Announcing Save Up 2014


It’s that time of year again! It’s time for our annual Save Up conference, and this year we’re thrilled to host our seventh edition of the conference in the lovely and quirky city of Austin, Texas. America’s savviest money-saving bloggers, the DealPros, will be descending upon Austin from July 31st through August 2nd for a couple days of learning, networking and fun!

Regretsy’s Crafter School Special: Make Your Own Snooki Mask


When asked me to create a weekly DIY tutorial for their readers, I was overwhelmed. I was also drunk, which is why I said yes.

But I think you’ll agree that I’m a natural for a job like this, because I have almost no crafting ability. And if there’s one thing the handmade movement has taught us, it’s that you don’t actually need talent to craft, and everyone has to pretend to like it anyway.

And speaking of no talent, how great is Jersey Shore? Really great, that’s how. And if all those kids did was smoke cigarettes and vomit on themselves, it would be enough for me. But God love them, they’ve got so much more on the ball. Did you know that three of them are already published authors? And Snooki’s book is on the New York Times Bestseller List! It all seems so effortless for them. Probably because they didn’t actually write anything.

Wouldn’t we all want a taste of that life? You bet we would. And today, I’m going to show you how to see the world through Snooki’s eyes. Soon you’ll be living the dream, one happy hour at at time.

I Resolve to Start 2010 on the Right Foot


Hopefully y’all are enjoying the first day of 2010 without the champagne hangover.  But either way, we want to help you start the New Year on the right foot–literally.

We’re giving away a $50 gift card compliments of Famous Footwear.  Whether you use it to buy a new pair of running shoes, dress shoes for a more professional appearance or boots made for walking or a pair of dancing shoes–it’s completely up to you!

The Tech-pert: MagicJack and Other Options for Cheaper Smartphone Calling Plans


I’ve often said it’s not the price of smartphones that bothers me, it’s the monthly fee you have to pay for service.

AT&T and Verizon, for example, charge $59.99 per month for 900-minute plans–not including the obligatory data plan for your iPhone or Android phone. And if you’re a serious gabber, the unlimited voice plans will run you $69.99 monthly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could switch to the cheapest available voice plan, without giving up a single minute of talk time? Thanks to a couple amazing apps, you can.

6 Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses


Even in the best of economic times, one of the biggest challenges small business owners face is the constant need to cut costs and utilize available funds more effectively. Being that many entrepreneurs are so caught up with the day to day demands of running their businesses, they fail to recognize the little details that can add up to greater profitability.

Here are six money saving tips for small business owners which, if properly implemented, could lead to earlier and more sustainable success.

Twelve Days of Giveaways: Deluxe Beauty Samples and $50 gift card


Why not treat yourself to some extra pampering around the holidays and start off the New Year on a fresh note?  Fine lines, wrinkles and pores are generally seen as unwelcomed visitors for our skin. Having the right dermatological ammunition to keep skin looking healthy can be costly and a gamble. Our Team at, has recognized that this shouldn’t have to be the case.  

Twelve Days of Giveaways: Get Glam for the Holidays Prize Package II


Is your closet looking a little dreary?  Do you worry each time you step out in public that Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear have you in their cross-hairs?  Have you resolved to make 2012 the year of a fab new improved you? 

Well read on ‘cuz day seven of our Twelve Days of Giveaways has what you need to give your tired style a much needed boost:

For day three of the giveaways we posted a prize package consisting of a trio of fashionable gift cards, but if that’s not enough glamour to go around we have yet another style-savvy prize for you:

First up is a $100 gift card thanks to the fabulous folks at BH Cosmetics.  Choose from a plethora of palettes, a bevy of brushes and eyeshadows in every shade of the rainbow!  Affordably priced, you’ll be able to not only indulge your own cosmetic junkie, but stock up on gifts for friends and family as well.

Twelve Days of Giveaways: The Explorer’s Prize Package


We’re down to the last five prize packages for our twelve days of giveaways and you’ll won’t want to miss a single post this week as we’ve definitely saved some of the best for last. 

I Resolve to Tone Up


As promised, we have more stuff to give away!  This week, in honor of the upcoming new year, we have resolution-themed prizes to help you start off 2010 on the right foot.

And speaking of feet, our first prize is a pair of EasyTone shoes thanks to our friends at Reebok.

Twelve Days of Giveaways: The Nesting Prize Package


The holiday season is in full swing and for many of us that equates to parties, gatherings and travel. While many are apt to leave home and visit others, there may be a select group of us who consider “nesting” to be quite the option during the holidays. If you’re pregnant/expecting, recently given birth or simply love the idea of home decor and more, then this prize is for you!

Salma Hayek Launching Nuance and Other Celebrity Beauty Lines


Image courtesy of Athena LeTrelle via Flickr

Celebrities know how important it is to look beautiful. Having spent so much time in a hair and makeup chair, they know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Recently, entrepreneur and actress Salma Hayek announced that she will be carrying out her own affordable beauty line, Nuance, which will feature natural ingredients from her native country. The anti-aging properties in the ingredients have been used by the women in her family for generations. Her grandmother “died at 96 with no wrinkles“, she said.

 Celebrities are constantly launching their own line of beauty products–from hair, to skin, to makeup, and perfume. These are some other beauty product lines with some star power:

Twelve Days of Giveaways: Get Glam for the Holidays Prize Package I


For many of us the holiday season is a time of parties.  And, of course, parties mean dressing up.  For day three of the Twelve Days of Giveaways, we have a prize package that will help you add some festive flair to your wardrobe.

Why Did I Buy This? With Grant Pardee: Girlfriend Body Pillow & Other Useless Amazon Items

Girlfriend Body Pillow Scratch

One of the things I love most about shopping on Amazon is they have everything I need. But they also have lots of things that nobody needs. I decided to investigate further and bought the 3 most useless or obnoxious items I could find on Amazon – the Girlfriend Body Pillow, BIC For Her Pens, and a Banana Slicer.

Were any of them worthwhile in any way or was it just a pit of despair? Find out in the video:


Twelve Days of Giveaways: $200 Peruvian Connection Gift Card and MyJewelryBox Pendant


Today’s prizes are all about luxury.  Whether it’s velvety smooth alpaca fibers, soft Peruvian pima cotton, lustrous silk or sparkling diamonds, there’s nothing quite like sumptuousness of the finer things in life. 

Compliments of Peruvian Connection , we’re giving away a $200 gift card and if that weren’t enough, we’re throwing in a bit of bling thanks to our friends at MyJewelryBox .

The Eight Most Expensive Gifts for Your Pets

The Most Expensive Gifts for Your Pet

Here are three things everyone loves: pets, lists, and hating on the rich. So why not combine the three and scroll through the most lavish pet purchases ol’ Uncle Nick could find on the internet. Please don’t feel obligated to call me Uncle Nick, but if it feels right to you, I won’t say no. […]

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