Twitter Party: HP TouchPad Giveaway


Tablets…they’re all the rage these days! If you’ve watched any TV in the last couple of weeks, you’ve no doubt been introduced to the HP TouchPad tablet with commercials featuring Russell Brand and Lea Michelle.

The commercials have certainly piqued my interest!

Mrs. Money: Save Money and the Planet by Recycling your Old T Shirts


When I decide to de-clutter, t-shirts are always one of the items that I donate the most.  My husband’s white undershirts, no matter how I wash them, seem to get dingy in six months.  Instead of donating them all to our local Goodwill, I decided that I would try to re-purpose them and make them into items I could use around my house.

Five Easy and Frugal Ways to Increase Dietary Fiber Intake


A recent Chinese study showed that women who ate lots of fiber were 11% less likely to get breast cancer than those who ate less. Research didn’t prove that the fiber intake lowered their chances of cancer, but that those who ate more fiber were generally healthier overall with lower cholesterol and less weight gain. So, I guess an apple a day does really keep the doctor and his high fees away. Most people think of fiber as tasteless, chewy and something you have to eat. Not so, fiber is actually found naturally in lots of delicious fruits, vegetables, grains and other natural sources.

What are some easy and economical ways to boost your fiber intake without resorting to Metamucil or other higher priced and unnatural items?

Wardrobe Oxygen: Summer Fashion and Wearing White


I love wearing white in summer–it gives such a crisp look, and it complements every color in your wardrobe. White is also a great color to wear in the sun–it reflects the light keeping you cooler than if you wore the same item in a darker hue. While white is a perfect summer color to wear, it takes some care to ensure it looks great on you.

Here are some tips:

Savings Pledge Stories: Money Crashers on Saving for an Uncertain Future


I can’t remember a time with more economic uncertainty than today. The unemployment rate has not fallen as predicted, there is talk that Social Security checks won’t even be sent out next month, and our country is currently in debt up to its eyeballs.

Given all the fiscal turmoil, I decided that right now is a great time to set aside as much as I can for the future. Fortunately, I am still gainfully employed and I try to live frugally. But questions still constantly gnaw at the back of my mind: Am I saving enough for my retirement? Am I saving enough for my son’s education?

So for my Savings Pledge, I decided to do something more about my concerns. I’ll outline for you my new goals and how I plan to go about achieving them.

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