10 ways to spend Father’s Day with dad


Looking for inexpensive and meaningful ways to celebrate Father’s Day? I recommend keeping it simple and making a memory. Be sure and preserve your memories with an inexpensive keepsake such as a photo keychain, coffee mug, mouse pad, or framed photo for Dad. Vistaprint or Shutterfly are two inexpensive sources for these gifts. I have used both before, and have been very happy with their quality prints and quick turnaround for a low price.

Here are a few suggestions. I welcome your ideas!
1. Go for a Bike Ride
. If the weather is nice in your town, go for a family bike ride. Many town and cities are implementing bike sharing programs so if you don’t have bikes that are “up to speed,” search for bike sharing programs plus “your city.” If you enjoy your activity, you may consider making this a regular family activity.

2. Hiking. Visit trails.com to find information about trails and bike paths in your location or while on vacation.

3. Minor League Ballgame. At a minor league baseball game, the action is closer and the tickets, food and souvenirs are cheaper. You can see a current schedule of games here.

4. Play a Round of Miniature-Golf. Maybe you can finally conquer that windmill! Here is a directory of miniature golf courses all across the country.

5. Treat Him to a Pedicure. I treated my macho-man husband to his first pedicure a few years ago for a birthday gift and he loved it! We have gone to get pedicures together several times since. As an added bonus, no more scratchy calloused feet rubbing up against you when you are trying to sleep.

6. Treat Him to an Old Fashioned Shave and a Haircut. Locate a barber shop and get a gift certificate for Dad to get an old fashioned shave and a haircut.

7. See a Drive In Movie. Pile everyone in the car, pack Dad’s favorite snacks and see a drive in movie. You can locate a local drive-in movie theater here at this directory.

8. Car Shows. Many cities schedule car shows to coincide with Father’s Day. Show the kids the cars from “back in the day.”

9. Visit the Zoo. Over 52 zoos all across the country are offering free admission for Dad on Father’s Day. Do a search for your zoo and see if they are participating in this fun Father’s Day freebie.

10. Start a Tradition. You can plant a garden for Dad. If Dad is a salsa lover, you can plant tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro for him to enjoy. Plant a tree and make a garden marker to commemorate the date. Make a gratitude keepsake jar and fill it with memories and notes of appreciation.

Guest blogger Lori Felix is a Savings.com DealPro and founder of More with Less Today, a website helping others to find ways to save money on the things we need so we will have more for those we love.

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