10 Ways to Save at your Favorite Amusement Park

10 Ways to Save at your Favorite Amusement Park

With spring and summer right around the corner, most families are starting to plan their annual vacations. A majority of these plans will include a trip to a major amusement park, especially if children will be in tow. Visiting an amusement park doesn’t have to break the bank. Use some of these tips and you will have a much better time knowing that you are not paying a bundle for a fun filled adventure with your friends and family.

1. Club Memberships

 If you belong to AAA, the AARP, a credit union, or a shopping club you might qualify for a discount on admission to major theme parks.

 2. Plan Ahead

 Start planning your trip a few months in advance. You will have more flexibility to choose the less expensive dates and you might find special advance discounts. Booking early can also give you a chance to take advantage of travel packages that include airfare, hotels and park admission for lower prices.

 3. Buy Tickets Online

 Go to the amusement park’s main website to buy your tickets before you leave the house. You will have a chance to look at all of the ticket packages available without worrying about the long line behind you at the gates.

4. Carry What you Need

Pack up all of the things you think you’ll need for a day and an evening at the park. You can store your things in a locker once you arrive, and you won’t have to spend money on overpriced items once you’re there.

5. Watch for Multi-Day Discounts

Many parks offer discounts on two or three day ticket packages. Parks like Sea World give you a free day’s admission with the purchase of a single day pass. Make sure you check for any restrictions that might be included in a discounted multi-day pass before you buy, though.

6. Bring Your Own Food

Amusement park food is notoriously overpriced. Pack a lunch and save your money for something more fun than food.

7. Park and Ride

Park in a parking lot near the amusement park and ride a shuttle to the gates. Shuttles are generally far less expensive than on-site parking.

8. Buy a Season Pass

If you live within easy driving distance of the park, you can save money by purchasing a season pass. The pass will only cost a little more than a single day pass, but it will get you into the park all year long.

9. Avoid Peak Times 

The busiest days of the year are also the most expensive times to visit an amusement park. Schedule your trip for the days when the parks will be less crowded. Early spring and late fall are good times to enjoy amusement parks without having to pay top dollar. It is better to visit on weekdays instead of busy weekends.

10. Carry Cash

Decide how much you are willing to spend at the park and then only take that much cash with you. It is too tempting to overspend if you rely on a credit card or debit card while you’re at the amusement park.

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    11. Book hotel in advance and don’t always look for the ones that are in the Parks. Check for hotels near disney world . IT’s so much cheaper

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