10 Amazing (and Easy) Kitchen Science Experiments

Kids science experiment - SCRATCH

Looking back on childhood, why did we all hate going to school so much? It was an opportunity to get together with friends to read and learn and play and sleep. While we can’t bring back…

Scoring Free Travel: How Does This Guy Do It?

Travel assessories

This 25-year-old travel consultant is amazing! He uses airline miles and credit card points to travel around the world at super significant savings. In this Q&A with him, you learn some of his travel secrets. Start your savings adventure by using these Savings.com promo codes from Expedia and Orbitz. Originally published by the Independent Traveler […]

Greater Ease and Accessibility to Grocery Savings with Favado

Favado App

Grocery shopping can get expensive, fast. Especially if you’re shopping for a family of five. So making sure you’re saving on all your purchases becomes not just a preference, but a necessity. Enter Favado. Since 2013, Favado has been a leader in helping families maximize savings with mobile grocery couponing. In fact, it provides savings […]

The Ultimate List of Holiday Sweaters


More specifically, 17 of our favorite sweaters! It’s that time of year again, the time of year where sweaters are necessary, and the time of year where ugly sweater parties are a must! Get prepared for this season festivities with one (or some) of these bad boys. Christmas Awakens Sweater $20 at Busted Tees It […]

Decluttering 101: Turn Your Trash into Cash

declutter house scratch

Finding cash generating clutter hidden inside the dark recesses of your home can be as easy as going on a treasure hunt! I recently went on a treasure hunt and was surprised by the sellable items…

Subscription Boxes – A Genius Way to Treat Yourself

subscription boxes -scratch

Did you know ordering subscription boxes could actually save you money? Everyone loves surprises and care packages. Subscription boxes offer both. For you or a gift idea. Make it a cheap(er) thrill with these savings tips.

Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine or Sugar

We’ve all been there. You were up late trying to finish a report for your boss, or putting final touches on your kids school project, or finally getting to watch that episode of your favorite show that was aired 4 weeks ago. Then the morning hits you and you need a pick me up. Caffeine […]

Why Wait for Black Friday When the Deals Are Now?

cyber shopping the scratch

Gina AcostaSam’s Club is introducing a new way for shoppers to get a head start on their holiday shopping: Pre-Black Friday.
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Real People Dish on Dining Out Hacks

eating out - the scratch

It seems nobody wants to cook anymore. Sixty percent of people get restaurant take-out or delivery at least once a week. Millennials are especially averse to the kitchen. According to the Food Institute, the youngest adults spend about $50 a week on outside dining, more money than any other age group. Meal-kit delivery services like […]

Genius Christmas Home Decor Hacks

christmas decorations

Let’s face it: The holidays can be expensive. Along with spending money on gifts, food, and fun, you also need to worry about lights, decorations, wrapping essentials, and other items. Fortunately, we’ve found some smart ways to help you save big on your holiday decorations! Learn how to save on holiday decorations on Wise Bread.

5 Easy Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Flights

Airplane taking off

How to save money — and your sanity — this holiday travel season. Savings.com has travel deals to make flying the friendly skies even better. Whether your travel is domestic or international, Savings.com has coupon codes to make your flight less bumpy. Originally published by ABC News Flying over Thanksgiving: For many, a necessary evil. […]

7 Best Days for Discount Shopping


With just a few weeks left before Black Friday, you may be gearing up to start your Christmas shopping. However, it may surprise you that 32 million Americans started their Christmas shopping…

45 Restaurants with Veterans Day Specials


If you have served our country, plenty of restaurants are eager to serve you Dozens of national and regional restaurant chains, not to mention some local restaurants near you, are saluting active and retired military this Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, with freebie deals. Each year, different chains jump on the bandwagon, offering free selections from […]

Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy: Money Saving Tips & Week 44 Meal Plans


It’s not always easy to eat healthy, especially when you’re on the run. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And, actually, with a little planning, it’s quite simply really. Just follow some of these quick tips and tricks for healthy meal planning to help you be prepared ahead of time and avoid over spending and […]

Cut Calories With Simple Food Swaps [Infographic]

Every day we are inundated with articles, posts, advertisements and people telling us how important it is to exercise.  While this is true, exercise is a very important part of staying active and healthy, what you eat is just as important. I know from personal experience, that if you JUST exercise or JUST eat right, it will take […]

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