Ways to Get Free and Low Cost Back to School Vaccinations


Summer is coming to an end and most of you are prepping your kids for back to school. I can’t believe it’s already mid-August! Sure, there are lots of back to school sales, but don’t forget to make sure your kids’ immunizations are up to date. Keeping and maintaining their health is of utmost importance. So, when and what shots do your kids need? I’ll break it down for you.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Taking Style Cues from Rachel Bilson


For a long while, I couldn’t find any celebrity’s personal style to be inspiring. Instead of looking to present actresses and singers, I kept looking to the past for inspiration from Jackie, Audrey, Grace and Katherine. It seemed every “It” girl was either dressed like a mini version of Rachel Zoe, or like a Playboy pinup.

No more–there are many fresh faces on the scene who have inspirational as well as wearable personal style. One of my favorites is Rachel Bilson, whose personal style is wearable and is possible on most any wardrobe budget.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve Rachel Bilson’s style on a dime:

The Prudent Pantry: Easy Homemade Thai Curry Recipe


Image by missy & the universe via Flickr

While New York is celebrated for Chinese food on every corner, Los Angeles is abundant in Thai carryout. It is perhaps my favorite lazy dinner, but as cheap as each dish is (sometimes as little as $5), it adds up and can break the budget.

We’ve made our own Pad Thai at home, using a jar of pre-made sauce but, although it was delicious, we didn’t really find it to be much of a savings. Curry, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to make at home and can be very inexpensive. After years of experimenting, I’ve settled on a favorite meal of curried chicken/tofu, broccoli, and rice. You can, of course, substitute as you like.

Wacky Product of the Week: Deco Breeze Figurine Fans


One of the benefits of living in Santa Monica is its proximity to the ocean lends itself to more temperate weather during the hot summer months.  Unlike Valley residents, beach dwellers can usually keep cool through the use of fans rather than more expensive and energy draining A/C.

While I’m a proponent of the basic box fan, there are more decorative alternatives for those who prefer form to function.  I bring you Deco Breeze fans which combines both form AND function.

Herding Cats: Congress’ Super Committee, S&P Downgrade of US and the Retail Sales Report


Image courtesy of StrangeNature.com

This week we have news on the Super Congress, the S&P downgrade, some good news about consumer spending, nifty ways to save money, the cost of owning a pet and weird money stories from around the world.

Also, a very strange walking cat.

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