Free Hot Samples: Household and Food Freebies


Just a few food freebies for you to grab this week. It’s been a slow few week for food freebies, but the freebies available are pretty good. You can grab some free Activia Yogurt with a printable coupon. Who wouldn’t want a free Nabisco Oreo Brownie? That sounds good just thinking about it. Kashi is offering a choice of free samples. Grab a Kraft product sample to use on your sandwiches and some Splenda for your coffee or tea. Let’s not forget about the free milk, yes milk! You can get yours with the printable coupon. But hurry, this offer expires today 8/5.

The Tech-pert: HP TouchPad Tablet Review


The iPad alternatives are coming fast and furious these days, and one of the most intriguing by far is the HP TouchPad.

Breaking Down the EA Sports Season Ticket


Every week it seems a new program is kicked off that affects the future cash flow of video game aficionados worldwide. This week was no different as EA Sports announced a new program that will be great news to some and terrible news to others depending on your personal gaming preferences.

What Skin Care Products Would a Klingon Use?


Klingons are a fierce warrior race with horrible skin issues. Have you seen their foreheads? Wrinkles and crinkles. Now, before you get all in a tizzy and state that is what makes them such fierce warriors, face it. They look old. Uh, about Klingon faces…they could use a little sun block lotion, seriously! Klingons are in desperate need for skin care products from the SkinStore.

A Guide to Daily Deal Secondary Market Sites


Photo courtesy of bnilson, via Flickr

Last week, I covered some general tips for taking advantage of daily deal sites like Groupon, BuyWithMe, LivingSocial and–including how to sell a daily deal coupon that you regret buying. Well, it turns out that this secondary market for daily deals sites is exploding. Since daily deal sites projected earnings make them to be a five billion dollar a year industry, and since 20% of daily deals sold go unclaimed, it follows that this remaining 20% is potentially worth a lot of money.

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