The 2014 US Airways Disaster: Anatomy of a Twitter Fail


It’s rare to witness a genuine apotheosis in real time, but yesterday, if you were on Twitter around noon Pacific time, you may have witnessed the Greatest Twitter Fail of All Time.

A few days ago, US Airways received this complaint from Twitter user @ElleRafter: “@USAirways Unhappy that 1787 sat for an hour on tarmac in CLT because overweight, resulting in over hour late arrival in PDX…” There was a brief, benign exchange. Then days later, in a routine follow-up US Airways tweeted the following (originally with an uncensored image):


Hypocrite Lobby: Why Corporations Are People Who Live In Glass Houses

Hobby Lobby Scratch

The average Jane Six-Pack out there would be rightly confused by the idea that Dow Chemical Co. is just as much of a person as she is. It makes a little more sense when you consider that “corporate personhood”-related Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United were decided by a bunch of lawyers, pretty much the furthest thing from a Jane Six-Pack — unless you mean a six-pack of Coke. Sure, corporations are people to a bunch of lawyers, because it’s the shortest possible contortion of logic that gets us to a point where we can grant corporations legal rights, describe their liability or lack thereof, and allow them to own things.

But when corporations assert that they believe things, corporate personhood gets sketchy. At best, corporations’ expressions of “belief” place them among the worst hypocrites out there, and at worst, their glaring inconsistencies threaten to break apart any notion of their personhood altogether.

Newsworthy Announces $125 Ad Buy During Puppy Bowl X

LOS ANGELES – Refusing to be priced out of the year’s biggest day of television watching, Los Angeles-based coupon and deal site announced today that they will spend upwards of $125 advertising their Twitter feed during Puppy Bowl X, the counter-programming phenomenon running concurrent to Sunday’s Super Bowl.
“We’re in the game!” exulted Seth Barnes who works in marketing for “Granted it’s the day’s second biggest event and we’ll be advertising on the proverbial second screen, but doggone it we’re ready to play ball!”

My tech predictions for 2014


It’s just a few days until the clock strikes 2014, so let me take this opportunity to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy new year. And, of course, a year filled with killer deals. (I’ll be on hand to help make that happen.)

As you may recall, I recently named my favorite tech of 2013. But no more looking back; it’s time to set our sights on the year ahead, which promises to be just as exciting, crazy, and unpredictable as the year we just finished.

Of course, unpredictability won’t stop me from making predictions. And I’ve got my Android-powered crystal ball (what, you think I’d trust Windows with something as important as the future?) right here, so let’s take a look at the tech trends that will shape 2014.



Walmart to match competitors’ best Black Friday deals starting this week


You don’t have to wait one week for Black Friday to happen because Walmart just threw another punch by offering their competitors’ best Black Friday deals one week early.

So if you’re not into big lines or competitive online shopping, your Black Friday can begin as early as this Friday, November 22nd. No more fighting folks the day after or the day of giving thanks!

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