Your Best Bets for After Christmas Sales 2011


The presents have been opened; boxes and paper strewn about. Stockings have been emptied and the children are happily playing with their new toys. Time for mom and dad to sit back and relax for a while.

Well, not so fast. Many people like to take advantage of those after-Christmas sales beginning as soon as Christmas day. If you were the recipient of a gift card, you can most likely hit after-Christmas sales that will allow you to load up on way more merchandise than you could have before Christmas.

It may seem absurd to some, but to others who would give their left arm for a bargain it seems only logical to venture back to the mall to score some cheap stuff. Each year the bargains are different, based on what was hot, what was not, and what the stores want to get rid of fast. Apparel is usually at the top of the list, with retailers wanting to clear the shelves for spring merchandise. Not only are stores trying to get rid of inventory, but they also want sales to spike as high as possible during the last week of the calendar year.

In 2010, people were streaming to the stores to pick up jewelry at Zales and Gordon’s for up to 60 percent off. Didn’t get that engagement ring on Christmas morn? That’s because your man was a smart shopper, lady.  Other deals included televisions, laptops and GPS units. Toys and games were also on sale at major retailers, like Walmart and Sports Authority, with prices slashed as much as 60 percent.

In 2011, it looks like sales will be across the board.

Free Shipping

Many websites will offer free shipping, which is always a bonus when shopping online. Why not take advantage of the convenience of shopping at home without the penalty of over-the-roof shipping charges?


Food items like baking supplies, champagne and wine will be on sale after Christmas as stores try to get rid of excess inventory purchased for the holiday rush. Why not stock up on those candy sprinkles and chocolate chips for your baking needs to the rest of the year?

Refurbished Items

As the stores are bombarded with returns on everything from appliances to apparel, they will want to get rid of them by enticing shoppers with discounted prices. You could score a perfect-condition appliance for 20 to 30 percent less than its full price.

Seasonal Items

Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments and other holiday-themed items always go on sale after Christmas. Even though you might be done with the holiday and ready to move on, it pays to think ahead to next year and save on the holiday essentials you know you will need.


Most people want to purchase their calendar before the New Year sets in. Those of us who can find a bit of patience inside and wait will end up saving big on those calendars because stores want to sell them. Who buys a calendar after January? Not many people, so stores do not keep many on hand. Instead, they discount them greatly and get them off the shelves for more important items.

Fitness Equipment

Retailers tend to support those of us with hefty New Year’s resolutions by marking down fitness equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers.

Snow Blowers

If you can wait until winter’s end–around March–snow blowers will start to go on sale as retailers try to get rid of winter inventory. This is another good item to consider buying early before the next snowy season sets in.

If you have the patience to wait, you might be surprised at what you will find in the stores after the big holiday. Maybe you had your eye on that cute sweater or perfect pair of boots, or perhaps it was a larger item like a high-definition widescreen, flat screen television, or even a laptop or touch screen computer.

Do you have plans to hit the mall on the 26th?  What items are you looking to snag at a discount?

Jessica Bosari writes for the money-saving site, The site is devoted to helping people reduce expenses, save money and find great deals. Pay Billeater a visit for more money-saving tips!

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  1. ChuckG

    4 years ago

    No plans to hit any malls. I did take advantage of the coupon codes, received discount on my items, used that discount for 2-day delivery – hoo-rah!

  2. Allegra.Ringo

    4 years ago

    I always find that stores define “holiday colors” extremely broadly, and thus anything that’s solid red, green, gold, blue or silver goes on sale after the holidays. It’s pretty silly, because a solid green tablecloth or whatever doesn’t seem holiday-specific to me, but I’m glad for the deals.


    4 years ago

    Don’t forget purple! In fact the only colors that are “out” are yellow and orange. Even pink works for the holidays if you put it with sage, cream and gold.b


    4 years ago

    Hey, Chuck. I made use of a Sears code to get the hubby some scrubs from sears. They do come in handy!

  5. SavingsIQ

    4 years ago

    not going to the malls until January if i can avoid it.


    4 years ago

    Decided I’m redoing my tree decor. I’m going to snag ornaments etc this year and put away for next!


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