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7 Simple Tricks for Stocking a Healthier Pantry

7 Ways to Stock a Pantry
It’s always fun when friends come over and they want to see my pantry. Most people know that I make so much of our food from scratch, and that I use whole ingredients. People want to see what I actually stock my pantry with. 

This got me thinking: what are some simple things that people can replace in their pantries with healthier alternatives? Are there small changes people can make that have them eating healthier? Most definitely.

Let’s talk about six of them. If you just do one of these, you’ll have made a small change towards a healthier lifestyle. I like small and simple, don’t you? 

Here’s what to choose:

1. Brown rice instead of white rice. 

Brown rice is far superior to white rice nutritionally, as well as helpful in managing a balanced glucose metabolism.
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Super Bowl Sunday: What You Need To Do To Prepare

SuperBowl 2014 Scratch

With the Super Bowl coming up, the thought on everyone’s minds is “who will have the funniest commercials.” But you should also be thinking ahead for what you should plan to eat. Because it’s the New Year, we’re all thinking of ways to save money and be healthy.

It would be easy to throw together unhealthy and expensive treats, so let’s do some planning.

What you should and shouldn’t do to prepare for the Super Bowl 2014.

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Diets don’t work but lifestyle changes do

Weight Loss

You often hear the phrase “Lifestyle Change” when people talk about dieting. I used to hear that and think I didn’t want to change my lifestyle, I just wanted to lose weight and then go back to “being me”. Well, there are many flaws in that theory, of course.

A few years ago I opened the front door and my dog took off out the door running after another dog. I immediately ran after her. It was probably the first time I had run in a long time. As a Blogger I am very sedentary, and on top of that I HATE to exercise. I began having some pain in my foot after that, and a few weeks later I found out it was caused by my Achilles tendon being torn almost in half. The injury is called a “Weekend Warrior” injury, which come from people who work all week and then without stretching go full force into an outdoor sport. So, my running after the dog, without stretching, causes the injury.

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5 cheap and easy Fall decor ideas


I just can’t get enough of Fall these days! Pinterest is swarming with excellent decorating ideas for Fall, and it’s easy to get sucked into all the beautiful possibilities.

The DealPros have some good Fall decor ideas that are perfect to help keep you on a budget. Check out a few of our favorites: 

1. Karen made this easy, DIY centerpiece out of an inexpensive mirror and other supplies that cost her very little.
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5 must-have back-to-school books for kids ages 6-8


The first thing, the last thing, and every thing in between that your child’s teacher will tell you is READ TO YOUR KID. Reading to them or with them for 20 minutes a day will go a long way toward their successful in school, and in life. They are not kidding.

Here’s how I look at it: Learn to read. Read a lot. Exercise imagination. Acquire big vocabulary and conceptual thinking skills. Ace SATs. Save your mother money because you got a college scholarship.

All that starts with reading.

I started reading to both of my boys when they were days old. And it hasn’t stopped yet. Even though my oldest is 16, we just die laughing reading David Sedaris out loud together. And we still love to take turns passing around the original Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle to read aloud as well.

My youngest? At age 7 he’s already developed quite the sense of humor. I’ve put together a list of books that he thinks are hilarious. And that’s one key component to getting a kid to love reading…entertainment. When they’re having fun doing something, they keep doing it. That includes reading.

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