10 Ways to Live it Up on Your Birthday…For Free!


While getting gifts from your friends and family on your birthday is pretty sweet, getting gifts from total strangers is somehow even sweeter. This has been on my mind lately. See, I turned 25 just a week ago, and my coworkers treated me to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate the occasion. I enjoyed my pesto cream penne, and shortly after, the waiter brought me a big plate of ice creamy, chocolaty nonsense, on the house. I got to thinking about all the other things I could be getting for free on my birthday. Thanks to Jacob H., another Savings.com team member, I learned about all kinds of freebies offered to folks on their birthdays. I feel this information deserves to be shared, hence the impetus for writing this post. I’m going to tell you how to eat, drink, and be entertained like a king or queen on your birthday…for free. That’s right. Food, drinks, entertainment, and more, all for free.

There are sites like BirthdayFreebies.com that you can register with, and they’ll show you all the birthday freebie opportunities in your area, or you can reference any number of blogs that list birthday giveaways like ProBargainHunter.com. Or, like Savings.com’s own Jacob H., you can just go to restaurant and company websites and sign up for their email updates. Below is a list of 10 free offers Jacob got on his birthday simply by signing up to receive emails:

1) Baskin Robbins Birthday Club: Choose from the 31 flavors, and get a free 2 1/2 oz. cone.

2) Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club: Cold Stone will whip you up a free ice cream “creation” for your special day.

3) Tony Roma’s Email Club: Get a free meal on your birthday from Tony Roma’s when you sign up for your preferred location’s email club.

4) Del Taco’s Raving Fan eClub: Get two free tacos when you sign up, and get a free premium shake on your birthday.

5) Quiznos QClub: Visit Quiznos on your birthday, and get a free cookie for dessert.

6) Wingstop eMail Club: Receive a birthday present of five free wings at Wingstop.

7) Hollywood Video: Get a a free movie rental from Hollywood Video on your birthday. They also extend this offer to anyone else on your Hollywood Video account on their birthday.

8) Dave & Buster’s: They’ll give you $5 in free gameplay when you sign up for their rewards program.

9) Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards: Gifts vary, but they’ll send you something fantastic like three free lip glosses (which Jacob kindly passed on to one of his female friends).

10) Disneyland/Disneyworld Free Admission: Register with Disneyland/Disneyworld online, and you’ll get free admission to their park on your birthday.

So there you have it…10 ways to eat, drink, and have fun for free on your birthday. Live it up this year by taking advantage of all the freebies and discounts that restaurants, stores, and theme parks are willing to offer you on your birthday.

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