Non-violent videogame gifts for the holidays (2013)


Looking for a videogame gift to put under someone’s tree? If you’re a parent like me and the recipient is a teen, tween, or even younger kid, you might prefer something free of blood, guts, guns, and other violent images.

Alas, that leaves out a lot of the hot new releases, including Assassin’s Creed IV, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Grand Theft Auto V. I’m not wild about exposing my kids to so much realistically rendered brutality. (That’s what TV is for! Kidding, kidding.)

Fortunately, alternatives exist.


Holiday Gift Guide 2013: 12 gifts for $120 and less


From clothing to electronics, there are tons of holiday gift options. The downside of having lots of choices is that people get lost and ultimately buy something that’s just “okay”.

In order to cut the research time for you, I found 12 excellent gift choices that you’ll be confident in giving and on top of that, they all come in at under $120.

(All items were hand selected. Some were sent by stores for final review and others I purchased).

1. Blush Mystery Beauty Box. I recently wrote about The untraditional holiday gift? A guide to your top snack, beauty and kid’s subscription boxes and one thing that was missing from the guide was this subscription box.


The box is a mix of full and travel-size products worth at least $100. It is filled with a variety of high quality products for your skin and nail. The selections change from month to month, so if you order this month, you’ll get the December box. From the choices, I completely fell in love the Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Price: $34.95 for one-time purchase or as low as $24.95 with subscription. With this coupon from, you can save $5 off the December Blush Mystery Beauty Box and get free shipping.


Top ten gifts for kids: Holiday 2013


Technology takes over this season, with many of the hottest gifts for kids requiring batteries and/or a USB port. But, in the case of Big Hugs Elmo, some things never change…soft and cuddly always has a place under the tree.

1. Rainbow Loom Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker The Shimmer & Sparkle Set comes with literally thousands of pieces for creating hours of fun. This is the craft trend that is sweeping the nation, says Senior Vice President of ToysRUs Lisa Harnish. $14.99+, for ages 6 and up.


Holiday shopping destroying the holiday spirit


Well, the shopping season is upon us. Do you find yourself overwhelmed and beyond stressed out during this time of the year? Are you desperately fretting about finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Are you consumed with worries about money and the cost of all these gifts? If so, you aren’t alone. For many individuals, the quest for the best deal or perfect gift overshadows the reason for the season.

Black Friday sales are leaking out and sprouting up everywhere and the Thanksgiving turkey hasn’t even been carved – or cooked for that matter! Every year the holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier. In fact, many families are now finding their Thanksgiving dinners rudely interrupted as deal seeking members head out to the stores to save a few dollars on the PlayStation 4 or new iPad. Believe me, as a deal dishing blogger and avid money saver myself, I can appreciate saving a buck. However, I do not allow scoring the latest and greatest deals and freebies to come at the expense of my family.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that this season has become less and less about giving thanks for our blessings and spending quality time with loved ones and more about competition and materialistic items. Thanksgiving is no longer a holiday – it’s simply Black Friday eve.


Five great gifts that don’t require a Black Friday outing


Don’t feel like getting up at the crack of dawn Friday morning so you can wait in long lines and fight surly shoppers? If you’d rather sleep in, fear not: You can still score some amazing deals on some great gifts. I’ve rounded up five that should please any gadget fan on your list.

1. Toddy Gear Home Buttons
What do you get for the iPhone, iPod, or iPad owner who has everything? Why, decorative home-button stickers, of course.

A perfect stocking-stuffer, Toddy Gear Home buttons come in three different sets of seven, each priced at $7.99. They’re all raised, colorful buttons that add a distinctive look to any iDevice.



The passing of Black Friday


If you haven’t already heard, Black Friday is dead.

It’s hard to believe, but the day has come. With Walmart releasing their early-bird deals, Home Depot advertising Black Friday prices on select items and other retailers opening on Thanksgiving, long gone are the days of camping out in tents on sidewalks and now onto the online shopping war.


Black Friday ads start early this year


Whether you camp out the night before for door-busting Black Friday deals the Friday after Thanksgiving or log onto your computer at the crack of dawn on Cyber Monday, you’ll definitely want to hear about all of the already leaked 2013 ads touting the awesome savings that you’ll be privy to this season.

Here are a five of the best ones we’ve seen so far:

Macy’s: According to sources, Macy’s is set to open their doors at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night to start the Black Friday shenanigans. Among those items listed in the full ad scan (which you can find here) are Keurig coffee makers for $99.99, $29.99 boots and purses and 30% off Timex watches.


Get a pair of touchscreen-compatible winter gloves for $14


Winter is a tough time of year, and not just because it’s cold out. No, the real hassle is that you can’t interact with your smartphone without peeling off one of your gloves.

That’s because phone screens are capacitive, meaning they respond to the electrical impulses produced by your fingertips. (Yep, you have electric fingers. Who knew?) Put yarn or leather or Gore-tex in the way and the screen has no idea you’re tapping it.

What you need are smart gloves for your smartphone.


5 Thanksgiving slow cooker dishes


If you are the one that has been designated to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, you will want to know about this time saving tip.

One of the best ways to streamline Thanksgiving dinner preparations and save yourself some time is taking advantage of any recipes that can be made in slow cookers.

The small kitchen appliance is useful in so many ways. They keep dishes warm, free-up valuable stove and oven space for those dishes that cannot be cooked ahead of time or in a slow cooker and they help keep the house from getting too hot.

I also use a roaster to cook our turkey for these same reasons. I can use the oven to bake all kinds of delicious desserts without worrying about how to cook everything using just my oven.

Here are some Top Thanksgiving Slow Cooker Dishes:


Pardon Me, Let’s Put A Turkey Into Outer Space

An Open Letter To The Aerospace Community:

I am writing on behalf of, a coupon and deal website that helps people save money at thousands of retailers. In these economic times, while we’re focused more than ever on helping consumers save at their favorite stores, it’s come to our attention that another American institution may need saving: the Thanksgiving turkey pardoned each year by the President of The United States.


4 Thanksgiving Day entrees for under $15


It is possible to pull off a Thanksgiving feast while on a budget. You know there will be great sales on turkeys, but what about the side dishes? The key to saving money on your side dishes is to do what the participants of the first Thanksgiving did: cook them from scratch using whole ingredients. A side benefit is they may just be healthier than what you are accustomed to finding on the buffet table.

  • Use the Favado App to look for deals in the produce section of your local store. Raw vegetables are going to be less expensive per pound than processed foods.

Walmart releases early-bird deals ahead of Black Friday


If you haven’t already heard, Walmart made a big move today by releasing some of their top deals ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While no-one could have possibly predicted this move by the big giant, with retailers opening on Thanksgiving, it was a part of the bigger equation.

With the holiday shopping season shortened by 6 days this year, this news couldn’t have come at a better time. And for consumers, having access to these incredible deals earlier means that they have more valuable time to spend with family on Thanksgiving.

Here are Walmart’s early-bird deals that will change the Black Friday culture forever (Black Friday is dead):


5 traps to avoid when shopping for the holidays


Yes, it is nearly that time again – time for holiday shopping. Black Friday is looming on the horizon and a slew of stores including Macy’s and Kohl’s have announced they will open Thanksgiving evening.

Already signs that proclaim “Door-Buster” or “Holiday Special” are popping up in advertisements and store windows. While it may seem like it’s incredibly easy to score the best deal during the holiday shopping season, there are a few traps you have to be on the lookout for:

1. Be an informed shopper. The temptations of the so called “special” holiday sales are difficult to resist. When preparing to make a purchase, do your homework. Determine the retail price of the item and the competitors’ pricing before making your decision. Remember, just because an item is a Black Friday deal or “Door-buster” sale does not mean it is well priced.


5 DIY Halloween costumes on a budget


Making your own Halloween costume can not only be an inexpensive alternative to pre-packaged store bought sets, but it also encourages creativity and individuality!

Thrift stores, the clearance aisle, dad’s workshop and your current closet can provide many of the basics you need. And with just one or two key store bought pieces, the rest is imagination.

Holidays presents Halloween Express Pet Fashion Show


It’s Halloween in a little over 3 weeks and I’m sure you’ve thought about what your going to be for Halloween this year. However, your costume wouldn’t be complete without your four legged pet in their own ensemble.

We’ve teamed up with Halloween Express to give you a taste of this year’s Halloween pet fashion. With the help of our pet models, we were able to showcase some of the best, cutest, bravest costumes for your four legged babies.

Move over Paris Fashion Week, it’s about time these four legged models took over the runway in Halloween style.

1. Superman. Booboo is fashionably sporting his blue shirt with the traditional Superman logo and attached cape. Comes in sizes Small to Extra-Large. Price: $26.99

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