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It’s a new year and with that comes the latest in new and exciting technical innovations. But not all is good and right in the land of new tech toys my friends. There are some real head scratching stinkers out there. So in the spirit of the lame, insane, and just plain ridiculous, let this serve as the first of a new weekly blog about crazy tech gadgets. Inspired by my previous post, continued here for your reading pleasure. Words almost fail me when it comes to discussing the OLED dress from PolyPhotonix, pictured above. Almost. For those needing a refresher in acronyms, OLED stands for organic light emitting diode. You find them in televisions, computer monitors, and cell phones. So yes, what you have here is essentially a light emitting dress. Its purpose…?

Seriously, who knows. Other than being a light-bright piece of gaudy couture, I can see no real reason for this dress to exist. Perhaps there is a remake of that seminal Kim Cattrall/Andrew McCarthy 1980s “classic” Mannequin.

Please, say it ain’t so. Or the future really is inspired by Buck Rogers fashions from the old television show. Bee-dee, bee-dee indeed.

I’m sorry, goofy one-off or future fashion trend, this dress is awful. Not awfully funny, just pretty darn bad. Now the panels that make up this design nightmare are quite innovative and the polymer-based technology will indeed prove useful. But please, whoever was in charge of putting them on a dress, stay away from the runways unless they are the plane landing kind. 

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  1. coupiedoll

    5 years ago

    Nice! At least’s it’s green.

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