Free Hot Samples: Back to School Freebies for Terrific Teachers


Who was your favorite teacher? Everybody had one: Mine was Mrs. Dudley, 6th grade. She made learning fun, it wasn’t a chore to be in her class everyday. She was teaching us even when all of us thought we were playing. Teaching sneak attack, like teaching ninja warrior.

In honor of all our favorite teachers, this week teachers can score freebies for themselves and their class. As we all know (if you don’t, you should), teachers spend a lot of their own money on supplies for their class. Crazy, right? It shouldn’t happen, but it does. Maybe we should all ask our kids teachers if they need anything donated to the class (art supplies, tissues, cleaning wipes, etc.).

Hopefully, this list will help them out a little.

The Tech-pert: Motorola Triumph Review – The Best No Contract Smartphone You Can Buy


If you’ve been thinking about buying a smartphone but don’t want to get locked into a two-year contract–or pay a minimum of $60 per month for voice and data–your best option is a prepaid phone. Alas, until recently, there were very few models to choose from, and those were mostly on the low-end, underpowered side.

That all changes with the Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph, an Android-powered prepaid smartphone that’s anything but entry-level. It’s on the pricey side at $299.99, but you stand to save big in the long run.

Deal or No Deal: Fruit Ninja Kinect and The Humble Indie Bundle


This week, we return to looking at video game offers and determining whether or not there is some true value in them. The twist this time however is that there will be no beating around the bush. Both Fruit Ninja Kinect and the Humble Indie bundle are deals you should grab.

Which Vogue Wigs Would Work for Lady Gaga’s Hair?


Lady Gaga photo by Domain Barnyard via Flickr

The world is gaga over Lady Gaga. Her outfits so outrageous during an award show that the costume itself deserves an award. You can catch a small glimpse of her face through the crazy mix of carnival masks she wears. And her hair, it’s so um…wait, has anyone seen her real hair? She wears wigs, lots of them.

Help her out, which wig do you think would look best on Lady Gaga from Vogue Wigs?

Not Eligible for $10 Comcast Internet Service? Try These Tips Instead


Photo courtesy of Sh4rp_i, via Flickr

This week Comcast announced plans to roll out a $10 per month Internet service for low income families. But don’t be too quick to celebrate–this service is limited to families with children who receive free lunches through the National School Lunch Program. You could be as broke as can be, but if you’re childless, you’re out of luck.

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