Mrs. Money: Unique Ways to Use Cucumbers When Your Vegetable Garden Runneth Over


It seems that my garden is producing more cucumbers than I know what to do with! I love to eat them cut up with salt, but there are only so many cucumbers you can eat! 

Here are some unique uses for cucumbers:

Savings Pledge Stories: Bargain Blessings Makes a Goal to be Completely Debt-Free


I took the savings pledge last week and made a goal to save an extra $200 each week. This might seem like a lot to some, but saving money is something that I consider myself to be good at so I decided to shoot for the stars.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Stay Cool Fashion Trends to Beat the 2011 Heat Wave


A heat wave has spread across much of the United States; while writing this I am hiding out in my house blasting the A/C and keeping the shades drawn. Us fashionistas, however, need to leave our homes for work, errands and of course having fun.

How do you stay cool in such weather while still looking stylish?

The Prudent Pantry: Can You Save Money on the Paleo Diet?


By HTO (Own work (own photo)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Paleolithic, or Primal, Diet has been gaining popularity lately. People seem to be pretty divided about its health benefits, but I was curious how it holds up financially.

Wacky Product of the Week: Elliptical Machine Office Desk


How much would you pay to get in shape while sitting on your butt at work, without even breaking a sweat? One million dollars? Five million dollars?? Twenty-eight million dollars?!

Okay, well that’s a lot of money, so thankfully the geniuses over at Hammacher Schlemmer have an Elliptical Machine Office Desk for just $8,000.

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