Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

Money Management Tips That Really Work!


Whether you’re planning for holiday spending or not, you need to budget for expenses. Money management is crucial. In order to live within your means, you must understand your necessary financial income and output. However, monitoring expenses is sometimes easier said than done. Here are some fundamentals to plan your financial future – not to mention […]

Money Saving Tips

How To Paint Like a Pro


Looking to spruce up your space? Giving your walls a fresh new hue can do the trick. You can easily save with coupon codes on all the tools and equipment you’ll need at home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Learn 12 tips and tricks to help you get great-looking walls.   Originally posted […]

Money Saving Tips

Want the best Black Friday deals? Check out this short video!

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Money Saving Tips

Winterizing Your Home on a Budget: When to DIY and When to Call in a Pro


A guest blog post from our friends at Quicken Loans. It’s been unseasonably warm in certain parts of the country, but those of us living in northern climates know we can be chilled to the bone with the snap of a finger. Start preparing your home for winter now while you can still feel your fingers. […]

Money Saving Tips

Black Friday 2015: The Best Deals, Tips & Apps

annoyed xmas shopper

Let’s face it: holiday shopping can be overwhelming. Large crowds, long shopping lists and tight budgets…it’s alot to deal with. So how can you ease the pain of holiday shopping? Well, there are lots of things you can do. From shopping online and shopping early to price comparison and mobile apps there are ways you […]

Money Saving Tips

10 Tips on How to Realize Your Financial Goals for Millennials

saving money (1)

Most of us want more than we can afford, which requires the difficult task of saving money. And whether you’re a millennial or not, saving money is a goal for most people. Regardless of the reason you want to save money – maybe for a trip or maybe for retirement – there are many ways […]

Money Saving Tips

Where to Shop for the Best Black Friday Deals

Jeans on Sale

My mom broke both sides of her ankle and her shoulder when she slipped schlepping the Black Friday paper into the house 5 years ago. Lesson: Black Friday is dangerous. OK, maybe this is an extreme example and I’m a bit biased as I’d rather shop online in my PJs. People are serious about saving […]

Money Saving Tips

40 Airport Secrets from the Pros

Airport terminal

Want to be a travel ninja? Check out these 40 airport secrets and travel tips from the insiders. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of websites for cheap travel and discount travel, but none offer the compelling deals for budget travel like Many savvy travelers have saved money by using coupon codes for such […]

Money Saving Tips

8 Budget-friendly Holiday Gifts for Co-workers

office gifts-SCRATCH

Got a Secret Santa gift exchange coming up at the office? Don’t panic; do some online shopping and get stocked up for your boss, your cube-mate, and that mentor who got you the position. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on holiday gifts for co-workers, either. Use online coupon codes and a […]

Money Saving Tips

15 Fun and Frugal DIY Toys Your Kids Will Love

Spray Paint Cans

Looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift for your child? There are lots of toys you can DIY to give a personal touch. Check out the projects below for some major inspiration. And share your…

Money Saving Tips

6 Tips To Save You More At Home Depot

Many men feel about Home Depot the way many women feel about Target – it’s like you’ve died and gone to heaven. It’s easy to get caught up in home improvement projects and buying things “just in case”, but that doesn’t mean that you need to pay full price, either. Ladies and Gents – take note! Wise Bread has […]

Money Saving Tips

9 Hot Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill

Winter Fireplace

I grew up in a house where you never (EVER!) touched the thermostat. If you did, my dad’s spidey-sense kicked in and you had some ‘splaining to do. Instead, you were told to “dress appropriately for the weather” in layers that could be added as needed. Now that I can touch the thermostat, I don’t […]

Money Saving Tips

Subscription Boxes – A Genius Way to Treat Yourself

subscription boxes -scratch

Did you know ordering subscription boxes could actually save you money? Everyone loves surprises and care packages. Subscription boxes offer both. For you or a gift idea. Make it a cheap(er) thrill with these savings tips.

Money Saving Tips

Real People Dish on Dining Out Hacks

eating out - the scratch

It seems nobody wants to cook anymore. Sixty percent of people get restaurant take-out or delivery at least once a week. Millennials are especially averse to the kitchen. According to the Food Institute, the youngest adults spend about $50 a week on outside dining, more money than any other age group. Meal-kit delivery services like […]

Money Saving Tips

7 Best Days for Discount Shopping


With just a few weeks left before Black Friday, you may be gearing up to start your Christmas shopping. However, it may surprise you that 32 million Americans started their Christmas shopping…

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