The Tech-pert: Get Norton Internet Security 2011 for Free!


If you’ve used any Norton security products in the past, you probably took one look at that headline and said, “Ugh. No way. Never again.”

And I wouldn’t blame you. A few years back, the Norton stuff was bloated, buggy, intrusive, annoying, and likely to make your PC run like molasses.

That was then. In recent years, Symantec has made considerable improvements to its security software. It’s faster, quieter, and smarter, to the point where you barely know it’s there–unless it detects a problem.

Buy Like Buffett: Four Tips for Maximizing Savings and Retirement Planning


Retirement is the number one thing on the mind of most people that work. They spend their entire lives trying to save up enough income so they can one day realize their dreams of not having to work anymore. In order to reach the retirement paradise, you have to start planning now so you will have enough income to last you for the rest of your life.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you have enough retirement income.

Fall Offers Great Travel Deals and Destinations


Here comes a new season and with it some terrific travel opportunities.  As kids head back to school, the number of people traveling declines. That’s great news for those that want to take a little or big trip, because you’ll pay less for your vacation. Start looking for special savings at most travel sites for autumn travel.

Rewards Programs: How Stores Buy Love and Loyalty


As consumers increasingly use the Internet, mobile apps and word of mouth to comparison-shop, retailers find themselves struggling to retain customers they once considered steady. New pitches to attract new customers and keep old ones involve traditional community engagement events as well as social media. Loyalty programs are a tried-and-true method of keeping customers engaged, whether by giving Starbucks addicts a personalized reloadable card or inviting frequent Nordstrom shoppers to exclusive events.

Two major gas companies have taken vastly different routes to monetize their most loyal customers.

Mrs. Money: Save Money and Live Green by Making Your Own Deodorant


Buying natural aluminum free deodorant can be pricey.  In the past, I’ve purchased Tom’s of Maine deodorant and it runs at least $5 for one stick.  I have found that I can save money and eliminate chemicals that are introduced into my body by making my own deodorant with my deodorant recipe.  It contains all natural ingredients (in fact, you could eat it it’s so pure!) and smells wonderful when you use it.  I have friends that are runners that use it and love it. 

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