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Top Alternative Uses for Girl Scout Cookies

By (view all posts by Allegra.Ringo)
at 6:47AM Friday February 15, 2013
under Newsworthy

Image courtesy of Girl Scouts of Rhode Island.

It's that time of year again- the time when we have way, way too many Girl Scout cookies around. Sure, it's fun at first. But a couple of pants sizes later, you may be looking for some ways to use up these delicious little guys. I've got you covered- here are the top alternative uses for Girl Scout cookies.


  • A hoop skirt for your hamster
  • A bracelet for the extremely small (humans and/ or animals)
  • Hoop earrings
  • A Frisbee for your hamster
  • A Hula Hoop for your hamster
  • Just give it to your hamster and let him decide what to do with it
Thin mints
  • Set a record for world's smallest hockey puck
  • Make a thin mint cobblestone walkway up to your house
  • Hoop-like earrings
  • Replace black Checkers pieces you lost long ago
  • Use them as skipping "stones"
  • Mosaic them with your thin mints to create a classic diner-style kitchen tile floor
  • Grind them up, use them to caulk holes in your wall, get your full rental deposit back when you move out of your place!
  • Use them as white Checkers to replace the thin mints that were replacing your black Checkers
Those shortbread ones
  • Throw them in the trash

Happy Girl Scout cookie season!