Deal or No Deal: Fruit Ninja Kinect and The Humble Indie Bundle


This week, we return to looking at video game offers and determining whether or not there is some true value in them. The twist this time however is that there will be no beating around the bush. Both Fruit Ninja Kinect and the Humble Indie bundle are deals you should grab.

Which Vogue Wigs Would Work for Lady Gaga’s Hair?


Lady Gaga photo by Domain Barnyard via Flickr

The world is gaga over Lady Gaga. Her outfits so outrageous during an award show that the costume itself deserves an award. You can catch a small glimpse of her face through the crazy mix of carnival masks she wears. And her hair, it’s so um…wait, has anyone seen her real hair? She wears wigs, lots of them.

Help her out, which wig do you think would look best on Lady Gaga from Vogue Wigs?

Not Eligible for $10 Comcast Internet Service? Try These Tips Instead


Photo courtesy of Sh4rp_i, via Flickr

This week Comcast announced plans to roll out a $10 per month Internet service for low income families. But don’t be too quick to celebrate–this service is limited to families with children who receive free lunches through the National School Lunch Program. You could be as broke as can be, but if you’re childless, you’re out of luck.

Billeater: Save Money on Vacation Meals with Dining Discounts


Image by onemorebiteblog via Flickr

Have you ever thought about how you prioritize vacation expenses? Do you spend hour after hour searching for the cheapest airfare? Do you choose the early-morning flight and leave long before you’re usually awake because it’s $20 less than the mid-morning flight? Do you shove everything into carry-on bags to save on checked baggage fees?

Many of us can answer yes to all of the above; however, as soon as we arrive at our destinations, we make a beeline to the nearest restaurant. “I’ve earned this expense,” we say–and it’s true. Vacations are so rare that we need a chance to relax and not worry about money. Sure, our eyes may widen for half a second when the bill comes, but hey, we saved $30 on the luggage fee. This food is worth the extra bucks!

However, when you buy meal after expensive meal, the expenditures add up quickly, and suddenly you’re hundreds of dollars over your vacation budget.

Alternate Uses for Unwanted Beauty Products


We’ve all bought something that we think we’re going to love, but just ends up in the back of our makeup drawers or in the trash. If you’re a beauty junkie, you’re probably always buying, re-arranging, and tossing out products. One way to stretch out your beauty budget is to make the things you buy go a long way.

Here are some alternative uses for your old or unwanted beauty products:

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