Looking Ahead to the Top Video Games of 2012


This week we are looking ahead to the end of the world or, as it is more commonly known, 2012. Before the Mayan calendar ends and all is lost to fire and brimstone, there are a slew of anticipated video game-related items either set to debut or be revealed in the new year. One of the most highly anticipated games of 2012 is Mass Effect 3. Set to launch on March 6, 2012, the game will be available for the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3. The PC version will come in a regular edition, available for download via EA‘s Origin site. There will also be a digital deluxe edition priced at $79.99 that will feature a number of exclusive extras.

Consoles will see two editions: one Standard, as well as an N7 Collector’s Edition. The Standard Edition will retail for $59.99, while the N7 edition will cost $79.99. All versions of the game are available for online pre-order now at Walmart, Gamestop, Origin, Amazon and Best Buy.

Blizzard, lords of all things World of Warcraft (WoW), is set to drop the latest edition of their other popular series in the early part of next year. The action RPG can already be pre-ordered and will be available for $59.99 upon release. As a bonus, WoW players who sign up for an annual pass will get a free copy of Diablo III. The free offer includes all of the following items:

  • The game itself.
  • Beta access for the next WoW expansion.
  • “Tyrael’s Charger, an exclusive in-game mount.”

(Somewhere, Savings.com’s very own Dani Stearns is jumping for joy.)  

Diablo III will be available for the PC, with possible console versions making an appearance sometime late in the year. So far, however, only the PC version has been officially confirmed.

Finally, my third pick for essential 2012 game-to-get is the latest Metal Gear. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance seems to ditch the more traditional stealth of previous games in the series for straight out swordplay and fast-paced action. Good or bad, it is a departure that is set to hit home with gamers everywhere for $59.99 on (tentatively) June 3rd, 2012 for the PS3.

Wait, did I say finally? Ha, how could I forget Halo 4? The next edition in the monster Xbox franchise hits stores a year from now during the 2012 Holiday season. Again, it will cost $59.99. Not a ton of details are known yet, but some awesome screenshots and a teaser trailer is available. 


That’s it for this week folks. Enjoy yourselves and be safe saying goodbye to 2011. It has been a great year for gamers; 2012 looks to be even better.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    I watched my son play Halo and I got motion dizzy! Crazy game!

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