AmEx and Foursquare Earn Their “Convenience” Badge with New Location-Based Deals


It seems that saving money has become as easy as standing at a crosswalk. The GPS on your smart phone or other mobile device not only helps you get around, but also automatically connects you to surrounding restaurants and retail locations. And with the release of American Express and Foursquare’s new joint coupon feature, made available by AmEx Smart Offers API technology, the savings are practically following you.

Free Hot Samples: Best Miscellaneous Freebies


This weeks freebies are some of the best available. I went through my all the categories on my blog to put this one together. You can get a great freebie from Tide tomorrow–don’t be late though, it starts at 3 pm EST! Grab a diaper sample, a Cars 2 download or a phone call from a Disney character for the kids. There are free s’mores cookies, free chips and queso and tofu mix if your hungry. Or, you can grab the free e-cookbooks available to make your own meal. There are even some beauty products, too:  a sample of Garnier shampoo and conditioner.

The Tech-pert: Turn Your e-Reader into a Tablet – Nook2Android Review


As you may know, the awesome Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-reader (which is still available refurbished for $199, a deal too good to pass up) now offers some tablet-like features–most notably Flash support and access to select Android apps.

But it’s far from a bona fide Android tablet. If you want to transform it into one, you can–but that involves “rooting” the device, a scary and complex proposition for most users, and a warranty-violating one at that.

Savings Pledge Stories: Surviving and Thriving on Automating the Savings


Here’s my recommendation for anyone who wants to save: Automate it. That can be through direct deposit of a portion of your paycheck or, if you’re self-employed like me, through a monthly bank deduction.

Deal or No Deal: Xbox Live Gold Specials and More


This week, we take another trip down Video Game Deal or No Deal lane. As always the purpose of this feature is to break down what is and what isn’t a gift to your wallet, pocketbook, or European man-bag. So sit back relax and get ready to download some awesome deals or find out if you need to set that must grab special to ignore for being a not so great pseudo bargain.

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