to “spring forward” our clocks over the weekend, after all. There ought to be an upside to losing that hour of sleep, and there is: new clothes. You can always save on standbys like Ashley Stewart and Old Navy when you use […]

Beauty & Fashion

Ridiculously Effortless Costume Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet


It’s no secret that I love any excuse for a party, and my favorite time of the year to indulge in festivities is almost here! Halloween, babydolls, when candy corn sales are in full swing and it’s the one time of year that you can literally be ANYTHING YOU WANT for a day, without question. […]

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The Creepiest Halloween Costumes For Your Kids in 2014

Creepy Halloween

Every year, as Halloween rolls around, we find the conversation renewed regarding the overextension of “sexy” themed women’s costumes. But there’s another costume cold war that doesn’t get nearly the attention that the sexy lady one does. Each year, children get creepier and creepier on Halloween, and we seem to be doing nothing to stop it. […]

Beauty & Fashion

Battle of the 24-Hour Lipsticks


My main quibble with lipstick is the fact that it doesn’t permanently stick to your lips. I pretend like my “go, go, go” lifestyle prevents me from reapplying it, but the reality of the matter is that I’m insufferably lazy. As a result, I’ve been wearing long-wear lipsticks for years; frankly, they’re all I wear. […]

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Thrift Stores Can Be Great for Savings Or Make You Really Itchy

Macklemore MV Scratch

(photo credit: screenshot of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop music video) Guys. Ladies. Fellas. Friends. We all love bargains. Bargains are what America is all about. Anyone in America who doesn’t love a bargain is probably in Al Qaeda and should immediately be detained and hopefully water boarded until they realize how great bargains […]

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More Ways to Gender Swap And Save

Razors Scratch

It really should be no secret anymore that advertisers love splitting us up into smaller, easier-to-market-to groups.  And most of the time when they do, we end up spending more for the same product.  The plus side to this though is that once we’ve peeled back this marketing matrix and seen it for what it […]

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Working Out Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive with These Proven Methods

Working out Scratch

Whenever I need to tighten up my spending habits, I notice that things like gym memberships and pricey exercise classes seem to be the first to go. I tell myself, “I’ll just go for more runs” or “I’ll work out at home,” knowing good and well that I’ll be eating cookie dough by the ton […]

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On the Cheap with Megan Koester: The Big Night Out

Megan Big Night Scratch

Need to look gorgeous for a hot night out but don’t have the cash-ola necessary to make your designer dreams a reality? No sweat, sweetie! Just go to the mall, slap on a face of free makeup, “borrow” a dress, and strut on down to your destination. You’ll be beautiful on a budget…of $0! TRANSCRIPTSpeaker […]

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Try On Your Perfect Bra At Home With True&Co


There are few things in this world less comfortable than an uncomfortable bra. Childbirth, while I’ve never experienced it, seems as though it would be more unpleasant than the sensation of an insufferably tight brassiere digging into your shoulder flesh like a toddler burrowing into wet sand. Pretty much any other painful event a woman can experience, however, pales in comparison.

Finding a suitable over the shoulder boulder holder is a must for any comely lass who doesn’t want to suffer a life of misery. If you’re tired of being victimized by your hooter holsters, online retailer True&Co claims to have the solution. They’re all about helping you “find the perfect fit.” They promise to do so with “no fitting rooms” and “no measuring tape.” You may ask yourself, “How the hell is that possible?” It being 2014 and all, the answer’s simple: Via a confusing, over-stylized website!

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Banana Boat For Men Asks: Are You Man Enough To Fight The Sun?


As someone who lives her life treating gender like it’s merely a suggestion (because it is), I’ve grown quite accustomed to the way that marketing loves to divide the world up in order to trick us into giving them maximized profits. While my life history has made me perhaps more keenly aware of it, I’m hardly the first to notice, or even to break down why it happens. What I can do, however, is provide you with some examples of some ways that shoppers of any sex and gender can cut costs by cutting through gender roles.

A new addition to the slate of seemingly unnecessarily gendered products this year: sunscreen. Banana Boat has recently launched the all new Banana Boat For Men. This is apparently to combat the waves of sunburned men who have refused to use a product as girly and effete as Banana Boat Sport? I guess I find it hard to believe that there are legions of lobster-looking bros out there who have been adamant that they’d rather get skin cancer than put on any of that chick stuff, but apparently Banana Boat is banking on the idea that there are. Or more likely, they think that by creating the solution the problem will start to exist. All I know is I’ve been to plenty of beaches and I’ve never heard anyone complain about sissy sunscreen.

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