Best Drive-Thru Breakfast in America with Josh Androsky


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what about for the person on-the-go? We went to three top fast food chains to discover where to find the best drive-thru breakfast in America.

Director: Cassandra Lee Hamilton
Music: Cowabunga Babes


Amazon Prime Adds Unlimited Music Streaming, But What’s The Catch?

Amazon Prime Music Scratch

Earlier today, Amazon took the wraps off Prime Music, a new addition to the company’s Prime subscription service. It’s best known for free two-day shipping and Netflix- style video streaming (which now includes a ton of HBO content), but Music adds an important component: music!

In other words, for an annual charge of $99, you can now stream unlimited, commercial- free tunes just about anywhere. Prime Music is available via your PC, your Roku box, your Kindle Fire, your Android and iOS devices, and so on.

Let’s go to the calculator, shall we?

Better Than Neckties: 5 Awesome Gadget Gifts For Father’s Day


With only five shopping days left until Father’s Day, it’s time to make a decision on what to get for dear old Dad. A necktie? Fail. A new drill? There’s nothing wrong with the old one. No, if you want a happy dad this Sunday, there’s only one way to go: gadgets.

Dad loves ‘em, and there are plenty of cool new toys out there that won’t break the budget. Here’s my list of five can’t-miss picks for Father’s Day.

GOgroove BlueSync WUD

Bluetooth speakers are awesome, but most of them are boring-looking plastic bricks. The BlueSync WUD, on the other hand, is all cool and retro–just like Dad. Encased in wood and styled like a 50s radio, it sports a big volume knob and even a carrying strap across the top. Vintage, baby!

Corporate Marketing Stunts Have Ruined The Guinness Book Of World Records

Guiness World Records Scratch

Corporate marketing stunts have ruined The Guinness Book Of World Records. I came to this realization after hearing about Arby’s marketing stunt where they filmed a brisket being smoked for 13 hours and played it in its entirety as a commercial in Duluth, Minnesota. This marketing stunt won them the World Record for The Longest TV Commercial, and it really pissed me off. 

I think I have a right to be upset. I’ve always held the Guinness Book Of World Records in high esteem. The latest edition was a guaranteed Christmas present in my household. I would spend hours reading about all of the weird and incredible things that people around the world could achieve and dreaming of one day having my name in that book. As far as I was concerned, holding a Guinness World Record was better than getting a Nobel Prize. You saved a bunch of sick kids with your dumb vaccine? Who cares! Come back to me after you’ve been growing your finger nails for 20 years or you learn to squirt milk from your eyes. Then I’ll be impressed.

Podcasts, AAA And Coupons For Your Next Summer Roadtrip


Summer’s here, and that means you should be doing one thing: getting your tush out on the open road. From Kerouac to Juggalos, everyone loves discovering our country and themselves via America’s highways. Only problem? That can be mega expensive. Here are some tips for you to save some cash when planning your road trip.


Whether out alone or with some pals, you’re going to hit some boredom travelling the country—usually this starts around Kansas and extends through the great plains. There’s so little to look at, you can’t even make fun of ridiculous billboards or stupid town names. Sure, once you get into Missouri, there’s some stuff to make fun of, (I’m looking at you Herculaneum, MO, for sounding like an amphitheater that is exclusively headlined by KISS.) so what can you do? Podcasts.

For those not in the know, podcasts are FREE radio shows put on by some of the finest minds in comedy, history, sports, and pop culture, that are available on demand whenever you see fit to listen.

Should You Subscribe To Mavens By Julep, Stitchfix, LeTote Or Not?

Julep Scratch

I’m continuing my foray into some of the more interesting internet subscription service options and whether or not they’re actually worth that monthly fee.

Mavens by Julep
The Premise: Nail polish brand Julep provides a monthly themed box of high-end nail polish and cosmetics for a fee of $24.99. Users pick from a style profile, with names like “It Girl” or “Boho Glam,” and are sent selections for that month’s theme. While you’re given a box that matches your style profile by default, you can opt to choose a box from a different style profile.

The Experience: I spoke with Meredith, a User Experience Expert in Southern California who is a big fan of the service. A self-described nail polish addict, Meredith finds that the subscription service has really helped her curb her spending without sacrificing her nails. “Last year my New Years resolution was to stop impulse buying nail polish, so I got the [Mavens subscription]. It keeps me on budget and they have enough different “packages” each month that I never feel like there’s nothing I don’t want.”

Why Did I Buy This? With Grant Pardee: Girlfriend Body Pillow & Other Useless Amazon Items

Girlfriend Body Pillow Scratch

One of the things I love most about shopping on Amazon is they have everything I need. But they also have lots of things that nobody needs. I decided to investigate further and bought the 3 most useless or obnoxious items I could find on Amazon – the Girlfriend Body Pillow, BIC For Her Pens, and a Banana Slicer.

Were any of them worthwhile in any way or was it just a pit of despair? Find out in the video:


Three Tech Deals You Should Avoid At All Costs

Beats Scratch

Deals are everywhere on these Interwebs of ours, but you know the old saying: If it looks too good to be true, Google it.

Better still, read this. Below I’ve spotlighted three common tech deals that aren’t worth your time–and definitely not your money. Got a difference of opinion? Tough luck! Er, I mean, share your thoughts in the comments below.

1st-generation iPads
iPads are crazy-expensive, so when you see one selling for as little as $120 (which you can, today only, at, there’s considerable temptation to grab the deal. Sure, it’s a first-generation model, but so what? That just means it’s a little thicker and heavier than newer iPads, right?

Turn Any Tablet Into The Perfect PC For Seniors


As a child I learned to respect my elders, but it’s awfully hard to do that when they can’t grasp a concept as simple as cut and paste!

Seriously, at the risk of sounding like a jerk, most of the people I know over the age of 60 have trouble with computers. It’s not their fault; they didn’t have the luxury of growing up with them. And even in 2014, PCs remain annoyingly unintuitive. Shutting down Windows 8 is a four-step process, for crying out loud.

So here’s my dilemma: My parents (who are in their late 70s and early 80s) have had it with their current laptops, which take forever to boot and often end up infested with malware. And I’ve about had it with troubleshooting these and other problems.

Fortunately, there’s a terrific solution, one I’m increasingly recommending to older users: switch to a tablet.

5 Ways to Have an A-List Hollywood Trip on a D-List Budget


So you got the Facebook message from your home-town pal that we all dread – ‘I’m coming to LA! Can’t wait to hang out with you! HOLLYWOOD BABY!’, and you immediately begin to rig up an elaborate lie about how you are ‘so happy they’re coming out but you will probably be super busy that weekend’ because you don’t have the heart to show them your glamorous lifestyle involves attaching a pink mustache to your car to make money before you go home to your sad studio apartment in Glendale above an Armenian bakery. Fear not, we’re here to give you some insider tips into tricking your friends into thinking you are way cooler than you actually are while they’re here on their trip.

1. Lay Out Poolside As You Overlook The City

The Standard downtown is one of LA’s hottest hotels and night spots, and is also home to a rooftop pool which, for some inexplicable reason, is open to the public. That’s right, for no money at all you too can feel self conscious about your Midwest body type while some of the cities most attractive and unemployed people lay out and drink cocktails nearby. Get there early to snag a bodega, which will not only shield you from the sun’s harsh rays, but give you a chance to lay on a waterbed just like weekends at your old Uncle Jack’s place. Bring along your own picnic and make a day of it, or splurge on the delicious brats in their Biergarden.

Menstrual Period Subscription Boxes Are, Apparently, a Thing (and a Waste of Money)

period box

I have been menstruating for over half my life. I’m used to it. I’m, dare I say, pretty good at it. The monthly act of going to the drug store and buying my tampons, cramp meds and assorted accouterments that no longer faze me like it did when I was fifteen. I don’t think there’s anything unusual about the ease with which I deal with the emotional terrorist that is Aunt Flo.

But if I were the sort of woman who, let’s say, wasn’t comfortable getting their Tampax rung up by a bored-looking teenage clerk in a primary colored vest, I could get a period subscription box, filled with a combination of feminine protection products and sweets, delivered to me in a plain, unmarked receptacle once a month. That’s right—the subscription box trend has expanded to the realm of reproduction. But are they worth it? I sent away for a few of them to find out.

HISY Remote Shutter Promises Perfect Selfies–For a Price


Ever since phone makers started building front-facing cameras into their handsets, people have been snapping “selfies.” But only when some yutz coined that term last year did the selfie backlash begin.

Frankly, I don’t think the picture itself is the problem. It’s the process of taking them that needs work.

Think about it: Using just one hand, you have to hold your phone at arm’s length, then tap the screen or a button to trigger the shutter. That seemingly simple action often results in a slight jarring of the phone, which can lead to a blurry image. And how often do you screw up your carefully staged camera angle at the same time?

This is, suffice it to say, a first-world problem, but it’s also one with a solution: HISY, a remote camera trigger that let’s you snap hands-free photos. (Well, sort of. Read on.)

Like Netflix but for Clothing: JustFab, Adore Me, and Gwynnie Bee


As internet subscription services begin to outnumber websites featuring quizzes about things like ‘Which Caroline in the City character are you?” I find myself wondering which of them are actually worth my monthly fee and which have a press release that just fit nicely into a click-through blurb?

I decided to test a few of them out to get a feel for how they actually benefit a user, and how much they live up to their promising allure.

Say Hello to HP’s $100 Android Tablet


It’s about time!

Earlier this week, HP quietly unveiled a new addition to its tablet lineup: the HP 7 Plus. Price: $99.99. Cheapskates of the world, rejoice!

Indeed, that’s the cheapest name-brand tablet to date. The closest competitor is Amazon’s $139 Kindle Fire HD. I’ve seen other models priced at $100 or less, but they were all from companies with names like Azpen and Hisense. What’s in a name? Hey, Shakespeare didn’t know from tablets.

The big question is whether a sub-$100 tablet could possibly be any good, even with the HP logo stamped on. Ultimately, that depends on what you want from a tablet. On paper, the HP 7 Plus looks pretty good, albeit with some mixed specs.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3: The Final Insult


Earlier today, Microsoft took the wraps off the Surface Pro 3, the company’s third attempt at crafting the ultimate laptop replacement. And that’s exactly how they’re positioning it: a solution for the “conflict” that exists between laptops and tablets. (Somewhere in Hollywood, some hack is outlining a Freaky Friday remake.)

This is an intriguing product for a number of reasons, starting with price: the Pro 3 starts at $799, which is actually less than the Pro 2. But the top-end model costs a jaw-dropping $1,949 (not including a couple must-have accessories), a price point normally reserved for flagship MacBooks. And rich people.

Another big deal: the big screen. The Pro 3 measures 12 inches diagonally, which puts it closer to laptop territory. (The previous Pro had a 10.6-inch display.) Just as important, it allows for a larger, less-cramped keyboard. All told, it should make work chores more comfortable. Size does matter, especially where your fingers are involved. (Wait, that came out wrong.)

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