This Holiday Season’s Best Times to Buy

Holiday Shopping Infographic

Every year the deal-hunting pros at create a calendar with predictions about the best times to buy holiday gifts. This is an art and a science. We analyze 1.5 million data points from the last 5 years, and layer on top of that our expert insight into retailers’ promotional calendars. The result is a […]


Infographic: Then Vs. Now What You’ll Pay More For At Checkout


A show of hands, please:  How many of you have left the grocery store lately, looking at the receipt and wondering how your total managed to be so high?

Prices continue to rise, and as a result, consumers are paying more and getting less at the checkout.


Infographic: The Shrinking Cost of Mobile


A show of hands, please:  how many of you are giving yourself the gift of a shiny new iPhone 4S this holiday?  Or perhaps a Motorola DROID 3 or Razr or Bionic, Galaxy Nexus or HTC Rezound? 

Cellphone technology keeps offering gadgets that consistently up the ante for mobile communications.  Remember that scene in Wall Street where Gordon Gekko calls his protege Bud while watching the sun set on the beach?  Back then that was supposed to represent how Gekko’s milliions enabled him to indulge in the very latest in technology.  Today, it’s a stark reminder of how far mobile has come from the days that only the very rich could afford to talk into a device the size of Shaquille O’Neal’s high tops…


Infographic: Top Hidden Costs of the Holiday Season


In a matter of days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here to the delight of savvy shoppers looking to score great deals for holiday gift-giving.  But while you’re bargain hunting this holiday season, don’t let your budget be done in by some sneaky hidden costs reaching in to pick your pocket.


Infographic: 25 Ways to Save Money


There are only days to go until our third annual Save Up event, where over 40 of the nation’s savviest savers will come together to share ideas on the best ways to help others make smart spending choices and live well for less.  With the help of these DealPros, we continue on our mission to save America $1 billion. 

In case you haven’t yet taken our Savings Pledge, we’ve collected a list of 25 money saving tips from a dozen or so of our DealPros to help you on your journey to save money on the things you need so that you can afford the things you want.  Their advice covers ways to save around the home, eating out, transportation, shopping and health and fitness. 

Need more tips?  Click on the links to visit each of the DealPros’ websites for more great ways to save money!


Infographic: Gearing Up for 2011 Back to School Shopping


It is estimated that back-to-school spending will cost an average of $600-800 per student this year. Fortunately we’re taking the sting out of school supply shopping with a one-stop source for the best Back-to-School deals. With gas prices continuing to rise and time running out before the fall semester starts, offers the quickest and easiest way to save money on back-to-school needs.


Infographic: Summer Gas Prices No Impediment to Vacation Travel


Image by Ed Coyle Photography via Flickr

Although Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, Tuesday June 21st is the date of the actual summer solstice.  And with a three month stretch of warm weather, families everywhere are doing what families traditionally do come June, July and August:  Go on vacation.

Although we’re still in recovery mode with a struggling economy, rising gas prices and employment uncertainty, that hasn’t put a damper on the overwhelming majority of summer vacation plans.  Over 80 percent of those polled stated that neither poor MPG, lost luggage or grope-y TSA agents could prevent them from reaching their vacation destination.

Okay, they didn’t specifically say THAT–but you get the picture…


Infographic: Anatomy of a Super Saver


The desire to save money isn’t a new fad–it’s been with us for ages.  Back in your grandma’s or great grandma’s time, it probably meant saving tinfoil during the recession.  For your mom, it was all about the double coupons at the local Kroger or Giant Food.  Today’s savvy saver is all about scoring a super hot deal via Groupon or 20% off and free shipping for a favorite online retailer via deal sites like

For some of us, saving money is an occasional occupation, for others it’s a habitual hobby. 

And then there are those for whom bargain hunting is taken to a whole other level.  I give you the Super Saver.


Infographic: The Valentine’s Day Gift Economy


Attention husbands and boyfriends:  You have less than a week to shop for a sappy Hallmark card, heart-shaped box of candy, bouquet of flowers or blingy jewelry for your loved one.  That’s right, Valentine’s Day is only five days away.

Why am I picking on just guys here?  Well, because research shows that men spend on average TWICE what women spend on this day designated for all things romantic.  Although in the case of sexy lingerie, you guys have to admit–that gift is much more for YOU than it is for your lady love…


Infographic: The History of Coupons


The venerable coupon has been around for over 120 years saving savvy consumers money on purchases.  From free Coca-Cola coupons to grocery double coupons to online coupon codes, shoppers have used these vouchers to score discounts from dimes to dollars off. 


Infographic: 2011 Retail Predictions


New year, new slate–but when it comes to forecasting retail trends for 2011, the trajectory set in 2010 provides some solid clues as to how sales and revenue figures will pan out this year.


Infographic: CES 2011 and Early Adopter Technology Costs


On the eve of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011, we wanted to examine how early adopters pay a premium for being “first” when it comes to the latest, greatest, newest, coolest.  For gadget geeks, CES is better than Christmas, the Superbowl and Bill Gates’ birthday combined.  This year’s trade show runs from January 6th through the 9th and will feature hot new technology in tablets, Android phones, 3D TVs, video games as well as a keynote speech by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer.


Infographic: Electronics Gadgets Make Hot Holiday Gifts


If you’ve written a letter to Santa this year, chances are one of the items on your holiday wishlist is a cool gadget.  iPod touch, Kindle, iPad, flat screen TV are just a few of the hot sellers this season.  Whether or not batteries are included, power up with the most wanted gifts this year.


Infographic: What Would Santa Save?


With less than two weeks until the big day, the North Pole is busily humming with elves and reindeer frantically making last minute preparations for Santa’s big trip.  Too bad Santa doesn’t shop online.  He would have saved a lot of time as well as a boatload of cash–especially if he used


Infographic: Watch Out Black Friday, Here Comes Green Monday!


With less than two weeks until Christmas, today many shoppers are frantically placing online orders in order to guarantee delivery in time for the 25th.  This surge in holiday shopping has been designated as “Green Monday ” and its online sales eclipse Black Friday and often times Cyber Monday as well. 

As reported by the CBS Early Show, Green Monday is a “trigger day” for online shoppers and the busiest day for shipper FedEx.

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