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The Richest People in the World You Don’t Know About

You may not have heard of Mr. Snrub. He comes from, uh, someplace far away. Yes... that'll do.
You may not have heard of Mr. Snrub. He comes from, uh, someplace far away. Yes... that'll do.

We all know that Bill Gates is likely the richest person in the world. Everyone is aware that Mark Zuckerberg made tens of billions dollars off Facebook. The fact that Warren Buffet thinks that he isn’t paying enough taxes on his massive fortune is pretty much common knowledge. Mr. Burns has made it pretty clear how […]

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6 Movies That Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Money

Money Movie

It usually isn’t a great idea to rely on Hollywood for financial advice. For the most part, stories about reasonable spending and responsible saving don’t make for particularly entertaining movies or tv shows. That being said, the lessons learned by our heroes in these fictional worlds could also be lessons we learn from watching them.  Here […]

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Eight Ways to Gamble Creatively

Creative Gambling

As a general rule, things that are legal everywhere might be fun, things that are illegal everywhere are no fun — murder, for example — and things that are illegal in some places are always fun. Think recreational soft drug use, gay wedding receptions, etc. Gambling falls into that third category, but gaudy, smoke-filled casinos […]

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The Eight Most Expensive Gifts for Your Pets

The Most Expensive Gifts for Your Pet

Here are three things everyone loves: pets, lists, and hating on the rich. So why not combine the three and scroll through the most lavish pet purchases ol’ Uncle Nick could find on the internet. Please don’t feel obligated to call me Uncle Nick, but if it feels right to you, I won’t say no. […]

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What You Can Buy with a Billion Dollars

Scrooge McDuck

A billion is the new million, right? Honestly, I’m not even sure what that means, but it probably has something to do with the fact that the number of billionaires in the world has more than doubled over the last five years. Today, there are over 1,600 billionaires on planet Earth, with the richest being Bill […]

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Use Those Free Vince Vaughn Stock Photos to Make Star-Studded Ads… For Free!


As Mashable reports, the upcoming Vince Vaughn film Unfinished Business has a pretty clever viral promotion campaign: The stars of the film teamed up with Getty to produce a series of stock photos that anyone can download and use for free. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Vince? Film? I don’t have time for this nonsense! […]

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Get Me off Medicaid!

Waiting Room

One man’s journey to get off Medicaid after he was enrolled by mistake.

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The 7 Most Useless USB Accessories

Fundue: The Fondue for Idiots

You’ve got a printer, a speaker set, a scanner, an external hard drive – but you can’t shake that sinking feeling that you’re wasting those last few USB ports on your computer. Well it’s time to put them to use, as long as the word “use” is defined very broadly. USB Fondue Pot Tired of […]

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How Much Do Pets Cost?

This dog has money

Here’s my question: how much does it cost to be a pet owner? Not just how much does a pet cost, but how much does it cost to own pets for your entire life? And, while we’re at it, can we quantify the benefits of pet ownership and see how they stack up against the […]

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Here Are Some Creepy Castles You Can Buy Right Now

Castle for Sale

Life is about choices. What are you going to eat for lunch today? Should you waste time on Facebook now or in five minutes? Are you going to spend your Friday night watching old episodes of Roseanne or Family Ties on Netflix? What enormously expensive creepy castle are you going to buy? After telling you about […]

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8 Unusual Ways To Keep Warm as the Blizzard Engulfs Everything You Hold Dear

The icy hand of death cares not for your car.

I live in Los Angeles where it’s 72 and sunny almost every day, and all I have to put up with in return is traffic, the constant fear of earthquakes, and the even more constant fear of being invited to an improv show. But for the rest of you poor souls who have to actually […]

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Now You Can Buy Your Very Own Island!

Is that end-of-year bonus burning a hole in your pocket? A great uncle died and left you an unexpected fortune in his will? Finally sold all those baseball cards from your childhood and never realized you had a Honus Wagner? Why don’t you take that money and put it toward something worthwhile… like buying your very […]

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6 Things You Will Never Be Able To Afford

Think you can afford this meat pie? You are thinking incorrectly.

It’s important to have goals in life. I still remember the inspirational poster that hung in my high school gym – “Shoot For The Moon, If You Miss You’ll Land Amongst.” The rest of the poster was cut off by a field hockey net, but I can only assume it said “The Terrifying Void That […]

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To Steal or Not to Steal: The Ethics of Piracy


For a change of pace, I decided to write about something that actually matters to me, so I apologize in advance for the lack of jokes.  To make up for it, here’s one: What did the Zen Buddhist say to the hotdog vendor? Make me one with everything.  Now on to the post! With the […]

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Pet Insurance Explained

Rottweiler Puppy Injured Paw

People love their pets. A lot. Here in Los Angeles, for example, the spectrum runs from “My pet has its own Instagram account” to “My pet models for its own line of silk-screen couture.” And with the money people are willing to shell out for doggie sunglasses and kitty fire engines, it didn’t take insurance […]

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