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Personal Finance

Single Parent? How to Manage Kids’ Holiday Gift Expectations

single parent holidays-SCRATCH

The halls are already decked in every store, but your budget looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. There’s no doubt the holidays can be the most difficult time for families who don’t look like a Norman Rockwell painting. Add financial stress and the stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas can fill a single parent with […]

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How to Co-own a Home with Your Adult Child

adultkidsrealestate- SCRATCH
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How to Raise Money Smart Kids


Cost and Value are two very different things. But this is something that needs to be taught; it is not innately understood.  And money definitely falls into this category. If money is just handed over, you can easily take it for granted. In adulthood, this can cause a plethora of problems if you do not understand the value […]

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When to Choose Urgent Care

Male Doctor Examining Female Patient In Emergency Room

Here’s how it ought to work: If you’re sick, you make an appointment to visit your primary care physician, the one you’ve spent years developing a relationship with. If it’s a true emergency, something involving blood or trouble breathing or a gypsy curse, you visit the ER. Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple. Millions of […]

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You Should Bank With Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab Franchise

My bank is better than your bank. Let me explain. Several years ago a friend recommended I close my Wells Fargo account and instead use Charles Schwab for my primary checking account. I said, “Please stop referring to yourself as my friend, and is this the same Charles Schwab who threw sand in my eyes […]

Personal Finance

Get The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Democracy Scratch

via Creative Commons Flickr user Scorpions and Centaurs It’s an election year, albeit a midterm one. But with the presidential race looming in 2016, and campaigns starting earlier than ever, it is imperative that you start thinking about how to get the most political bang for your buck. You don’t want to be one of those […]

Personal Finance

Better Leftovers, Better Savings


Stretching your food budget is as easy as learning to take those leftovers that usually get pushed to the back of the fridge and using them to create a new and exciting dish. The key to doing this successfully is planning your meals to take full advantage of everything in your kitchen. Following a few […]

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Billeater: Dealing with Big Spender Friends without Becoming Frenemies


Everyone has a friend who likes to go out and blow cash on a big night or the latest electronic gadget. It’s fun to be around someone who feels comfortable spending money, especially if you’re always working to keep within your more limited budget. That fun can turn to frustration if you start to feel […]

Personal Finance

Bank Transfer Day: A Roundup of Credit Union Alternatives


Photo courtesy of Mark Strozier, via Flickr Since I posted my Credit Union 101 primer a couple weeks ago, all this talk of switching from major banks to credit unions seems to have had an effect: first Bank of America backed out of its plan to charge debit card users a $5 monthly fee, then […]

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Buy Like Buffett: Betterment Combines Online Banking with Investment Management


Betterment is the website that prides itself in offering low cost investment choices to individual investors. It’s an online broker that helps to make investing easier for novices that may not know exactly what assets to invest in. The company’s website does all of the work for you. Here’s how it works: You just sign […]

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Buy Like Buffett: Tips for Successful Investment Management


Investors in the stock market have a tale of some missed investment opportunity that could have made them lots of cash. It might have been missing out on Walmart in its early days or failing to buy shares of Apple when Steve Jobs returned to the company. Everybody has regrets when it comes to investing. […]

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Buy Like Buffett: Holiday Shopping Tips to Make the Season More Affordable


The holiday seasons are rapidly approaching as the year 2011 is nearing an end. This means making sure that you have your Christmas shopping list in order. Lots of consumers will be running to the stores in order to get their gifts for their family members and loved ones. It is always a winning proposition […]

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Credit Unions 101: Get Away from Increasing Debit Card and Bank Fees


Photo courtesy of redspotted, via Flickr We all heard the news late last month that Bank of America would introduce new fees to those who use their debit cards. Well, now it appears the fees-for-debit trend is spreading. In light of all this, record numbers are switching from traditional banks to local credit unions. If […]

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Buy Like Buffett: Saving Money on the New Debit Card Fees and Other Finance Charges


Saving money today is now as important as ever. Difficult economic times call for greater financial discipline. This can be hard to do since customers are being forced to pay more for services. Even banking customers are seeing increased fees on their financial accounts as their income dwindles. Debit and credit card account holders are […]

Personal Finance

Buy Like Buffett: Smart Shopping One Key to Better Financial Planning


This poor economy is making it difficult to get ahead financially. Most households are going to need to place an emphasis on making every single dollar last longer. The best way to do this is by becoming a smart money manager when it comes to your finances. You should do all that you can to […]

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