You Really Think Rochester NY is Boring? Think Again!

George Eastman House Scratch

Sure, New York City is the city that never sleeps. And Los Angeles should be named the “City of Sunshine.” Of course, Paris has that famous half-smiling painted woman on display in the crowded museum. But a real traveler, a true explorer, wants to go to places, cities, towns that others would never think of […]

Premium Green Juices: Are They Worth Their Premium Price Tags?

Green Juice Scratch

“Going green” has become the new norm. It seems like everyone I know is now a fan of organic produce, free-range eggs and sustainably manufactured yoga pants. Nowhere is this fact more evident than in the case of fancypants juices. You’ve seen them around, listed on the chalkboards of coffee shops and clutched in the […]

When To Buy Generic and When To Buy Name Brand

Name Brand Generic Scratch

When I was a child, my mother’s fridge wasn’t stocked with Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper. We had Shasta and Mountain Lightning and Dr. Thunder (or, if we really wanted to cut loose, Ramp). And so in honor of Mother’s Day – aka the day I remembered that I forgot Mother’s Day – here’s […]

The New Moto G: Shut Up and Take My Money, Motorola!

New Moto G in hand

Earlier today, Motorola took the wraps off a bunch of new products, included a souped-up Moto X, the breathlessly awaited Moto 360 smartwatch, and the successor to one of the top-selling smartphones of 2014: the Moto G. Let me cut right to the chase. If you’re thinking of buying a new smartphone, buy the new […]

I Finally Broke Up With Farm Fresh To You

Asian business woman bored with salad bowl

We’ve all been there – you’re emotionally invested. You don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted your time and energy, so you put off your break-up thinking, “Things will change! We’ll talk it out and everything will be different!” That’s exactly how I felt every time I received my delivery from Farm Fresh To You. […]

I Didn’t Leave My Money in San Francisco

Nob Hill, San Francisco

It doesn’t take much to find the eccentric, odd, bizarre, and obscure in San Francisco. The Bay Area has always been good at being “different,” which has led to it being at the forefront of some pretty remarkable movements, new ideas, technology, and revolutions . San Francisco can also be a very expensive city and […]

How to Get Restaurant Quality Food Without Putting On Pants

Restaurant Food at Grocery Store Scratch

If you’re like me, you love eating at restaurants but often find yourself balking at that pesky, “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. Luckily, as part of their consistent effort to get our dollars in any way possible, more and more name-brand restaurants are bringing their flavors to the grocery store. So put on […]

Five New Tech Freebies You Won’t Want to Miss

Pixlr for desktop

Regular Scratch readers know of my affinity for all things free, whether it’s an app bundle or a Microsoft Office alternative or two months of audiobook service Audible.  Sure, sure, smiles and hugs and the smell of freshly baked bread are pretty good, too, but they’re not quite so thrilling as free stuff. With that […]

How to Eat Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants

Drive Thru Scratch

No one likes to admit they eat fast food. For some, it’s their guilty pleasure, or something they only eat past midnight. Others avoid it for different reasons, like this genius Taco Bell employee who makes the experience of dining fast, oh so thrilling. The truth is that most folks avoid these megachains because the majority of […]

What’s the best thing to bring to a BBQ?

BBQ Scratch

Labor Day’s coming up! That means it’s time to show off what you learned this summer– specifically, your BBQ Brain. We all know about hamburgers, hotdogs, and whatnot, but is there a special thing to bring that will wow your friends and neighbors? YES THERE IS PLEASE WATCH TO FIND OUT OK BYE. TRANSCRIPT Josh: […]

Dropbox Finally Gets Affordable — and Competitive

Dropbox Scratch

When people come to me looking for a deal on cloud storage, I tell them, “Do your own research! I’m busy!” No, I usually point them to Bitcasa, Box, Google Drive, or even Microsoft’s OneDrive — all of which offer a decent helping of free space and affordable plans for those who need more. But […]

I Bought A Mask Printed With My Own Face — The Results Were Hilariously Terrifying

Freak Masks Scratch

Recently, my girlfriend exposed me to a kind of weird thing you can only find on the Internet — a site ( that offers to print a mask of any face you send them. Naturally, I decided to get a mask of my own face. That’s not a mask you can get anywhere else, and […]

Revenge Of The Grocery Store: The Weirdest Foods For Your Shopping Cart

supermarket cart

If you keep seeing commercials for strange and wonderful fast food items, but just don’t have the energy to get out to that drive-thru window every night, don’t worry. You can find a bunch of creative concoctions right in the aisles of your local grocery store, which all leave you with little to no prep […]

What’s Your Financial Future? Our Quiz Will Astound and Terrify You

Pocket wach and human skull ,concept and idea

Since the dawn of civilization, one question has plagued our collective unconscious: what will the future bring, finance-wise? Many sages have warned those who might seek this knowledge. An average person should not wield that kind of power, they said. And, they continued, an average blog cannot handle that kind of virality. The Scratch is […]

Travel Through Boston UnCommon

Paul Revere Statue

It’s no secret that Boston is full of history. From Beacon Hill to Paul Revere to the Tea Party, the city of Boston is teeming with 18th and 19th century landmarks, and the tourists that come to visit. But there is plenty of other bizarre, weird, odd historical locales that the common visitor knows little […]

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