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Your Cheap & Awesome Guide to Route 66 – Arizona

OATMAN, AZ - MAY 15, 2013: Historic Hotel on Route 66 in Oatman, Arizona

Over the last few weeks, Matt Blitz has been traveling Route 66 to discover, explore, visit, and enjoy all the awesome, unique, odd, and cheap attractions that dot the road. His first article covered Route 66 in California and this next entry is on Arizona. Stay tuned to upcoming articles about New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, […]

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Your Cheap & Awesome Guide to Route 66 – California

Route 66

“The Mother Road,” “Main Street of America,” “Will Rogers Highway” – whatever you call it, Route 66 is American as it gets it. Spanning over 2400 miles from Los Angeles to Chicago, Route 66 represents many things to many people – a new life, adventure, family, hardship, vacation. For over forty years, the road was […]

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Big Island on a Budget

Kona Hawaii

Hawaii is the idyllic vacation destination since the Eisenhower administration. Did I mean for that to rhyme? No way, but the rhythms of the island have infected me with their chill vibes, so I’m rolling with it. By cashing in some Hilton points, my girlfriend and I were able to get ourselves to a lovely condo […]

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Richmond Will Scare the Pants Off of You

Richmond Hollywood Cemetary

The weather is getting chilly, the nights are getting darker, and the haunts are getting spookier. It can mean only one thing… Halloween is here! In honor of our favorite holiday (okay, second favorite behind Arbor Day), we paid a visit to quite possibly the most haunted city in America – Richmond, Virginia. The capital […]

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Go on a Free Tour of Los Angeles Central Library on Your Next Trip

Los Angeles

If there was anyone who could take the title of “person who experiences the most joy out of getting things for free,” it would definitely have to be me, and maybe those “spirited” ladies from TLC’s Extreme Couponing. It’s fun to feel like you’re beating the system, so whenever I travel to a new city, […]

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It’s Always Snowy in Syracuse

Syracuse at Christmas

Syracuse, New York may not be a tropical paradise. In fact, it is the exact opposite of a tropical paradise. The city has won every Golden Snowball Award (the award given to the New York city with the most snowfall over the course of the year) since 2002, a run of eleven of the past […]

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The Real Deal with Orange County

Orange County Scratch

There have been tons of movies, television shows, and songs that have used Orange County as its backdrop. From the reality show Real Housewives of Orange County to the tv show OC to the movie Orange County to Gwen Stefani’s song Orange County Girl, all these forms of entertainment share the same vision of Orange County […]

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Louisville Isn’t Just For Horses Anymore

Louisville Slugger Scratch

Every May, over two hundred thousand people gallop into Louisville for the pomp and circumstance of the Kentucky Derby. Beyond those couple of weeks in late spring, few think of Louisville, Kentucky as a prime place to go on vacation. Yet, we are here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth – […]

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You Really Think Rochester NY is Boring? Think Again!

George Eastman House Scratch

Sure, New York City is the city that never sleeps. And Los Angeles should be named the “City of Sunshine.” Of course, Paris has that famous half-smiling painted woman on display in the crowded museum. But a real traveler, a true explorer, wants to go to places, cities, towns that others would never think of […]

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I Didn’t Leave My Money in San Francisco

Nob Hill, San Francisco

It doesn’t take much to find the eccentric, odd, bizarre, and obscure in San Francisco. The Bay Area has always been good at being “different,” which has led to it being at the forefront of some pretty remarkable movements, new ideas, technology, and revolutions . San Francisco can also be a very expensive city and […]

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Travel Through Boston UnCommon

Paul Revere Statue

It’s no secret that Boston is full of history. From Beacon Hill to Paul Revere to the Tea Party, the city of Boston is teeming with 18th and 19th century landmarks, and the tourists that come to visit. But there is plenty of other bizarre, weird, odd historical locales that the common visitor knows little […]

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10 Tips For Cheap International Travel

International Travel Scratch'

In my last post, I explained how to score international flights for a fraction of their normal cost, but how do you keep your budget down once you’ve arrived? By selling a kidney and/or pick-pocketing other tourists, obviously. But if you’re already down to your last kidney and have clumsy sausage fingers, here are some […]

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Our Nation’s Capital of the Hidden & the Odd

Congressional Cemetary The Scratch

The  land of the free, the home of the brave, and the city of the bizarre. Seems like a perfect way to describe our nation’s capital. Sure, you can visit the Washington Monument, the Air & Space Museum, and the White House, but if you ever went on a family vacation to DC, you’ve done […]

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Credit Card Tactics to Earn You Free Airfare

Machu Piccu Scratch

Credit cards have many uses: getting you out of debt, getting you into debt, helping you break into your dorm room after locking yourself out. But many people don’t realize that, with planning and patience, credit cards can also earn you free domestic and international airfare. It’s called credit card churning, which frankly sounds so […]

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Attend Comic Con On A Budget

Comic Con attendees arrive at the building

Being a nerd is easy. Affording to be a nerd can be hard. With so many conventions held every year that cater to tastes from comic books to television shows to movies to little ponies, chances are better than average that everyone on the internet has at least one convention they’ll attend this year, or […]

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