15 reasons I will be happy this Earth Day


This Earth Day, I’m happy that…

…reusable bags are all the rage and that grocery stores are starting to give them away for free. Some stores like CVS and Target give you cents off for each bag you use.

…I can buy store brand organic products for much less than national brand organics. I’m not so happy when only the wealthy can afford to be green.

…my Target brand cereal box has been revamped to include 50% post-consumer recycled content and that they’ve done away with the inner bag all together. Hooray for store brands taking the lead!

…the combination of higher diaper prices and killer diaper deals has meant you can get greener disposables like Seventh Generation for the same price as Pampers or Huggies.
…all the press that cloth diapering has gotten in the last couple years and that it’s easier and more appealing than ever to make the switch. I loved cloth diapering my daughter for 2 years and she was quite stylish in her dipes. Cloth Diapers these days are not what we had 10-20 years ago with pins.

…I use mostly all-natural, biodegradable cleaning products. No more toxins in my home.

…I am using more glass storage containers rather than plastic. I am not completely convinced BPA or other harmful chemicals are gone from plastic.

…my kids have metal drinking cups for when we are out and instead of plastic sippy cups.

…our family is going to be a part of a community garden so we can get our veggies and fruits for free and they are organically grown.

…I can shop at local farmers markets and try to buy local as much as I can.

…I recycle a lot of our household products curbside for free with my waste management company. Most cities offer it for free. Does yours?

…I use wrap n mats instead of ziploc bags and we use our laptop lunch boxes when we are not home to eat. We try to make meals waste-free.

…I buy most if not all my kids clothes/toys and shoes at consignment sales. I try to buy second hand as much as I can on most anything. I love garage/yard sales for that purpose. We still stay quite fashionable and still have all the cool toys and books.

…I resell and buy books, CDs and DVDs at book stores thus reducing and reusing.

…more and more people are going green and wanting to save the Earth. It can save you a lot of green too. Let’s do this every day and not just focus on it one day out of the year.

Melissa Cox aka-Frugalissa is a wife and mom to 2 elementary aged children. Her motto is “Frugal does not mean I have to be cheap”. She is into natural living, being green and tries to feed her family healthy, wholesome food while still couponing and saving a buck or two. She teaches workshops where she teaches people how to coupon, save money and make their dollars stretch. She is also an advocate for teaching people to give to those in need through couponing. She writes the blog Frugalissa Finds and is a Savings.com DealPro.

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