Comparing Real Results to Beauty Advertising Campaigns


Just recently, the British ASA banned two makeup ads for being too “airbrushed.” One featured Julia Roberts for the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation, and the other Christy Turlington for Maybelline’s The Eraser. The ASA chief executive stated that, “Advertisers must be able to provide appropriate material to us to demonstrate what retouching they’ve done in the event we question them, and they mustn’t mislead… L’Oreal [the company behind both brands] didn’t provide us with that evidence…” Roberts refused to have any un-retouched photos of her released (is it really that bad?).

We always wonder if our eyelashes, lips, skin are going to look as gorgeous as those we see in magazines or TV ads. The truth is they probably won’t. Beauty ads can no doubt be deceiving so I scoured through some magazines and tested out some of the products to see how well they match up with their ads:

Cook Fast, Live Young: Save Money with DiY Pet Treats


We know, we know. It’s hard enough to cook for yourself, and now you’re supposed to cook for Fido, too? But just as with making your own food for you, there are many benefits to switching over to homemade treats for your dog. You’ll save money, control the ingredients your dog eats, and be able to customize them for your dog’s size. Plus, it can be a lot of fun!

Billeater: Are You Using BillShrink Yet?


Ever have that sneaking suspicion that you’re paying too much for the products and services you need to make your life more efficient and comfortable? You’re like millions of us who feel that there are bargains out there if you can only find them–but who has the time? Maybe during your lunch hour you call your credit card company, for example, to ask for a better rate, but if they say “no,” then what? Your schedule is so packed that you aren’t able to sift through every credit card plan to find what works best for you. You wouldn’t even know where to start!

It’s impossible–or is it?

Infographic: Gearing Up for 2011 Back to School Shopping


It is estimated that back-to-school spending will cost an average of $600-800 per student this year. Fortunately we’re taking the sting out of school supply shopping with a one-stop source for the best Back-to-School deals. With gas prices continuing to rise and time running out before the fall semester starts, offers the quickest and easiest way to save money on back-to-school needs.

The Tech-pert: Lojack for Recovering a Stolen Laptop


Imagine this: You head out for a Saturday afternoon of fun in the sun, then come home to discover that thieves have broken into your home and made off with your stuff.

That’s exactly what happened to my poor mother-in-law just a few weeks ago. Among other things, she lost two flat-screen TVs and two laptops.

Alas, there’s no way for a TV to transmit its location to you and/or the police–to “phone home,” as it were–but with the right software and service, a laptop can do exactly that.

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