Get an iZon Home Video Monitor for $79.99

iZon View

Here’s everything I know about security cameras. They’re expensive. They’re a pain to install. They require lots of wiring. They’re the opposite of decor-friendly. As Ygritte would say to Jon Snow: “You know nothing.” The iZon 2.0 is a decidedly modern (and modern-looking) home video monitor that requires no wiring, sets up in minutes, and won’t […]

Stop Getting Ripped Off When You Buy Video Games Online

Game Controller Scratch

If you’re buying video games online, then you’re probably paying more than you should. It’s much easier to download a game than get in your car and drive all the way to a dumb store. That’s sort of the problem with buying games on-line. Being able to instantly have any video game makes it too […]

Working Out Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive with These Proven Methods

Working out Scratch

Whenever I need to tighten up my spending habits, I notice that things like gym memberships and pricey exercise classes seem to be the first to go. I tell myself, “I’ll just go for more runs” or “I’ll work out at home,” knowing good and well that I’ll be eating cookie dough by the ton […]

Three Free Web Services You Should Start Using Right Now

Three fab freebies

In the schlocky TV show “Once Upon a Time,” which I watch only because my kids make me, there’s a frequent refrain: “Magic always comes with a price.” (If you watch it as well, you know it’s usually followed by a “dearie.”) Here in the real world, there’s plenty of magic powered by technology–and, sometimes, there’s […]

What’s Best for Back to School: Laptop, Tablet, or Chromebook?

Laptop assortment

Having only just recovered from the horror that was winter, 2013-2014, I can’t believe I’m saying this: It’s time to start thinking about fall. Specifically, about school, and the gear that goes with it. For many kids that means a new laptop. My son, for example, is about to start middle school, and he’s eligible […]

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