Spotlight Deals

Spotlight Deals

Get A Philips Fidelio HTL7180/F7 Sound Bar For $439.99

Fidelio Scratch

Can we talk high-end audio for a sec?

See, here’s the deal: The speakers in your HDTV totally suck. I don’t mean they’re weak and tinny and facing the wrong the way (which they are); I mean they’re just terrible. It’s like owning a Ferrari that tops out at 15 mph.

In other words, your eyes have it made, but your ears are getting robbed. That’s why I always advise HDTV owners to invest in a sound bar, which will vastly improve your TV audio. Of course, as a massive cheapskate, I usually recommend a low-end, sub-$100 model.

Spotlight Deals

Amazon’s best freakin’ tablet ever is on sale


I tend to reserve hyperbole for things like food and movies. “Gravity”? Best film of 2013, if not the entire decade. The drunken noodles at Wazuzu in Las Vegas? Best Thai dish that’s ever passed through my pie hole.

So when I say the Kindle Fire HDX is the single best tablet you can buy, believe it. And I say this as someone who has owned or used just about every other tablet on the planet.

Spotlight Deals

Read unlimited e-books for $9.95 per month


I love books, especially e-books, which I can read on my phone, tablet, e-reader, or even laptop.

But e-book prices? Those I don’t love so much. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for ways to save.

For example, the library is a great source for e-books that don’t cost a dime, but the selection tends to be limited, and often you have to wait a long time for popular titles.

That’s why I’m gobbling up Oyster, an e-book subscription service that works a lot like Netflix: pay a flat monthly rate for unlimited access to a large e-book library.

How large? Oyster boasts a catalog of over 100,000 titles across categories ranging from business and biography to science fiction and true crime. You’ll find authors like Pearl S.

Spotlight Deals

Cyber Monday steal: Get a no-contract iPhone 5 for $359.99 (or less)


Conventional wisdom holds that if you want an iPhone, you have no choice but to get it from a big carrier, lock into a two-year contract, and pay a minimum of $70 per month for service–usually closer to $80 by the time you get hit with all those taxes and fees.

Not today. In honor of Cyber Monday, Virgin Mobile has the iPhone 5 (16GB) for $359.99 shipped, with no activation charge and, more important, no contract.

Spotlight Deals

Best Cyber Monday deals 2013


If you’re looking to score some amazing Cyber Monday deals today, we’ve got plenty that you’ll be excited about:

1. 20% off all orders today only

2. Amazon: $50 Savings + Free Shipping on Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet: $179

3. American Apparel: 20% off Everything + Extra 30% off Sale

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