Will Budget Cuts Lead to a Balanced Budget by Some Guy You Never Heard Of…?


No, that is the answer I came up with.  But if you have been following the back and forth from both parties, neither can anyone in Washington.

Last week I balanced the federal budget quite easily with a few adjustments to the tax code, closing of loop holes and expiring the Bush tax cuts above $350k a year or so.  This week I tried to do it with all cuts.  I must admit I failed at this exercise. But here’s the thing, I got closer than anyone who we elected to do this job. 

Slashing with a machete I managed to cut our Federal Budget by over $800b this year alone.

Buy Like Buffett: Get the Most Out of Your Credit Cards


Credit cards are a powerful financial tool depending upon how you use them. If you use a credit card in the wrong manner then you can wind up in a whole lot of debt and paying huge amounts of interest each month. Failing to make these payments every single month will lower your credit score terribly. You can use credit cards however to your advantage and actually make your finances even stronger than they were before.

Here are a few tips on using credit cards to your advantage.

Back to School Shopping Made Easier


It may be August, but summer is winding down.  I know for sure because “Back to School” sales are popping up everywhere. Yay, we get to indulge in one of our favorite past times, shopping–but with our children along it’s not always so fun. 

Here are some tips to make you shopping experience go smoothly with little kids all the way through teens.

Here’s Who’s Going to Save Up 2011 in NYC


Image by laverrue via Flickr

Today we’re proud to announce the lucky attendees for the third annual Save Up conference taking place October 12 – 14 in New York City. This elite group of the nation’s top money saving experts will come together at this one of a kind event which offers educational workshops, dynamic speakers and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Twitter Party: HP TouchPad Giveaway


Tablets…they’re all the rage these days! If you’ve watched any TV in the last couple of weeks, you’ve no doubt been introduced to the HP TouchPad tablet with commercials featuring Russell Brand and Lea Michelle.

The commercials have certainly piqued my interest!

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