The Prudent Pantry: Ideas for Healthy Snacks While on a Diet


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I recently cut wheat, sugar, and dairy from my diet–perhaps temporarily, perhaps not–and I’m finding that I’m hungry more often as I adjust. The key to keeping myself on track and reasonably sane has been snacking! Here are some ideas for snacking healthfully, diet-conscious, and budget-wise.

Savings Pledge Stories: A Round Up from Our DealPros


With over $5.2 million in pledges, we’ve hit the first tier of our mission to save Americans $1 billion, so we’ve upped the ante from $5 million to $10 million.  And to motivate and inspire you to set and reach your own financial goals, here are some more Savings Pledge stories from our intrepid DealPros.

Wacky Product of the Week: Banana Cellphone Handset


Maybe you don’t normally find my wacky product of the week very a-peel-ing, but you won’t be able to resist this week’s. It’s so ridiculous. So strange. So unbelievably useless! I’m not even monkeying around with this one.

Okay, enough banana jokes…This week’s insanely ridiculous product is the Banana Cellphone Handset from At only $15, I’m still not sure it’s even worth buying–even if would be unbelievably amusing to whip this out during a business meeting or in a crowded elevator.

Herding Cats: The Stock Market Crash, Jobs Report and Dogs, Tigers and Dolphins


Image courtesy of ICanHasCheezburger

This week we have the stock market crash (and how to deal with it), the job numbers, tips for paying for car repairs, and saving money by not paying your bills online.  Finally: dogs, tigers, cats and dolphins playing together.

Charlie Harper’s Death and Other Ways of Dealing with the Departure of Lead Actors


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In March, popular CBS comedy Two and a Half Men canned leading actor Charlie Sheen due to a series of egomania incidents. Since then, there has been much speculation about how the show will proceed without its lead actor. We now know that the character of Charlie Harper will be killed off– although we don’t know how–and that the season premiere of Two and a Half Men will include Harper’s funeral.

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