Shop in Reverse to Save Money!


If I hear the phrase “in these economic times” one more time, I’m going to scream. Aaaaack! Okay, I just heard it again. Times are tough–we get it. We’re living it! I lost my full time job last year too, so I feel it.

Never before has my shopping and deal savvy skills been so important to me as it has been this past year. One tip I’d like to share is what I call shopping in reverse.

Most people shop going forward; I do the opposite to save money. For instance, when it’s the Christmas season, most people gather their thoughts, make up a list and head out to the stores. Maybe it’s Thanksgiving weekend, maybe a little before or a little after.

But think about it, when you wait until then, you’re really held captive. You have to have a gift to give within the next two to four weeks. Same goes when you get a party invitation, birthday or otherwise.

Doing Dinner and a Movie for Less


The quintessential date night is “dinner and a movie,” but there’s got to be a cheaper way to enjoy this “must” for just about any adult couple.  It’s hard to go out for an evening without dropping $75 to $100 for a few hours of fun.  And that doesn’t include the babysitter cost or dragging the kids along (which is not very romantic). 

The following tips are not recommended for first dates–you may scare someone off by seeming cheap–but if you are in a long term relationship you’ll be instantly raised to “smart, wise and thrifty.”

Buy Like Buffett: Tips to Manage Debt Negotiations


Lots of people are struggling to pay their expenses for a variety of reasons. It could be because of a job loss, financial hardship, medical bills, or some other catastrophe. These problems have left a lot of people drowning in debt. Nobody likes to fall behind on a bill but sometimes circumstances in life occur that make this inevitable. When these situations arise, you need to have a game plan to deal with your creditors.

Use these simple tips to negotiate with creditors about your past due bills.

One Man’s Perspective on Home Gardening


If you have been following along, you may have seen my recent review of the Troy-bilt electric garden cultivator. I wasn’t just tilling for the hell of it, or even for the sake of writing the review. Nope. I have a little vegetable garden, even though it’s one of my least favorite food groups. I grow them, but it’s my wife who enjoys them. I eat them, but I’m not going to lie and say I like it.

Of course, now you’re wondering why? Why would a guy who races motorcycles and cars, and does his own plumbing and roofing want to dig, water and pull weeds, especially when he doesn’t even like vegetables?

Wardrobe Oxygen: Must-Have Fashion Essentials for a Beach Getaway


I just got back from my annual beach getaway with my mom, sister and daughter. I love going to the beach–the surf, the sand, the sun and the great food and shopping! A key to a fun and relaxing beach getaway is packing appropriately for the event. Who wants to stress about what to wear when you are supposed to be relaxing?

After all my years as a beach fan, these are my must-pack items for a great beach getaway wardrobe:

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