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How to Save on Produce, Is Price Matching Worth the Effort and more! (DealPro Round-Up)

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at 8:00AM Wednesday August 1, 2012
under DealPro Tips

This week our Network of DealPros has some great posts that will help you dramatically reduce your budget! 

It may seem like produce is one of the hardest things to save money on, but you really can reduce your spending and still eat well. Check out How to Save Money on Produce on Cleverly Simple. Lynette says, "For the past three years I've been filling my produce drawer and have stayed within my grocery budget by following a few simple tips."

You've heard the scoop that super centers and office supply stores are allowing you to price match. But is Price Matching: Worth the Effort? Find out from our own DealPro, Values Val. "You may have seen the ads: Walmart and Target both say they will match their competitor's sale prices. Since the school supply deals are at so many different stores this week, I decided to put those policies to the test."

More Tips and Tricks to Save

5 Things You Should Never Pay For from A Frugal Chick- "Sometimes the best things in life really are free. And people pay for those things! These items can add up over time and often slip under the radar. Money may be leaving your account right now to pay for something you should get free." 

Drought Predicted to Increase Food Prices ~ Strategies To Save Money Now on Saving the Family Money. "Record breaking weather is causing droughts in many regions of the United States. With the effects of the drought on crops, it's expected to raise the cost of foods by about 4.5% for 2013 for items such as corn, beef, poultry and more."

Save more money in the grocery store by paying attention to product placement! on I Am That Lady. "One of the many ways that Grocery stores make money is off of product placement throughout their store. You can often find many of the same items in different places around the store, they usually have different packaging and sometimes VERY different prices." 

Enjoy These Frugal Recipes for Summer

Learn some of these tips and even more about saving money and time at a Savings Nation class in your area, taught by our very own Dealpros! 

What's one of the ways you are saving money this week? Tell us about it!