10 things you could do with your crayons


I can’t believe that it’s already the Back to School Season! This means there are lots of great deals on new school clothes and school supplies. Take advantage of the crayon deals and create a special gift for your child’s new teacher or as a memento for your child marking the new school year. Here are ten things you can do with crayons:

1. Melted Crayon Art

One of my favorite ideas to use crayons, is melted crayon art. To create your own masterpiece you glue crayons in any shape that you want onto a canvas. Use a hair dryer, on the highest setting, and melt the crayons, sending melted wax into crazy designs on your canvas. 2. Crayon Monogram
Simply glue crayons onto cardstock or canvas and create a letter, perhaps the first letter of your teachers last name. Don’t toss any leftover pieces that you had to cut–use them for another project.

3. Crayon Frame
Add a little color to a plain frame by glueing crayons to it! This would make a great teachers’ gift–just include a little note or picture inside the frame. Make sure that your frames are flat so that your crayons are able to be glued easily.

4. Melted Crayon Shapes

Use silicone molds and the remnants of old crayons (remove the paper first!) to create marbled crayon shapes. Marbled Crayon Shapes are fun for stocking stuffers, Valentine’s Gifts, or for everyday use.

5. Crayon Roll
If you can sew, crayon rolls are perfect to keep little ones occupied and their crayons organized.

6. Crayon Wreath
I’m a sucker for wreaths, but I never imagined that crayons would make such a cute wreath! Crayon Wreaths would be great gifts for teachers–or for homeschool classrooms.

7. Custom T-Shirts with Crayon Designs
Draw any design you want on a piece of sandpaper using crayons. Insert a piece of cardboard inside your shirt. After you’re finished creating your design, turn the sandpaper over (with the rough edge face down) on the t-shirt and cover with a piece of parchment paper and iron the sandpaper for about 30 seconds. Voila!

8. Crayon Candles
Use up those leftover pieces of crayon by making a Crayon Candle.

9. Crayon Paperweight
Remove the paper from leftover crayon pieces and place it in a ziploc bag. Using a rolling pin or mallet, break the crayons into even smaller pieces. Collect an interesting rock and place it in the middle of a foil lined cookie sheet and cover with your crayon bits. Place outside (or in an oven on low) and let the crayons melt all over your rock. Remove from heat just before your crayons become liquid.

10. Donate!
Take advantage of those rock bottom crayon prices now and donate them to back to school fairs, teachers, children in need, Operation Christmas Child or another worthy cause.

Phoebe Hendricks, author of the book Frugal Gardening 101 and the frugal lifestyle blog GettingFreedom.net, is the mother of 4 children living in rural Missouri. Resources are slim, so creativity and unconventional thinking are a must in order to make it on their one income.

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