Fast Food Mutation: The Newest Crop of Bizarre Menu Items

Jack in the Box Restaurant exterior

At some point near the turn of the century, it seems the decision makers for all the fast food chains in the country looked out upon their works and sighed. The public, they decided, must have grown tired of simply caring about quality of food. “Let’s just get weird with it,” they must have said […]

The Hubsan X4 Quad-Copter: Best. Toy. Ever. And Cheap

Hubsan X4 H107C

Forget apes. Welcome to the rise of the planet of the drones. Because these things are about to be everywhere. I say this based on recent experience with one drone in particular, the Hubsan X4. Actually, it’s a radio-controlled quad-copter, but “drone” is easier to say and type, so I’m going with that. The X4 […]

Your Guide to The Country’s Best Cheap Food

Ramen Scratch

For me, food IS travel. Half the reason I go to new places and foreign countries is to feast upon their local delicacies (while the other half is because I’m always trying to catch that dastardly Carmen Sandiego). There’s no reason, however, for these meals to break the bank. I’ve cobbled together a zig-zagging circuit […]

What to Save On and What to Spend More On at 99 Cent Stores

99 Cents

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you overindulge a bit too much and wake up Monday morning shocked at your depleted bank account? Well I have, and it’s what landed me trolling the well-stocked shelves of a 99-cent store by my house – you know the type – where everything’s under a […]

Cheap Date Ideas for Faux High-Rollers

Attractive couple drinking red wine in restaurant or bar

So you were internet dating (again) and you came across another promising match who wanted to go on a date, only now, you’re worried about how you’ll afford a night out on the town (again). The last thing you want to do is let her (or him) know you’re concerned with spending money. You want […]

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