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Pet Insurance Explained

Rottweiler Puppy Injured Paw

People love their pets. A lot. Here in Los Angeles, for example, the spectrum runs from “My pet has its own Instagram account” to “My pet models for its own line of silk-screen couture.” And with the money people are willing to shell out for doggie sunglasses and kitty fire engines, it didn’t take insurance […]

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Haunt Your House For $50 or Less!

josh halloween video

Halloween is around the corner, and the scariest thing of all is how stores are jacking up prices. It seems everywhere you go, from convenience stores to big boxes, companies are trying to take advantage of your Halloween spirit. Chill, bud. Just take a stroll down to the ol’ dollar store. They have everything you’d […]

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How to Get the Best Deals at the Flea Market

Just to buy

I’m not sure what I love more, putzin’ around a flea market on my day off, or haggling prices with vendors at the flea market. I’ve been a thrift-shoppin’ kinda gal since 8th grade when I got my first record player and could be found wheelin’ and dealin’ at the giant bi-annual market held in my […]

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The Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Money

The Best Worst Halloween Candy Final

Halloween is the greatest. It is both scary and full of candy, two unrelated themes that somehow work perfectly together. But Halloween can get expensive quickly. In addition to costume expenses, you also have to shell out for candy, which, according to the National Retail Federation, will cost Americans $2.2 billion this year. No one […]

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The 17 Best Trick-or-Treat Spots in Los Angeles

17 Best Trick-Or-Treat Spots in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is objectively the best city in the world, but it’s also sprawling and full of nightmarish traffic. If you’re going to shell out money for your kids’ costumes (and possibly your own costume), you want to make sure you’re optimizing your trick-or-treat route. So we’ve put together the definitive map of all the […]

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6 Terrible Kickstarter Campaigns Not Worth Your Money

Crowdfunding concept

Crowdfunding has given us some wonderful things – a gun that shoots salt at bugs (aka your friends), a wristwatch you’re not cool enough to pull off, and even a new reason to make fun of Zach Braff. But how do you sort through the tens of thousands of graphic novels, indie films, self-published albums, innovative […]

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Coupon Fraud: A Fun New Take On Crime

Handcuffs on hands holding money

It’s called glitching. And, much like the dance craze twerking, it’s sweeping the nation. The only difference is, instead of thrusting your hips while in a low, squatting stance, you exploit errors in barcode scanners to buy one product with the coupon for another, and then later you get arrested for fraud (on or off […]

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How to Do a Romantic Anniversary Dinner on The Cheap

Megan Anniversary Video

Just because you can’t afford most of the finer things in life doesn’t mean you can’t afford the finest–love. Love is, indeed, the greatest bargain of all, clocking in at a grand total of $0. While love may be free, anniversary dinners sure aren’t. You don’t need to make it rain in order to romantically celebrate the love of you […]

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Four Ways To Say You’re Sorry Without Breaking The Bank

I am sorry message

So you messed up. You forgot your significant other’s birthday. Or you spilled the beans after he swore you to secrecy. Or you accidentally promised her kidney to someone else to pay off your student loans. Either way, you’re in the doghouse, and a simple “I’m sorry” just isn’t going to cut it. It’s time […]

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You Should Wait Until September to Buy Discount Pool Toys

Pool Toys with Josh Scratch

Summer might be over, but it’s still hot as h*ck in most of the country. It’s 100 degrees, you got a pool, why not just use it? While swimming, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks: I bet pool toys are at a crazy discount right now. I went to my local K-MART […]

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Ditch Your Pricey Gym Membership for These Top Alternatives

Alternatives to gym memberships scratch

Is there a way to tone your arms and legs without it costing an arm and a leg? Can you trim the fat while trimming your budget? Could this wordplay get any worse? The answers to these questions are yes, yes, and God I hope not. Here are a handful of alternatives to an expensive […]

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When To Buy Generic and When To Buy Name Brand

Name Brand Generic Scratch

When I was a child, my mother’s fridge wasn’t stocked with Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper. We had Shasta and Mountain Lightning and Dr. Thunder (or, if we really wanted to cut loose, Ramp). And so in honor of Mother’s Day – aka the day I remembered that I forgot Mother’s Day – here’s […]

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I Bought A Mask Printed With My Own Face — The Results Were Hilariously Terrifying

Freak Masks Scratch

Recently, my girlfriend exposed me to a kind of weird thing you can only find on the Internet — a site (Firebox.com) that offers to print a mask of any face you send them. Naturally, I decided to get a mask of my own face. That’s not a mask you can get anywhere else, and […]

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What’s Your Financial Future? Our Quiz Will Astound and Terrify You

Pocket wach and human skull ,concept and idea

Since the dawn of civilization, one question has plagued our collective unconscious: what will the future bring, finance-wise? Many sages have warned those who might seek this knowledge. An average person should not wield that kind of power, they said. And, they continued, an average blog cannot handle that kind of virality. The Scratch is […]

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Credit Card Tactics to Earn You Free Airfare

Machu Piccu Scratch

Credit cards have many uses: getting you out of debt, getting you into debt, helping you break into your dorm room after locking yourself out. But many people don’t realize that, with planning and patience, credit cards can also earn you free domestic and international airfare. It’s called credit card churning, which frankly sounds so […]

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