Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

Sneaking Food into a Baseball Game

The perfect crime.
The perfect crime.

I don’t mean to be an uh-oh boy over here, but dig this: Baseball isn’t America’s pastime anymore. It’s been trumped by something far more prevalent: paying way too much money for garbage-trash. It happens everywhere: the movies, the airport, the fancy mall that’s trying way too hard to look like some old-fangled Norman Rockwell […]

Money Saving Tips

Sneaking Food into the Movies


So, you finally have some free time on your hands after a grueling week of “Yes, sirs” and “No, ma’ams” and you’re trying to figure out the best way to forget about everything you have to do when you go back to work the next day. What better way to ease your troubled mind than […]

Money Saving Tips

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Senior Discounts but Were Too Young to Ask

grandpa dj

Have you successfully survived forest fires, wild bears, heart disease, drunk drivers, war, and errant coconuts for long enough to complete at least fifty trips around the sun? If so, you qualify for a whole suite of discounts! And unlike those namby-pamby student discounts I covered last time, these don’t require you to write a […]

Money Saving Tips

Student Discounts 101

Graduation mortar board cap on one hundred dollar bills concept for the cost of a college and univer

So you think you deserve to pay five dollars less at a museum just because you’ve saddled yourself with massive debt while obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to make a valuable contribution to our society and economy? You selfish monster. But, lucky for you, the world at large agrees. Student discounts are everywhere, and […]

Money Saving Tips

Things You Can Probably Steal


My mother has a job. She can afford to buy shampoo. I say this because if you were to ever encounter her in a hotel bathroom, you might mistake her for a well-dressed hobo, or perhaps an international jewel thief smuggling blood diamonds in her toiletry bag. What is it about hotels and diners and […]

Money Saving Tips

12 Ways You’re Missing Out on the New Rental Economy

Moon for Rent

You already Netflix your movies, Uber and Lyft your rides, Airbnb and VRBO your accommodations, Spotify your music, and TaskRabbit those chores you just can’t stand. So, is that it? Oh my silly, stupid friend. My silly, stupid, stupid, stupid, wait, come back, I’m sorry. Car Rental and Airport Parking RelayRides and Getaround connect car […]

Money Saving Tips

Myths and Facts About Discounted Tickets to Disneyland

Disneyland Castle

A lot of people think there is some top-secret way to find cheap tickets to Disneyland, and only your weird, kitsch-obsessed friends know about it. Unlike other cookie-cutter amusement parks where you bring in a sticky Coke can or text PUKERIDE to 99999 to get a massive discount, Disneyland doesn’t offer promotions. Yet, every year, […]

Money Saving Tips

Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Life’s Necessities

Trash can with money in it

Look at you, sitting on the IKEA futon you didn’t buy off Craigslist, reading this via a WiFi connection you’re not stealing from your upstairs neighbor. Tsk, tsk. What are you, the Queen of England? Stop acting like you’re richer than you are! (Note: If you actually are the Queen of England, my apologies. And […]

Money Saving Tips

Why Does Heating Your Home Cost So Much?

Check out this slick visual metaphor

It’s the middle of the night in the dead of winter, and you are flippin’ freezing. Trudging through the dark, you find the thermostat and crank that baby up to 81 degrees. After a few moments, it is toasty, warm, and comfortable. You do this every night for the next month. At the end of […]

Money Saving Tips

Cheap Movie Tickets, AKA My Journey To The Bottom


We all have our addictions – coffee, Candy Crush, meth. For me, it’s going to the movies. I wake up in the morning and I feel that itch. I need sticky floors and dated CG intro videos and people who say the seat beside them is taken when everybody knows it isn’t taken. I need […]

Money Saving Tips

10 Rules for Shoppers from a Black Friday Veteran


Every year local news teams report on Black Friday madness, with images of long lines, deal-hungry sidewalk campers, and mobs of people literally brawling over the last Apple thing in stock. You may have asked yourself, “Who are these lunatics?” Well, they’re not lunatics. Not all of them, anyway. For some, heading out into Black […]

Money Saving Tips

How to Eat on $20 a Week and Not Die

Side view of young woman opening oven door

If you’re anything like me, you’re broke. Just because we can’t afford the finer things in life–fancy cars, exotic vacations, health care–doesn’t mean we have to starve to death, though. Not only is spending a mere $20 a week on groceries possible, it’s also probably a lot healthier than your current diet. Follow these tips […]

Money Saving Tips

Hands Down The Easiest Ways To Save On Your Travels


In the past 6 years I’ve flown back and forth across the country at least 20 times. I hate to think of the thousands of dollars I’ve scraped together, only to be dumped backed into the greedy mouths of the head honchos at [Insert Evil Corporation] Airlines. Thinking of all the money I’ve spent helps me go the extra mile to save more and more each time I travel so that I can take a few extra mini-trips throughout the year. And the best way to start saving some sweet getaway cash is at the airport. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way:

Money Saving Tips

How To Do Las Vegas Without Being A Sucker


On your first, second, and even third trip to Vegas, you’re still just a wide-eyed “fish” with a pocket full of “greenys”. You land at McCarron Airport so eager for a YOLO weekend of Jager shots at a topless pool, you don’t even care that you’re basically what P.T. Barnum would call The Mark. You’re a sucker. A newbie. A “grinder”. But then, a few bachelor parties later, you start to learn your way around the city. Before you know it, you’re asking yourself, “Wait, why is the cab driver getting on the freeway?”

Don’t let the cab driver get on the freeway. It’s a classic cabbie fair hike technique. Every city’s taxi drivers do it. It’s a longer route, it’s more expensive. Stay off the freeway. But why are you taking a cab anyway? The airport shuttles like ASC, Bell Trans, Showtime, and SuperShuttle are fairly quick and convenient. They cost about $7 to a hotel on the strip and around $9 to downtown. But be prepared for the cultural enlightenment that comes with sharing a van with eight strangers from Maui, Wisconsin, and Tokyo.

Money Saving Tips

Banana Boat For Men Asks: Are You Man Enough To Fight The Sun?


As someone who lives her life treating gender like it’s merely a suggestion (because it is), I’ve grown quite accustomed to the way that marketing loves to divide the world up in order to trick us into giving them maximized profits. While my life history has made me perhaps more keenly aware of it, I’m hardly the first to notice, or even to break down why it happens. What I can do, however, is provide you with some examples of some ways that shoppers of any sex and gender can cut costs by cutting through gender roles.

A new addition to the slate of seemingly unnecessarily gendered products this year: sunscreen. Banana Boat has recently launched the all new Banana Boat For Men. This is apparently to combat the waves of sunburned men who have refused to use a product as girly and effete as Banana Boat Sport? I guess I find it hard to believe that there are legions of lobster-looking bros out there who have been adamant that they’d rather get skin cancer than put on any of that chick stuff, but apparently Banana Boat is banking on the idea that there are. Or more likely, they think that by creating the solution the problem will start to exist. All I know is I’ve been to plenty of beaches and I’ve never heard anyone complain about sissy sunscreen.

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