10 Christmas cookie recipes that are sure to win Santa’s favor this year


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So it’s almost Christmas Eve and the thought on everyone’s minds is, “what cookies should we make for Santa?” Well you don’t want to make just any cookies. This is a big decision people.

Your choice of cookie is directly related to what ends up under the tree. Forget the naughty and nice list….we all know that bribery with the perfect cookies is what really works. 

So here are 10 cookie recipes for you. They are all good, but make your selection wisely. If you’ve been extra naughty this year, your cookies need to be extra special!

1. Nothing says, “forgive me Santa,” like some nice holly. Make those cookies in the holly shape and you’re good to go! Check out these easy holly cookies

2. Or if you need to take it a step farther with the kissing up, try these mistletoe cookies
3. Move over Girl Scout Thin Mints. These peppermint chocolate sandwich cookies will always have Santa knocking on your door…er um…coming down your chimney. 

4. We all know that Santa is a fan of Nutella (who isn’t a fan , actually?). So try these Nutella-inspired chocolate hazelnut shortbread cookies

5. Cookie within a cookie? Yes. This is for the naughtiest of the naughty. Try these cookies and cream cookies…double the cookie, double the fun. 

6. We know that Santa loves him some candy canes. Try these peppermint bark chocolate pudding cookies. They are sure to make him happy and keep his breath nice and minty. 

7. Coconut is always fun. Sometimes you feel like a nut, but sometimes you don’t. These cookies are a delight to look at and eat! Try this batch of Coconut Joy Cookies

8. We all know that Santa loves chocolate chip. But how do you take something he loves so much and give it that something extra to apologize for all of the bad things you did this year? These brown butter & toffee chocolate chip cookies are sure to do it! 

9. And keeping with the chocolate chip theme (let’s face it, it’s definitely Santa’s fav), you could try these chocolate chip s’mores cookies. Make Santa nostalgic about all those campfire songs! 

10. Lastly may be the most important. The only thing Santa likes better than a good cookie, is a nice cup of cocoa. These peppermint hot chocolate cookies combine his two favorites. So if you really have a lot to make up for this year, this is the cookie for you! 

And be sure to serve your cookies with a tall glass of cold milk. Nothing’s worse than eating a plateful of cookies without a glass of milk! 

So get in the kitchen and make up some cookies all you naughty peeps. And good luck!

Crystal Collins, a Savings.com DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at TheThriftyMama.com. Crystal also works as a consultant for Savings.com on the Favado grocery program. 

(Source: Savings.com)

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