Working Out Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive with These Proven Methods

Working out Scratch

Whenever I need to tighten up my spending habits, I notice that things like gym memberships and pricey exercise classes seem to be the first to go. I tell myself, “I’ll just go for more runs” or “I’ll work out at home,” knowing good and well that I’ll be eating cookie dough by the ton […]

Three Free Web Services You Should Start Using Right Now

Three fab freebies

In the schlocky TV show “Once Upon a Time,” which I watch only because my kids make me, there’s a frequent refrain: “Magic always comes with a price.” (If you watch it as well, you know it’s usually followed by a “dearie.”) Here in the real world, there’s plenty of magic powered by technology–and, sometimes, there’s […]

What’s Best for Back to School: Laptop, Tablet, or Chromebook?

Laptop assortment

Having only just recovered from the horror that was winter, 2013-2014, I can’t believe I’m saying this: It’s time to start thinking about fall. Specifically, about school, and the gear that goes with it. For many kids that means a new laptop. My son, for example, is about to start middle school, and he’s eligible […]

On the Cheap with Megan Koester: The Big Night Out

Megan Big Night Scratch

Need to look gorgeous for a hot night out but don’t have the cash-ola necessary to make your designer dreams a reality? No sweat, sweetie! Just go to the mall, slap on a face of free makeup, “borrow” a dress, and strut on down to your destination. You’ll be beautiful on a budget…of $0! TRANSCRIPTSpeaker […]

Cheap and Easy Gluten-Free Summer Recipes

chocolate muffin with whipped cream and strawberry

If you know a thing or two about ol’ Lamps, you know that summer is my favorite time of year, and I love hosting parties as much as I love attending them. What you might not know is a year ago I found out I’m allergic to wheat. I’ll spare you the details of my sinus struggles […]

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