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Try On Your Perfect Bra At Home With True&Co


There are few things in this world less comfortable than an uncomfortable bra. Childbirth, while I’ve never experienced it, seems as though it would be more unpleasant than the sensation of an insufferably tight brassiere digging into your shoulder flesh like a toddler burrowing into wet sand. Pretty much any other painful event a woman can experience, however, pales in comparison.

Finding a suitable over the shoulder boulder holder is a must for any comely lass who doesn’t want to suffer a life of misery. If you’re tired of being victimized by your hooter holsters, online retailer True&Co claims to have the solution. They’re all about helping you “find the perfect fit.” They promise to do so with “no fitting rooms” and “no measuring tape.” You may ask yourself, “How the hell is that possible?” It being 2014 and all, the answer’s simple: Via a confusing, over-stylized website!

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Why Did I Buy This? With Grant Pardee: Girlfriend Body Pillow & Other Useless Amazon Items

Girlfriend Body Pillow Scratch

One of the things I love most about shopping on Amazon is they have everything I need. But they also have lots of things that nobody needs. I decided to investigate further and bought the 3 most useless or obnoxious items I could find on Amazon – the Girlfriend Body Pillow, BIC For Her Pens, and a Banana Slicer.

Were any of them worthwhile in any way or was it just a pit of despair? Find out in the video:

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Like Netflix but for Clothing: JustFab, Adore Me, and Gwynnie Bee


As internet subscription services begin to outnumber websites featuring quizzes about things like ‘Which Caroline in the City character are you?” I find myself wondering which of them are actually worth my monthly fee and which have a press release that just fit nicely into a click-through blurb?

I decided to test a few of them out to get a feel for how they actually benefit a user, and how much they live up to their promising allure.

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Say Hello to HP’s $100 Android Tablet


It’s about time!

Earlier this week, HP quietly unveiled a new addition to its tablet lineup: the HP 7 Plus. Price: $99.99. Cheapskates of the world, rejoice!

Indeed, that’s the cheapest name-brand tablet to date. The closest competitor is Amazon’s $139 Kindle Fire HD. I’ve seen other models priced at $100 or less, but they were all from companies with names like Azpen and Hisense. What’s in a name? Hey, Shakespeare didn’t know from tablets.

The big question is whether a sub-$100 tablet could possibly be any good, even with the HP logo stamped on. Ultimately, that depends on what you want from a tablet. On paper, the HP 7 Plus looks pretty good, albeit with some mixed specs.

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Urban Outfitters Surplus Store is a Red-Tag Lovers Dream


The average person’s experience with Urban Outfitters is mainly, “This place is okay, but too expensive.” It’s a store that has some cute stuff, but also way too many overalls. Who the hell is wearing overalls these days? I’m no slave to fashion, but I do like to buy decent looking clothes now and then.

I’ll admit that Urban Outfitters has some good clothes, but the real problem are the prices. Shirts that go for $40-$70? Dresses for $70-$100? Who has that kind of dough? Well a lot of people I’m sure, but not me.

My experience with Urban Outfitters has been to zip right through the regular priced stuff, and go straight to the sad little corner with the word “SALE” hung over it. That tiny section of clothing is much more in my price range, and often, has at least one thing that would fit me. Or, at least one thing I could squeeze well enough into where I would convince myself that it fit me. I long accepted that this was to be my fate with Urban Outfitters, forever.

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A Transparent Tour of Target

Target-The Scratch

Like most Americans, I love Target. They’re easily my most trusted department store brand and we have a long history together.

As a teenager growing up in small town Ohio, my friends and I would go to the Target nearby just to wander around and look at all of the stuff and sit on the patio furniture. It was kind of like going to the mall for us, which early on made me associate Target with convenience, one of their strongest values (Maybe someday I’ll tattoo my body with all of my favorite brand logos, and when I do, you can count on the Target bullseye being close to my heart).

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Three Surprisingly Cheap Ways to Own an iPhone


It wasn’t long ago that “cheap” and “iPhone” couldn’t exist in the same sentence. Heck, the same paragraph. Merely uttering those two words within 10 minutes of each other was cause for mockery and scorn.

My, how times have changed.

Owning an iPhone is now downright affordable, at least when it comes to monthly service. Believe it or not, you can pay as little as zero for an all-inclusive plan. There are a few small catches, of course, but nothing you can’t live with — especially if you’re willing to use an older model like the iPhone 5 or 4S.

Here’s a look at three surprisingly cheap ways to own an iPhone, starting with a brand new option that was just announced.

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Why Did I Buy This? with Grant Pardee: As Seen On TV Edition

Grant As Seen On TV

Sometimes purchases seem like a good idea at the time, whether it’s due to clever advertising or simply because it’s late at night and you’ve had too much to drink, and you find yourself awake the next morning wondering how you could have bought such a thing. Recently, I found myself doing some late-night browsing on the As Seen On TV store buying things like the Chillow (a chill pillow), HD Night Vision Lens Glasses (to reduce glare when driving at night) and Bertie the NCIS Farting Hippo (????). You can see me reviewing these items in the video below.

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The Best Return Policies In The Business

nordstrom scratch

As a former connoisseur of return fraud, (emphasis on former, OK?) I am intimately aware of the return policies of many of the chain retailers cluttering America’s once-breathtaking landscape. Some, of course, are better than others. Pretty much all of them are better than Best Buy’s, which is god-awful. (That’s right, Best Buy! I’m callin’ you out!) The ones in this article, as I’m sure you’ve already gathered by the title, rank among the best. It’s hard to find satisfaction in this world, especially when it comes to interacting with big box retailers, but these faceless corporations are A-ok in my book.

As a peddler of wares for the upper class, it stands to reason that Nordstrom should have the Rolls-Royce of return policies. And boy, do they. Their official policy is, well, that there isn’t one. Which means you can return items years after you’ve bought them—hell, even after you’ve worn them. Which, naturally, makes Nordstrom a hotbed for fraudulent activity. A friend of mine’s mother, who used to work there, has horror stories about gritting her teeth and taking back used underwear. (The customer’s always right, after all!) If anything you buy at Nordie’s “malfunctions” (up to and including flip flops that fell apart after a summer or eight), you can bring it back for a refund. You don’t even need a receipt, just the tag from the item you purchased. Now, before you go hog-wild and return every single thing you’ve ever bought at Nordstrom, know this—returns negatively affect the commissions of the employees who accept ’em. So have a heart. Please?

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How To Haggle Without Being A Jerk


I think the last time I haggled was when I was in second grade. My neighborhood was having a community yard sale, and three doors down they were selling a righteous used hamster cage that I just had to have. (In an effort to convince my parents that I needed a hamster, of course.)

Anyway, the cage was something like $3, which I didn’t happen to have at the ripe old age of seven, and as I was keeping this a secret from my parents (Surprise! I bought a hamster cage … now you have to get me a hamster!), I couldn’t just ask them for the cash, now could I?

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An easy and affordable fix for your TV’s terrible speakers


Talk about irony: Modern HDTVs dazzle the eyes with their gorgeous colors and razor-sharp images, but disappoint the ears with their crap-tacular speakers.

Alas, it’s the nature of the flat-panel design. Today’s supermodel-thin TVs just don’t have room for big, beefy cones. For some reason, though, few people bother to investigate alternatives to those built-in speakers–or perhaps just don’t know there are alternatives.

Prepare to be enlightened! You can vastly improve your TV’s audio quality by adding an external speaker system. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on one.

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No Receipt, No Problem – How to return a holiday gift without a receipt


Christmas is an exciting time but it also has some hidden perils. It’s happened to all of us…. Someone hands you a beautifully wrapped box with a big colorful bow that you can hardly wait to open. Finally, you get to rip the paper off, heart racing with anticipation…and then it happens. You get an anti-gift. You know what I mean, that hideous (INSERT GIFT HERE) from your (INSERT RELATIVE HERE). For example, that hideous Christmas sweater with a giant reindeer on it from your great aunt.

Yes, yes, it is the thought that counts. However, does that mean you have to be stuck with a truly atrocious gift you’ll never use or wear? Unfortunately, returning that anti-gift can be tricky. A lot of stores are tightening up their return policies, so having a receipt is pretty important. However, maybe you don’t want to hurt your relative’s feelings by asking for the receipt or maybe you did ask but he or she didn’t have the receipt.

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The Prowl, or: How to get other people to do your shopping for you and save money


(’s main Ask and Answer section) looks a bit like Pinterest, and that may well be on purpose. Unlike Pinterest, The Prowl has a focus: its unique “Ask and Answer” section encourages you to employ the brains of others to find deals and make better fashion decisions than most mere humans with jobs and lives ever could. So while Pinterest is a great place to obsess over the infinite aspirational scroll, The Prowl is for paring down possibilities, and making a purchase. In contrast to Pinterest and related sites like The Hunt, which largely market themselves to the female demo, The Prowl’s pragmatic approach to commerce can be appreciated by the most shopping-phobic individuals of any gender.

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How to use technology to get the most out of gift cards


(Photo via 401(K) 2012)

Unwanted gift cards pile up in many Americans’ sock drawers this time of year. Still, you may be surprised to learn that gift cards are the single most requested gift during the holidays, with six in ten Americans saying they’d like to receive them more than anything else. So it’s safe to assume that our collective decision to buy four percent more of them this holiday season than the last, was driven by pragmatism, and not —as gift card haters may insist— pure thoughtlessness.

If, like me, you have a stockpile of gift cards redeemable at stores that just aren’t common retail destinations for you, you might have started contemplating low-tech uses for them, like re-tiling your shower, or turning them into guitar picks. Never fear! You can extract the maximum amount of value from your gift card arsenal if you let technology be your guide.

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Why it might be time to seriously consider a full-time tablet


Months back I wrote about my love for the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook, by far the most expensive laptop I’ve ever owned, but a great overall machine.

Or at least it was.
In recent weeks, for reasons I can’t explain, battery life has dipped significantly. In the beginning, I’d get 6-7 hours before needing to plug in the charger. Now I’m lucky to get four hours.
(Yeah, I’ve checked all the power-plan settings, lowered the screen brightness, and all that. I’m no novice when it comes to squeezing extra juice from a laptop. Something systemic is amiss here.)
But things really went awry after I installed Windows 8.1. Again for reasons I can’t explain, the Series 9 will no longer run at its native screen resolution.
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